Approaching Together--Jianning West Road River Crossing


Cross-river corridor construction in full swing

Boo was informed by the Municipal Construction Commission

at the present time

Jianning Road West Crossing

The tunnel shield has already passed through in both directions.

The mainline is scheduled to open in 2025

Jianning Road West Crossing connects the core area of Jiangbei New District and the main city of Jiangnan, the project starts from the intersection of Xingpu Road and Jiangbei Avenue in Jiangbei New District, crosses the Jinpu Railway along the east side of Xingpu Road to the south, then crosses the Yangtze River in the form of a tunnel, and goes along the existing Jianning Road West to the east of the Jinghaisi Temple. The total length of the route is about 6.8 kilometers, the Jiangbei section is constructed according to the standard of urban expressway, with a design speed of 80 kilometers per hour, and the Jiangjiang section and the Jiangnan section are constructed according to the standard of urban arterial road, with a design speed of 60 kilometers per hour.

The project adopts a tunnel program for the river crossing section, of which the shield section is 2,380 meters long and the north-south trenching section is 1,983 meters long. Shield tunnel outer diameter of 14.5 meters, two-tube bidirectional six-lane, using two sets of mud-water balanced shield machine digging from north to south. Both sides of the connection in the Jiangbei Avenue, Hengjiang Avenue and Huimin Road intersection each set up an interchange.At present, the project has realized the tunnel shield double line through, the main line of the river crossing is scheduled to be completed and open to traffic in 2025The

In the process of advancing the city's construction projects

Intelligent Construction Technology

widely used

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Construction robots on board

The G71 intelligent construction project uses the same BIM model to modify and add from design to completion and delivery, applies measuring robots, flooring robots, and spraying robots, and establishes an intelligent and integrated management platform, including intelligent management of personnel, which can accurately understand the number of people on each work surface in real time through three-dimensional positioning of personnel.

Through the device's built-in chips and sensors

Real-time sensing of external obstacles

Assessment of risk

Real-time data monitoring

Realization of unattended

overlimit alarm

Building Solid Waste Reuse 3D Printing

At the Civic Center of Jiangbei New District

Standing at the main entrance to the

Visitor center is very eye-catching

It's the first of its kind in the country.

3D printed fully assembled

Green and Smart Buildings

3D printed bus stops, 3D printed communication rooms, 3D printed supermarkets, all of these have been widely used in Nanjing. The person in charge of the relevant enterprises introduced that these 3D printed buildings basically make use of solid waste materials and print building components through industrial robots, which realizes the reuse of construction waste and also provides personalized services for domestic and foreign customers.

Since being named as a pilot city of intelligent construction, Nanjing has timely researched and issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Synergistic Development of Intelligent Construction and New Building Industrialization", "Nanjing Pilot City of Intelligent Construction Implementation Plan" and other relevant policy documents and implementation plans, strengthened the top-level design, and refined the list of 61 tasks.

As of today.35 pilot projects identified, with a total floor area of 3.67 million square meters;13 pilot enterprisesIt covers the whole industry chain of survey and design, construction, parts and components production and technical services;The city's cumulative new construction industrialization projects total construction area of about 5,195,800 square meters, accounting for about 52% of the new construction area, which is in the first place in the province, there have been six experience practices successfully selected as "the list of replicable experience practices for the synergistic development of the Ministry of Housing and Construction's intelligent construction and new building industrialization", and recommended in the country.

In 2024, Nanjing will strictly follow the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Synergistic Development of Intelligent Construction and New Building Industrialization" and "Nanjing Intelligent Construction Pilot City Implementation Plan" to grasp the implementation of the work, and strive to achieve the total area of new construction projects using new building industrialization technology in 2024, accounting for more thanUp to 55% or moreThe