Seek technical exchanges and financial support

We are a company doing agricultural production, sales, processing, transportation and other services, seeking technical exchanges in processing and planting, but also need financial support, looking forward to interested investment institutions, groups, individuals to invest in us.(Click to contact us)

Our company was founded on August 04, 2022 and is located in Lishui District, Nanjing. The business scope includes licensed projects: food production; food processing food production; health food production; food sales; pesticide wholesale; pesticide retail; road cargo transportation (excluding dangerous goods) (projects subject to approval by law, only after approval by the relevant departments can carry out business activities, the specific business projects subject to the results of the approval) General projects: production, sales, processing, transportation, storage of agricultural products and other Related services; bio-organic fertilizer research and development; bio-pesticide technology research and development; food additives sales; technical services, technology development, technology consulting, technology exchanges, technology transfer, technology promotion; import and export of goods; import and export of technology; fruit planting; cereal planting; legume planting; oilseeds planting; potatoes planting; vegetable planting; edible fungi planting; flower planting; horticulture planting; spice crops planting; tea planting; agricultural professional and auxiliary activities Cultivation; agricultural professional and auxiliary activities (except for projects subject to approval in accordance with the law, with a business license to independently carry out business activities in accordance with the law)