Doing business, business wins! See Nanjing

Recently, a series of press conferences on the theme of "Promoting a sustained economic recovery" was held in the Nanjing press conference hall, topic VI."Greater efforts to optimize the business environment"Special press conference, by the Municipal Government Office, the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Local Financial Supervision Bureau of the relevant responsible comrades to introduce the situation and answer reporters' questions.

In recent years, the municipal government office closely around the enhancement of the effectiveness of government services, accelerate the construction of "pro-clear government style" integrated government services, carefully polishing the "Ning satisfaction" brand of government services, and strive to create a market-oriented, rule of law, international business environment, and constantly activate the market economy "a pool of spring water". Market economy "a pool of spring water".

One,Creating the "Ning Enterprise" platform to help small and medium-sized enterprises develop

It has continued to deepen the reform of the direct access mechanism for enterprise-friendly policies, and has created the "Ning Enterprise Pass" comprehensive service platform for enterprises, which serves as the general entrance for the city's enterprise-friendly services and the general platform for the financial incentive policies. The platform is oriented to the needs of enterprises and integrates the four major functions of "enterprise-friendly policies, convenient enterprise services, favorable enterprise services, and government-enterprise interaction".

  • One is a one-stop convergence of enterprise-friendly policies.The city's enterprise-friendly policies are unified in the "Ning Enterprise" platform release, enterprises do not need to run around, the platform can be a one-stop view of the whole policy.
  • Second, the award matters a screen declaration.Matters unified online declaration, to provide enterprises with intelligent filling of forms, progress synchronization query and other whole process dynamic services.
  • Third, the approval service is handled as one.The platform provides city, district and street cross-level vertical parallel examination and approval services and cross-departmental horizontal synchronization consultation services.
  • Fourth, policy matching is pushed with one click.Through the background "policy dismantling center", the declaration conditions are precisely dismantled to realize the change from "people looking for policies" to "policies looking for people", and the latest policies are pushed to enterprises in real time.
  • Fifth, the government and enterprises interact with a direct line.In May this year, the municipal government office in the province took the lead in the "Ning enterprise pass" and 12345 "a enterprise to" hotline system. Since the integration, a total of 76,700 enterprise-related claims, the overall satisfaction rate of 99.83%. Continuously explore services for enterprises "v. to quickly do" the practice of Nanjing.

At present, the platform has gathered more than 4,700 national, provincial, municipal and district enterprise policies and more than 1,300 items, of which more than 400 can be declared and handled in the whole process through the platform. It has gathered more than 14 million pieces of enterprise-related information from market supervision, taxation, human resources and social welfare departments, and 470,000 pieces of special qualification data such as "high-tech enterprises" and "enterprises on a regular basis". It has pushed matching information to enterprises for more than 4 million times. More than 800,000 market entities have registered on the platform, and the number of user browsing has exceeded 10 million times.

Two,Standardizing public resource transactions and building a fair and competitive market environment

  • First, deepen the "non-meeting transactions" to reduce transaction costs.Continuously deepen the public resources "no meeting transaction", realize the "no meeting" from project registration to contract signing of the whole process, truly realize "zero running". Among them, the "intelligent bid opening hall" as the Nanjing optimization of business environment innovation application scenarios, the opening of the bid to the Internet, bidding enterprises can participate in the opening of bidding activities without leaving home, greatly reducing transaction costs. The bid opening hall daily average acceptance of nearly 1,100 bidding enterprises, the annual nearly 170,000. So far this year, "no meeting transactions" for enterprises to save 30.91 million yuan, saving time 176,700 days, 65.76 million kilometers of traffic.
  • Second, the first "zero provision" of transaction materials to increase convenience for enterprises.It has taken the lead in the country in launching the work of sharing and mutual recognition of transaction subject information in the field of public resource transactions, and has solved the problems of repeated filling in of enterprise subject information and difficulty in distinguishing the real from the fake through system docking to open up data barriers. At present, it has realized the exemption of providing materials such as business licenses, qualification certificates of construction enterprises, project approvals, and social security payment information of suppliers' personnel, and has reduced the submission of various types of information by 450,000 times for more than 10,000 enterprises in total.
  • Third, the promotion of bidding electronic bond (insurance) to reduce the burden on enterprises.Nanjing vigorously promote bidding electronic bond (insurance) instead of cash deposit, bidding enterprises through the system directly apply for bidding electronic bond (insurance), "without leaving home" to realize "the whole process of network office". Since the beginning of this year, a total of 17,100 electronic letters of guarantee have been used, replacing cash deposits of 1.373 billion yuan, greatly reducing the pressure on bidding enterprises to occupy funds.
  • Fourth, digital certificate mutual recognition to solve the bidding "difficult" problem.In response to the problem of many and varied digital certificates in the field of bidding, Nanjing has realized mutual recognition of CA digital certificates in bidding for water conservancy projects, transportation projects and engineering goods projects, and the main body of the transaction can independently choose a digital certificate (CA) to participate in these three types of bidding activities. Since it was put into operation, it has been successfully applied in the bidding of 1,080 projects (sections) of the three categories, benefiting 12,081 bidding enterprises.

