Revenue of 2.2 billion has been realized! This big project in Lishui is in full force

The project is invested and constructed by Hive Energy Technology Co., Ltd, which was formerly the power battery division of Great Wall Motor, and is committed to the research, development and manufacturing of next-generation power battery materials, cells, modules, PACKs, BMS and energy storage products.In May 2021, Hive Energy (Nanjing) project was signed and settled in Lishui Development Zone.Ltd. in the Yangtze River Delta.Axis Satellite Factory. AsMajor provincial and municipal projects in 2022The total investment of the projectFive billion dollars.The company will be constructed in two phases, with a total of four core production lines (capacity 8.94GWH) and six module PACK lines, with the product focus onLithium iron system batteryThe annual output value of the company's products can be as high as7.1 billion dollarsTaxes exceeded200 million dollarsThe

May 2022Phase I projects2 core lines enter trial production, with a cumulative output of 1.086GWH and revenue of $800 million; in March 2023, thePhase II project2 core lines with initial supply capacity; July 2023All production lines of the project have been completed, entered the trial production stage. From January to November this year, the revenue of Nanjing Hive Energy has reached2.2 billion dollarsThe

In the first half of this year, the new energy vehicle power battery market competition intensified. In the face of market pressure, Nanjing Beehive Energy actively implement market expansion, quality improvement, cost control, production line compatibility transformation and other initiatives, at present, with the Dongfeng, Wuling, Hezhong, zero car, the morning before the formation of a stable supply of automobile enterprises, but also the new expansion of the Geely, set of the Great Wall and other automobile enterprises, such as the fixed-point supporting business.

"This year's order has realized the expected target ahead of schedule, and the corresponding production line is stepping up production and striving for on-time delivery." The person in charge of the company introduced that at present, Nanjing Hive EnergyHas entered a period of full strengthThe company supplies to Geely, Lantu, Jidu, Great Wall and other OEMs, and the output value is expected to increase this year.Over 2.5 billion dollarsThe