A window filled with Nanking

heavily decorated environment with a high ceiling and empty windows

Encompassing a thousand oceans, collecting the splendor of the seasons.


Or dashing and sparse, or exquisite and delicate, or revealing and profound.

It's the most dynamic part of Chinese architecture

Like the eye of a spring

Through the window.

You can see the natural scenery, hear the music of the sky, and understand the meaning of the sky.

regard as

These windows, filled with gold

Six Dynasties Museum

In front of huge floor-to-ceiling windows

It's a colorful winter painting 🖼️

Human history in the window

Blending the past and present with the landscape and forest outside the window.

The atmosphere is full.

In 2014, situated on Cheung Kong Road

Six Dynasties Museum opens

This is where China displays artifacts from the Six Dynasties

The most comprehensive site museum

It is also the most systematic thematic museum reflecting the culture of the Six Dynasties.

One Window, Four Seasons
The Beauty of Jinling
And in this casement.

Paleontological Museum

🍁One whole side of the glass window outside the

It's blue skies, white clouds, yellow temples and brilliant fall colors.

Nanjing Paleontological Museum

It is currently the world's largest

One of the museums specializing in paleontology

In the Museum of Paleontology.

There's also a dinosaur-themed cafe hidden away

A corner of the café ☕

It's a great view of Jimei Temple.

Behind the giant glass curtain wall

Hiding the spring, summer, fall and winter of Jimei Temple.

Drumtower Park, historic attraction in Xian, Beijing etc

Sometimes it's better to look at it from a different angle.
Will see a different Nanjing 💛

Nanjing Drum Tower, historic attraction in Xian, Beijing etc

Built in the 15th year of Hongwu of Ming Dynasty

Witnessing the rapid changes of spring, summer, fall and winter.

It also records the historical changes of Jinling City.

Dancing feet outside the window, the landscape in the distance.

It's here.

True to form.
"Nanking, dissolving history into nature."

Various shapes of windows

Like a natural picture frame

The view inside the frame follows the angle from which the person is viewing it.

and the changing of the seasons

"A view within a view," "separated but not separated."

May you be able to take in this infinite landscape

Seeing the city's many faces

Seeing the beauty and warmth of life

The window holds the view.

Outside the window, there are millions of us

In feeling the temperature of happiness