Three,Optimization of the government service hotline, timely and efficient handling of enterprise requests

This year, the municipal government office upgraded to create 12345 "pro-clear - an enterprise to" hotline, and constantly improve the mechanism, smooth channels, optimize the process, to ensure that business demands "to receive faster, more accurate, to do a more practical", acceptance of enterprise-related claims 97,700 pieces.

  • First, the establishment of an integrated service area.In April this year, in the "pro-clear - a business to" hotline set up enterprise service area, to provide enterprises with expert commissioner, acceptance processing, online and offline integrated integrated services. At present, there are municipal human resources and social security bureau, medical insurance bureau, tax bureau, market supervision bureau stationed in the office, rapid disposal of more than 2,000 claims involving enterprises, the overall satisfaction rate of 100.00%.
  • Secondly, it promotes the "quick handling of complaints" involving enterprises.Optimizing and recreating the service process of the special seats, and continuously opening up the "telephone + Internet" channel. Continuously promote the construction of the policy commissioner team, with 294 policy commissioners from 43 units across the city providing online consulting and answering services for enterprises, and more than 2,000 hot questions and answers on enterprise-related policies in the special knowledge base for enterprise services. We have continued to promote the extension of the "solve the problem before you say" mechanism to the district level, and have further utilized the effectiveness of the joint communication and handling mechanism to solve difficult and complex problems involving enterprises.
  • (c) Strengthening the "Digital Intelligence" hotline.Continuously optimize the intelligent voice customer service and text customer service recognition function of enterprise service, set up "Taobao-style" online customer service team, and build "intelligent response + artificial customer service" service mode. Promote the interoperability of "Ning Enterprise Pass" and "Pro-Qing - One Enterprise to Come" platforms, and build the "Pro-Qing - Golden Customer Service Promote the interoperability of the "Ning Enterprise Communication" and "Pro-Qing-Yi Enterprise Come" platforms, and build a "Pro-Qing-Jin Customer Service" zone on the "Ning Enterprise Communication" platform to provide enterprises with a "one-stop" channel for online interactive services such as counseling, help, complaints and suggestions.

In recent years, the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau adhere to the integration of development and safety, in order to grasp the safety supervision, at the same time, attaches great importance to optimizing the business environment, launched a series of business-friendly initiatives. In April this year, the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau to promote the establishment of cross-sectoral production safety "comprehensive research and joint inspection" mechanism.

Municipal Emergency Management Bureau to hazardous chemical enterprises as a pilot, the establishment of "comprehensive research and joint inspection workstation", the formation of "1 + 4 + 4 + N" (1 chief consultant, 4 industry authority experts, 4 departments resident supervision experts, N on-site inspection experts) professional research and judgment team, with the "181" platform convergence of multi-sectoral multi-level multi-dimensional data as the support, the professional team to carry out analysis and judgment of the current situation of enterprise safety, combined with the mandatory inspection matters, for each inspected enterprise. With the support of multi-departmental, multi-level and multi-dimensional data aggregated by the "181" platform, the professional team analyzes and judges the safety status of the enterprises, and develops a personalized inspection plan for each inspected enterprise in combination with the required items to be inspected, and strives to improve the accuracy of the inspection and effectively prevent and control major safety risks.

