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The Scent of Books and the Memory of the Year

Drunken Jinling, Night is still young

Open a different Nanjing with Citywalk

CCTV Chinese Global Programming Center's "Walking Through China" Program LaunchesFour-part documentary "Into NanjingThe program focuses on the new industry, new consumption and new demand of Nanjing's cultural and tourism integration and development, and shows the new image, new charm and new experience of Nanjing's cultural and tourism, with four perspectives of "book aroma, memory of the current year, drunkenness in Jinling, and the night is not yet over," and through the travel recommendation officer's leading all the way through the cultural coordinates of the city of Nanjing and experiencing the innovative scenes of the cultural and tourism, and discovering the beauty of the journey. We will also experience the culture and tourism innovation scene, discover the beauty of the journey, and feel the local flavor of Nanjing.

Nanjing has thick humanities, poetic landscapes Nanjing Nurtured by a Thousand Years of Literature Exudes unique cultural temperament and charm

Nanjing is a book to be savored, a "must-visit".

When you enter Nanjing, what you feel is the thickness of culture, the grandeur of landscape, the height of innovation, and the temperature of life.

The eight travel recommendation officers, all of them are authentic Nanjing people, they use their own way, all the way to lead the camera, deep into the city's texture. They come from all walks of life, some are secondary school teachers, some are radio hosts, some are drama actors, and some are traffic police officers. ...... Nanjing City is their home and their pride and joy.

Led by the eight travel recommendation officers, "Into Nanjing" is also a literary style "Nanjing Citywalk".

Discover 1800 Years of Literature by Strolling the Qinhuai River at Fuzhimiao Temple

Visiting the Xiaoxihu Neighborhood and Encountering the Surprising Butterfly Changes of Urban Micro-Renewal

Walking through the backstreets of Nan Yi to meet the youthful and energetic street performances

Discover the authentic Nanjing flavor of immersive theater through Xinanli Daban Alley.

Passing by the 1912 cultural district to linger on the various stores of the Republican style

Four Citywalk routes for the four episodes of the program: Books, Memories, Drunkenness, and the Night's End

Play Nanjing's Historical and Cultural Neighborhoods, Characteristic Commercial Neighborhoods, Sports and Leisure Neighborhoods, and New Cultural Landmarks

Romantic trip to collect city memories and immerse in fireworks