Xinda officially joined China ESG Alliance alliance!

  Recently, Xinda officially joined China ESG Alliance, becoming the first enterprise in the global lithium battery industry to join the organization.

  China ESG Alliance is jointly initiated by a number of well-known leading enterprises, such as Microsoft and Lenovo, with the aim of integrating resources from the industry and experts, and helping enterprises to improve ESG governance from the perspective of their real development needs through cooperative projects, so as to achieve green, sustainable and high-quality development. Since the launch, organizations that have joined the alliance include L'Oreal, Glory, Tencent, LONGi Green Energy, Linkage, SAP, Danfoss, Greenpeace and other well-known enterprises and NGOs.

  China ESG Alliance is a platform to gather wisdom and power and seek green development together. As a member of the alliance, XINWODA will give full play to its advantages in ESG practice and its pioneering role in dual-carbon action, join hands with other leading enterprises in the alliance to talk about ESG innovation in the fields of product carbon footprint, recycling and emission reduction, green branding, science and technology empowerment, and digitization, etc., so as to provide new ideas for the industry's green and low-carbon transformation, and contribute to a better tomorrow with the power of "XINWODA". Xin" power.

Shinewanda's Sustainable Development Practices

  Adhering to the green vision of harmonious coexistence between human and nature, Shinewanda deeply understands the policy trend, comprehensively meets the needs of customers, and excellently fulfills its social responsibility, and deeply penetrates sustainable development into the company's strategy and operation concept.

  In terms of corporate governance, XINWODA has set up "ESG Management System" and "Dual Carbon Strategy Committee" from top-level design, taken the lead in releasing "XINWODA Carbon Peak Carbon Neutral Action Plan", and formulated the 4P strategy of sustainable development: People, Planet, Product and Partner. We have formulated the 4P strategy of sustainable development, namely People (Harmonious Humanity), Planet (Green Earth), Product (Environmentally Friendly Product), and Partner (Win-Win Partner), and have continuously upgraded the management level of sustainable development.

  In terms of green environment protection, Shindanda invested RMB 6,527.79 million in environmental protection in 2022; formally launched the supply chain emission reduction plan in April this year to build a supply chain emission reduction system and promote the realization of supply chain emission reduction targets; the company's green factory, green products and green design were certified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China; and the Huizhou Boro near-zero-carbon park was successfully inspected and accepted.

  In terms of social responsibility, SINWODA attaches importance to the rights and interests of employees and gender equality, builds a happy workplace for employees, and establishes a sound welfare, promotion and training system. At the same time, the company is enthusiastic about public welfare and charity, from community participation, rural public welfare and social welfare and other aspects for a better life.

  With outstanding performance in the field of sustainable development, Shindanda has won a number of honors such as Forbes China's ESG Inspiration Cases 2023, Forbes China's Sustainable Industrial Enterprises Top 50 2022, China's Industrial Carbon Peak Leaders 2022, and was awarded the "Outstanding Responsible Enterprise of the Year 2022" by Nanfang Weekend, and ranked No.7 on China's CSR List. It was honored as "2022 Outstanding Responsible Enterprise" by Nanfang Weekend and ranked No. 7 in China's CSR list.