In the joint inspection of safety hazards found in the joint inspection, the joint inspection team to strengthen the guidance on the rectification of hidden problems of enterprises, the formation of a comprehensive guidance, with the help of multi-dimensional in-depth inspection for enterprises to warn of risks in advance, to help enterprises to enhance the discovery of problems and ability to deal with risks.

Up to now, 255 major hidden dangers have been found and rectified, and more than 900 copies of "Guidance Letter on Intrinsic Safety Enhancement" have been issued to enterprises, with more than 2,600 pieces of guidance proposed, which has strongly enhanced the intrinsic safety level of key safety-risk enterprises in the city, and effectively prevented the occurrence of production safety accidents. While typical violations are seriously investigated and dealt with, penalties for minor violations are reduced or waived, so that enterprises can feel the temperature and effectiveness of government supervision.

The next step, the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau will focus on "joint departments, integration of matters, data coupling, excellent quasi-combination", and continue to deepen the production safety "comprehensive research and joint inspection" mechanism, centered on the enterprise, highlighting the individualization of the "medical treatment "features, from the inspection of enterprise-specific hidden problems to the inspection of the existence of hidden problems of the enterprise change; optimize the inspection of the main professional structure, from the law enforcement partner system to the "1 + N" multidisciplinary expert law enforcement team change; promote the integration of the inspection service model, from the sub-departmental sub-specialized inspection to the "one-stop diagnosis and treatment". "One-stop diagnosis and treatment" to ensure that the hidden danger investigation and rectification can find problems, solve problems and see practical results, comprehensively improve the level of intrinsic safety, so that safety becomes the optimal business environment!

In recent years, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau adhere to the "rule of law is the best business environment", to implement flexible law enforcement as a hand, and actively innovate inclusive and prudent supervision initiatives, and constantly release the temperature of the administrative law enforcement of the goodwill, fully stimulate the market vitality, and strive to create a fair, transparent and predictable business environment under the rule of law for the market players.

One,The "four new economies" as an entry point to leave enough room for trial and error, so that market players do not worry about boldly breakthrough

It proposes to give a reasonable "early warning and observation period" to the initial illegal behaviors of the new economic models such as e-commerce, platform economy and other new economic models in the city, which occur unintentionally and without malicious intent, and whose harmful consequences are minor and are corrected in a timely manner. It also implements the precise service supervision mode of "not disturbing anything and responding to anything", minimizes the interference to the production and operation of enterprises, implements the law enforcement methods of informing, reminding and persuading, and gives the enterprises moderate room for error to realize the balance and win-win situation between the governance and supervision and the development of entrepreneurship, and makes every effort to guarantee the sustainable and healthy development of e-commerce, platform economy and other digital economy in Nanjing. The digital economy will continue to develop healthily.

Second, to "standardize the discretion" as a focus point, improve the fault-tolerance mechanism, more help for market players less punishment

Always adhere to the innovation of administrative law enforcement, extensive use of persuasion and education, persuasion and demonstration, warning and admonition, guidance and interview and other non-compulsory administrative means, and strive to achieve leniency and strictness, law and reasoning, so that law enforcement has both strength and temperature. This year, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau of the existing exemption from punishment and light penalty system system in accordance with the rules of law for a comprehensive iteration and upgrade, the introduction of the 2.0 version of minor violations of the law not to be punished, mitigated penalties, not the implementation of administrative coercive measures and the municipal administrative penalties discretionary benchmarks, "four lists". According to "Jiangsu Province market supervision in the field of minor violations of the provisions of non-punishment and mitigation of punishment" and other higher documents, combined with the actual law enforcement in Nanjing, "minor violations", "minor consequences" and other legal circumstances, through the quantification of "the duration of the offense is shorter", "the value of the goods involved is smaller", "there is no illegal proceeds or the amount of illegal proceeds is smaller" and other discretionary factors, and clarify the specific discretionary range of mitigation of punishment. Magnitude, within the city to unify the law enforcement scale and the magnitude of punishment, so that the punishment "not arbitrary, not capricious", so that market players in each case of punishment can feel fair and just.

