Phase I is topping out! Phase II is expected to be completed by the end of this year! Lishui this kind of project again good news ......

Lishui Culture and Tourism is again spreading good news!

A few days ago, I was under the cool roofFury Wudang Taiji Health CenterThe construction site saw the projectPhase I MainIt's topped out.. Next, the construction of Phase I facade, decoration, landscaping, roads, etc. and the main construction of Phase II will be opened.

According to the brief introduction of Fury Wudang Taiji Health Center erected at the construction site, it can be seen that the project echoes with the lodging under the Liangtian, and is committed to becoming a comprehensive project integrating Taiji, tourism, entertainment, leisure and health. With a total investment of more than 20 million yuan, the first phase of the project will be completed within one year, and the second phase is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

The first phase of the project is a three-story building with a floor area of 1,480 square meters, and the internal supporting facilities include 280 square meters martial arts hall, 128 square meters VIP hall, worship hall, painting and calligraphy room, piano room, chess and cards room, traditional Chinese medicine and health lecture hall, and recreational lodging.

The second phase, on the second floor, with a floor area of more than 800 square meters, is mainly used for food service and other ancillary services.

According to the preliminary planning, Fury Wudang Taijiquan Health Center project covers an area of about 1008.72 square meters, with plot ratio Far≤1.14, building height≤12m, building density≤63.6%, and green space rate≥15%. The project has a total planned construction area of about 1455.39 square meters, of which the above ground construction area is about 1153.94 square meters, and the main functions are Taijiquan training center and its supporting facilities. The rendering is as follows:

Of course, in addition to the Fury Wudang Taiji Health Center under the Liangtian, there are very many other cultural and tourism projects in Lishui that are worth looking forward to. Only during the 2023 Lishui Golden Fair, several cultural tourism projects were signed:

Including the project of Wuxi Shannan International Music Village, Lishui McLeoden Manor, Huize Rainbow Family Farm Project, Zhangtangjiao Mid-mountain Flower Field Project, Firefly Ecological Park, Maple Ridge Cross-country Base Project, Bamboo on the Cloud Thinking of the Countryside Resort Base Project, Nanjing Yueya Lake Creative Tea Garden Agriculture, Culture and Tourism Integration Construction Project, Huize Astronomy Lovers Club and Countryside Sports Club Project, and the boutique hotel and lodging project.

In addition, the cultural and tourism projects under construction in Lishui include Sunzhuang Fox Hunting Science and Technology Sports Base, Jiangsu Yiyi Art Manor, and Insect World Ecological Park.

1. Sunzhuang Fox Hunting Science and Technology Sports Base

In the second half of 2023, a total investment of 500 million yuan of Sun Chuang Fox Hunting Science and Technology Sports Base officially started construction.

The project is located in Xiantan Village, Jingqiao Town, and will create a research and development training base, a group building sports base, and an unmanned and cross-country experience base, which will become a demonstration area for the integration of idyllic recreation and hilly sports upon completion.

The base is divided into three main sections, namely, core area, health movement and leisure and wellness, and is implemented in three phases. Among them, the core area mainly includes five main buildings, supporting office buildings, accommodation and catering, training buildings and so on.

Phase I is mainly for the development of the core area, including R & D training base, group building sports base and unmanned and cross-country experience base infrastructure support construction and the creation of the landscape around the lake, after the drone test tower and the landscape around the lake has been completed.

The second phase is mainly for agricultural leisure development within the scope of the northwestern Weijia Village, including fruit picking and camping under the forest.

The third phase is mainly a health and exercise development in the southwestern hilly area, including earth landscapes and health greenways.

Sun Zhuang fox hunting technology sports base is expected to be completed in 2025, will directly drive 600 people employment, and strongly promote the integration of one, two and three industries in Jingqiao Town, empowering rural revitalization.

2、Jiangsu Yi Yi Art Manor

Currently, Jiangsu Yibi Art Manor in Shiqiu is under construction.

The project plans toTotal investment of $3 billion or more, with a total land area of about 2,700 acres, was listed as a key project of the city by the Nanjing Municipal Government in 2018, and will create aYibi Art Exhibition Center, Artist Exchange Center, Yibi Art Block, Artist Studios, Dry Garden, Shared Bed and Breakfast, Shared Farmsand other 7 functional areas.

constructBoutique hotels, B&Bs, art galleries, online platform building, art courtyards and manors, art sculpture forests, plus construction of parking lots, toilets, service centers, medical centers, commercial districts, parent-child activity centersand other supporting facilities.

After the completion of the project, it will attract well-known artists' groups to come and live in the residence, and extend the operation around the art industry and agriculture in the art manor, organically integrating artwork incubation and trading, high-end leisure and vacation, entrepreneurship and innovation, study and education, farming experience, special catering and lodging, and other contents.

3. Insect World Ecological Park

In May 2022, the World Insect Stamp Museum, located in Shiqiu Street, Lishui District, officially began trial operation, collecting more than 10,000 stamps of various insects from more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

On November 8, 2020, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Insect World Ecological Park and the World Insect Stamp Museum was held in Seokchu Rural Complex.

Currently, the World Insect Stamp Museum, farmhouse, B&B and teahouse are in operation.

The "Insect World Eco-Park Project" is located in Shanghang Village, Shiqiu Street, with a total construction area of about 2,000 square meters, taking the "World Insect Stamp Museum" as the core, supporting a series of insect-themed lodgings, a living insect eco-garden, and an insect cultural and creative products bazaar, etc. It is a project of modern agriculture, leisure tourism, recreational experience, science education, and scientific research forum. Modern agriculture, leisure tourism, entertainment experience, popular science education, scientific research forum as one.

The overall project design is divided into two parts: agricultural experience area and insect experience area, creating a leisure and vacation complex that integrates natural experience and science education.

Among them, the agricultural experience area covers an area of about 80 acres and aims to build a comprehensive experience farm integrating production, education and leisure functions.

The Insect Experience Zone covers an area of about 50 acres, constructing an insect-themed leisure experience zone with science education as its core function, including various types of insect ecological exhibition halls, insect stamp museums, insect-themed lodgings and other important nodes.

In the future 2022-2025, the B&B cluster, theme greenhouse, peripheral nursery and sweet potato world will be completed gradually. Upon completion of the project, it will become a punching bag for external science experience and leisure in Lishui District.

According to the "14th Five-Year Plan for Culture and Tourism Development of Lishui District", during the period of "14th Five-Year Plan", the key construction projects of culture and tourism in Lishui District cover 37 projects in 9 categories.

This includes the renewal of Yongshoufang Cultural and Commercial Street, Tongji Street, and Scholar's Square (Zhongshan Academy); and the construction of new Feiyan Cultural and Industrial Block, Spring and Autumn Cultural Park, and Putang Bridge Cultural Park (Lishui Rouge River Ancient Ruins Park).

As a demonstration area of Jiangsu's overall tourism and a national beautiful rural tourism destination, Lishui receives more than ten million tourists annually, with a tourism revenue of nearly ten billion yuan, and has cultivated cultural and tourism festival brands such as Mimidou Music Festival and Qinhuai Source Lantern Festival, which have become tourist destinations that citizens and tourists are eager to visit.

Finally, I look forward to a more prosperous development of Lishui's cultural tourism industry.