The old elementary school site is transformed into a boutique B&B here in Lishui.

Former elementary school site turned into a bed and breakfast
Will be online 74 rooms villagers can also realize dividends ......Together.Zhishan Village, Jingqiao TownHow to make idle land "gold"

After remodeling: Shibayama Village Iiyama Folk Lodge

Recently, at the highest hill in the core location of Jingqiao Zhishan Selenium-enriched Ecological Park, theA building with a simple and atmospheric style - Inuyama BunkhouseThe school has been officially built and operated. This is the former site of Caozhuang Primary School in Zhishan Village, which has been deserted for a long time, and was revitalized by the Zhishan Village Committee, transformed into aBoutique Bed and Breakfast, becoming a bright landscape.

Before remodeling: the former site of Caozhuang Elementary School in Zhishan Village

  Caozhuang elementary school was built in the seventies of last century, Zhishan Village in the process of actively exploring the collective management of construction land into the market, "staring" on this piece of deserted land. After a collective study of the village two committees, and convened party members, villagers on behalf of the General Assembly, after extensive consultation with the villagers, a unanimous decision:The former Caozhuang elementary school collective land into the market, farmers into shares, the unified transfer to the Zhishan Village Comprehensive Society, converted into a bed and breakfast, awakening the "sleepy" landIn order to strengthen the collective economy and increase new sources of income for the villagers, the "new engine" of rural revitalization has been ignited.

  Liu Yue, who lives in Jianye District, loves traveling and has been to Caozhuang Selenium-rich Ecological Park once, and has never forgotten the place. When he heard that the Jingshan B&B had been completed and was in operation, he drove his whole family out on the weekend and stayed at the B&B for two days in a row.

 "The environment of the B&B is very good, and the landscape into one, see the green fields and ecological homes are staggered, really beautiful!" Liu Yue said, in Caozhuang selenium-rich ecological park, let him really appreciate the landscape between the "poetry and faraway places".

  "Before the tourists came to no place to stay, want to stay can not stay, now with the well mountain lodging one after another open to the public, more attractive to tourists." Zhishan village party secretary Li Qijun said, well mountain lodgings74 rooms will be available before Chinese New YearIt is a new form of rural tourism that provides accommodation, catering, recreation and cultural experience for the majority of tourists.  

 "Villagers can get dividends from the collective new business, but also has more opportunities for entrepreneurial employment, and now more and more young people back to the village." Li Qijun said, in recent years, Zhishan Village, according to local conditions, vigorously develop the characteristics of the "forest economy", planted 200 acres of selenium-rich tea plantations, forest planting flowers, activate the countryside, "sleeping" resources.All-round implantation of experiential multi-dimensional tourism with the theme of red study, outdoor recreation, parent-child picking, etc.In order to promote the integration of agriculture, culture and tourism in depth, and to realize the prosperity of the forest and the people.

At present, Zhishan Caozhuang selenium-rich eco-park has become a comprehensive eco-park integrating sightseeing agriculture, recreation and vacation, special catering, fruit and vegetable picking, red tourism, and receives more than 300,000 tourists annually.In 2023, Zhishan Village Comprehensive Society will realize villagers' income of 8.3 million yuan from labor and land dividends, and drive the tourism income of about 9 million yuan; Zhishan Village will realize the collective income of the village of 9.5 million yuan, and the villagers' per capita income will reach 37,000 yuan, and be successfully selected as the best eco-park in the world. reached 37,000 yuan, and was successfully selected as theTop Ten Cases of New Rural Collective Economy Leading Common Wealth Demonstration Villages in Jiangsu Province's "Common Wealth Practice in Hundreds of Villages"The

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