"On the Belt and Road", Lishui is busy at sea!

  A few days ago, the opening ceremony of the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation was held in Beijing. Over the past 10 years, more than three quarters of the world's countries and more than 30 international organizations have signed cooperation documents with China to build the Belt and Road. Together, all parties have sown the seeds of cooperation, harvested the fruits of development together, and embarked on a mutually beneficial and win-win path.

for the past few years

Lishui takes the initiative to seize

"Belt and Road" Major Opportunities

Further Expanding Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation

Continuously promoting high-level opening to the outside world

"One Belt, One Road" appears

More and more of "Made in Lishui".

Skyworth appliances are sold in 50 countries in Europe and Asia

  "The market demand is strong in the 'Belt and Road' co-establishment countries.Sales accounted for more than 50% of the enterprise's total exports, is one of the most important foreign markets for Skyworth Electric." Zheng Xiaosong, General Manager of the International Marketing Department of Skyworth Electric Co.

  In Nanjing PortAlmost every day, refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances produced by Nanjing Skyworth Electrical Appliances are loaded into boxes and boarded on ships to be shipped to all over the world;At the Yaohua Gate Cargo CenterIn addition, there are three special trains carrying Skyworth electrical appliances to Asia and Europe every month, shipping "Lishui-made" to Central Asia, Russia, Southeast Asia, etc. The "Belt and Road" has opened up new opportunities for foreign trade brands like Skyworth to expand their markets, transform and upgrade. The "Belt and Road" has opened up new opportunities for foreign trade brands like Skyworth Electric to expand markets and transform and upgrade.

  On the "Belt and Road", challenges often mean greater opportunities. Zheng Xiaosong recalled: "In April this year, in order to promote the construction of Skyworth Electric's overseas manufacturing project, we deployed experienced engineers and business backbones to the Egyptian factory. The team overcame the difficulties of poor local natural conditions and weak technical capabilities to quickly complete the installation of production lines, mold and equipment debugging, and systematic training of local technicians to ensure the smooth commissioning of the project." Thanks to the early development and layout of the "Belt and Road" export business, Skyworth Electric in East Asia, West Asia and Central and Eastern Europe and other regions of theSales in nearly 50 countriesThe company has built assembly plants and production lines in Indonesia, Egypt, and other countries.In the first three quarters, Skyworth Electric's overall exports grew by about 1,00% year-on-year.

SIP Cement Engineering projects around the world

  Founded in 2002, Nanjing SIP Cement Engineering Group is a world-renowned comprehensive service provider of cement engineering. The company actively participates in the national strategy of "One Belt, One Road" and explores overseas markets, with projects in Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia and other countries; its products are exported to Europe, North America, Latin America and other countries.In recent years, the company's overseas business accounted for more than 90%, and in 2022, it realized more than 54 million U.S. dollars in exports.

  SIP Group entered the Vietnam market in 2005, and has successively undertaken the general contracting projects of Phase I and Phase II of Vietnam Xiangyang Cement Co., Ltd. and since then, it has also undertaken the projects of Vietnam Zhongshan Group, Chun Thanh Group, Hoang Long Group, and Phu Minh Son Group and so on. All the projects have shown many advantages such as short construction period, high operation rate and smooth operation.

  In 2022, SIP Group signed a general contract with Vietnam Hoang Long Group for Vietnam Hoang Long Peaceful Clinker 6000TPD production line, which took SIP GroupLatest second-generation cement technology and equipmentIt is also the latest achievement in the field of cement engineering technology, and the project is progressing smoothly at present. The relevant person in charge of SIP Group said that the company will continue to plough into the advantageous overseas markets, explore new markets, optimize the supply chain, explore the application of energy-saving and consumption-reducing, substitutable raw (fuel) materials, environmental protection, digitization and intelligent technology, so as to provide the global market with a greener, more efficient and higher-quality overall solution of cement engineering.

Baisheng Technology Overseas glass production line project over half

  Recently, a 60-member team from Nanjing Baisheng Glass Technology Co., Ltd. has been working on the construction site of AKIJ 600T/D float glass production line in Bangladesh for two months. The project is located in Tangail City, Bangladesh, and the total amount of the project constructed by Baisheng is 32 million RMB.

  Since the second half of last year, Parsons Brinckerhoff has continued its deep plowing along the "Belt and Road". In India, the cooperation project signed by Baisheng in the first half of the year will be started soon. In Turkey, Baisheng is negotiating new projects. Duan Yijin, deputy general manager of the company, introduced that at present the enterpriseHalf of the orders for production line construction projects come from overseas, involving Uzbekistan, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and many other countries. Benefiting from the smooth development of overseas markets, the company currently maintains a growth rate of 30% per year, and this year's project contract amount is expected to exceed 400 million yuan.

  Over the past ten years, Lishui District has become increasingly close to the economic and trade cooperation with the "Belt and Road" countries, with the total amount of import and export nearly doubled, the main body of foreign trade doubled to more than 370, and a number of new "Belt and Road" international markets, such as Iran and India, have been added. From January to September this year, the export value of Lishui District to the countries along the "Belt and Road" amounted toOne billion dollars.IncreaseNearly 14%It has gathered nearly 300 foreign-funded enterprises from more than 20 Belt and Road countries, including Singapore, Japan and South Korea, and has attracted foreign investment of approximately$2.4 billionThe total investment in economic and technological cooperation with countries along the route amounted to$81.94 millionIt is involved in the business of engineering contracting and food processing.