Right-hand drive complete car mass production!

  On September 15, 2023, the first batch of mass-produced right-hand drive vehicles of Skyworth Automotive rolled off the production line, which is another heavy surprise brought to the market following the release of Skyworth SKYLIGHTNING optical storage and super-charging solution on September 12th.

  The right-hand drive vehicle of Skyworth Automobile was projected in 2022, and began the layout and deep plowing in overseas market. From the beginning of the project to the mass production line, Skyworth Automotive has always continued to announce the latest model advancement progress. on August 17, 2023, Skyworth Automotive reached the first right-hand drive white body off the line, and one month later, Skyworth Automotive completed the mass production line of the whole vehicle at the super speed of the manufacturing industry, and the overall production project of right-hand drive vehicle completed the closed loop.

  The layout of Skyworth Auto in the overseas market has been unfolded from the moment it enters the industry track. on September 13th, Mr. Wu Longbao, president and co-founder of Skyworth Auto, said when facing questions from journalists about the overseas layout at the media communication meeting that the design and development of Skyworth Auto's domestic and overseas products are carried out in tandem. At present, Skyworth cars have been sold to 45 countries and regions, including Germany, Israel, Turkey and other countries.

  Skyworth Automotive has a very high brand value in overseas markets, and also manages overseas markets with very high standards. Now Skyworth Automotive has officially released the integrated energy solution of light storage and super charging, which will spread a new strategic layout of energy replenishment all over the world and further promote the "0" carbon ecological greatness.