From 2022 to the first half of this year, the city's system has exempted nearly 3,000 market entities from penalties for minor offenses in accordance with the law, and reduced or waived fines by 177 million yuan. Among them, exemption from punishment light punishment object is individual businessmen cases accounted for 50%, reduce the burden of small and micro subjects business effect is obvious. Of course, tolerance is not a "green light", for serious violations of the law that endanger the lives and property of the people, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has always insisted on cracking down according to the law, and resolutely guard the bottom line of safety, and effectively safeguard the fair competition of the market economic order.

Third, "compliance guidance" as an extension point, enhance the ability to prevent errors, for market players to talk about policy and open small stove.

Administrative compliance guidance is an extension of administrative law enforcement work, is "law enforcement for the people" concept is the most intuitive embodiment. Municipal Market Supervision Bureau to take the initiative to change the idea of "into the enterprise supervision and law enforcement" for "close to the enterprise guidance services", has issued two batches of comprehensive coverage of market supervision in the field of high-risk illegal points of the compliance guidance list of 102, at the same time, for the new economy enterprises, the first in the province for e-commerce platform enterprises administrative compliance guidance list of 28 articles. At the same time, for new economy enterprises, the province's first administrative compliance guidance list for e-commerce platform enterprises was issued with 28 articles. Through the preparation of the administrative compliance guidance list, helping enterprises to carry out compliance management, and carrying out legal propaganda, the administrative compliance guidance covers the whole process of approval and licensing beforehand, supervision and inspection in the middle of the process, and inspection and handling of the case afterwards, and actively applies non-mandatory methods such as suggestion, counseling, reminder, demonstration, and interview, so as to enable enterprises to respect, learn, and abide by the law and use it, and to promote the operation of enterprises in accordance with the law and to prevent or avoid the occurrence of illegal behaviors, so as to "actively prevent beforehand". To achieve "positive prevention beforehand". At the same time, after the violation of law is dealt with, through follow-up visits, guidance to improve the internal control mechanism, help enterprises credit repair, etc., to guide enterprises to strengthen their legal awareness, promote the standardization of law-abiding operation, prevent the recurrence of illegal behavior, to do "consolidation and enhancement after the fact", and continue to protect the city's various types of market entities to regulate the healthy development.

Up to now, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has sent more than 15,000 text messages of compliance guidance, telephone guidance 84,000 households, sent a letter to the prompt 3088 households, door-to-door or talk in the form of guidance and services to all types of market players 1712 households, guidance credit repair more than 20,000 households, comprehensive and effective guidance to enterprises to prevent and mitigate the risk of violation of the law, to help solve the urgent problem of worry and hope.

The next step, the City Market Supervision Bureau will continue the whole chain, the whole process, a full range of good service support, and continue to expand the innovation of inclusive and prudent supervision initiatives, fully releasing the business vitality of market players, to protect the city's economy continues to rebound to the good.

In recent years, the city's financial system to enterprise demand-oriented, financial supply as the core, to direct financing and indirect financing two markets as a grip, comprehensively improve the convenience of financial services and direct access, and actively guide the financial "living water" precision drip irrigation, help the economy continue to rebound to the good.

"one" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 1),Lead the investment and focus on improving credit support in key areas

As of the end of August, the city's financial institutions' annual new loan investment exceeded RMB 460 billion, with the loan balance reaching RMB 5.33 trillion, ranking first in the province in terms of both loan balance and increase. Taking the opportunity of building a national-level science and innovation financial reform pilot zone, the city has focused on the financing needs of science and innovation enterprises in their whole life cycle and made efforts to build an upgraded version of science and innovation finance. At present, the city has nearly 60 organizations specializing in science and innovation finance, and the balance of "Ningke Loan" government-bank cooperation loans is close to RMB 60 billion. As of the end of July, the balance of loans for high-tech enterprises and technology-based SMEs in the city amounted to 168.5 billion yuan and 60.9 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth rates of 27.96% and 31.99% respectively.

stupid (Beijing dialect),Reducing fees and expanding the scope of efforts to strengthen financial guarantees to increase credit for small and microenterprise financing

Promote governmental financial guarantee institutions to focus on supporting small businesses and agriculture, further enhance the level of guarantee and financing services for small and micro enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, and "three rural areas", etc., and achieve an average guarantee fee rate of no more than 1%. Utilize the market-based risk-sharing mechanism of the "Ningchuang Loan" to provide guarantee fee-free and pledge-free loan services for qualified small and micro enterprises. Utilizing the market-based risk-sharing mechanism of "Ningchuang Loan", it guides banks and financial institutions, re-guarantee institutions and financial guarantee institutions to sign cooperation agreements, and provides guarantee fee-free and pledge-free loan services for qualified small and micro enterprises. As of the end of August, six cooperative guarantee institutions provided free guarantee for 1,308 enterprises, with a guarantee scale of 5.171 billion yuan; the city's 25 financial guarantee institutions had an insured balance of 30.905 billion yuan and more than 10,000 insured households, with year-on-year growth rates of more than 75% and 1,00%, respectively.

surname San,"Building bridges" to alleviate difficulties and accurately assist enterprises in stable development

The Nanjing Private Enterprises Loan Transfer Fund has been utilized to smooth out the blockage of private enterprises' loan transfer and to realize low-cost and high-efficiency financing "bridge". By the end of August, the cumulative amount of loans transferred by the fund exceeded 100 billion yuan, serving more than 10,000 enterprises. Strengthening the transfer support for specialized, special and new small and medium-sized enterprises, the annual cumulative free transfer amount of the Private Enterprise Transfer Fund was raised to 60 million yuan, and as of the end of August, a total of 153 specialized, special and new enterprises had been served, with a transfer amount of 4.016 billion yuan, and 5.8114 million yuan of fees reduced or exempted.

4,Smooth and direct access to the "last kilometer" of financial services

Carry out financial support for the real economy and high-quality development of 100 activities, play the urban and rural policy integration and departmental synergies, and promote the effective docking between enterprises and financial institutions. Relying on the provincial comprehensive financial service platform Nanjing sub-platform and Nanjing gold service platform, the city's small and medium-sized micro-enterprises to provide "one-stop" integrated financial services, so that enterprise financing more "network", less run "road"! ". As of the end of August, the provincial gold service Nanjing sub-platform access to a total of 229,000 small and medium-sized enterprises, the cumulative credit amount of 197.45 billion yuan; Nanjing gold service platform has achieved a total of more than 167,000 enterprises, the aggregate financing scale of more than one trillion yuan.

Five,Layered services to comprehensively promote enterprise listing and financing and refinancing

In-depth implementation of the "Ning Voyage" plan for listing enterprises, improvement of the new mechanism of precise services for listing enterprises, enrichment of the echelon of enterprises to be listed, and inclusion of more than 1,000 enterprises in the database; strengthening of cooperation with the SSE, SZSE, Beihai Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange, etc., and providing convenient services for enterprises to be listed; and the plan to implement the substitution of credit reports for certificates of compliance, reducing the cost of enterprises to be listed and accelerating the process of listing. It plans to implement credit reports instead of compliance certificates to reduce the cost of listing and accelerate the process of listing. Since the beginning of this year, the city has listed 7 new enterprises, raising 6.786 billion yuan in initial public offerings, bringing the number of domestic and foreign listed enterprises to 161. From January to August, the city's domestic listed companies raised 6.155 billion yuan in new equity refinancing, and overseas listed companies raised 3.209 billion yuan in new equity refinancing.

The next step, the municipal local financial supervision bureau will be in accordance with the municipal party committee and municipal government on the deployment of the requirements of the full promotion of the economy to continue to rebound to the good, focusing on the "2 + 6 + 6" innovative industry clusters and private small and medium-sized micro-enterprises, and in-depth promotion of the construction of science and technology innovation financial reform pilot zone, to accelerate the construction of a wide range of channels, multi-level, full-cycle, sustainable science and technology innovation financial service system. It will continue to make efforts in credit, bond and equity financing, further optimize the financial service environment, focus on improving the quality and efficiency of financial services, and strive to provide accurate financial support for the high-quality development of the real economy!