There are beautiful scenery and food, as well as intelligent factories

2023 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference

To be held in Nanjing in early December

In the global smart manufacturing

As the spotlight is about to turn on Nanjing again

Nanjing's "Smart Manufacturing" spreads the good news again

  4Enterprises shortlisted in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently publicized the intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories unveiled the list of units, the10companies have been shortlisted for the Smart Manufacturing Excellence Scenarios.Both ranked first in the provinceThe

  Up to now, Nanjing has seven national-level intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories, many of which will make a wonderful appearance at the conference.

Upgrading of enterprises

Contribute to the "smart manufacturing" strong city

Together into the "national" demonstration factory

Visiting Smart Manufacturing

How to empower the manufacturing industry to improve quality and upgrade

"National" have their own specialties

The data shows the effectiveness of "smart manufacturing".

  "Empowering industrial development through intelligent transformation and digital transformation, comprehensively improving the level of intelligence of enterprises in all aspects of design, production, management, etc., and the rate of production intelligenceDa 90%The staffing of the company has doubled its production capacity.Down 3.2%The whole plant realizes AGV intelligent transfer, and the transfer efficiency is improved.Upgrade 100%." Nanjing Nanrui Relay Electric Co., Ltd. said the relevant person in charge, with a series of figures to show the "smart" to the benefits of the enterprise.

About Nanjing Coney Electromechanical Co.

Ltd. production workshop

Glass bonding robot, sheet metal robot,

Edge Banding Robot, Silk Rod Robot

"Robots", etc.


He's following the instructions given by the staff on the computer.

Methodical completion of each step of the process

Intelligent transformation benefits enterprises

Connie's Electro-Mechanical Productivity Improvement 50%

Operating Cost Reduction 20%

Reduction of product development cycle time by more than 50%

Increased energy utilization 30%

  As a leading enterprise in the rail transportation equipment manufacturing industry, CNR Nanjing Puzhen Vehicle Co. The company's design process, warehouse management, material distribution and other aspects of the whole process of digital transformation, targeted to the production process of each link dress upgrading, automation of production equipment has reached a leading level in the country, to achieve the realization of the savings in manpower, save time, save costs, greatly improving production efficiency.

After more than two years of construction

CNR Puzhen has realized all production lines

Average productivityUpgrade 7.7%

Assembling, assembling operation single vehicle production efficiencyElevate 40%

Automation coverage of CNC centersReach 93%

Product one-time delivery inspection pass rateUpgrade 5%

Demonstration plants lead the way

Upstream and downstream industry chain to speed up the promotion and popularization

  In the Industrial Robot Intelligent Demonstration Factory of Nanjing Exton Automation Co., Ltd, the information system automatically pushes the materials to the front desk in order when the production order is placed. After the materials are placed to the AGV, they are transported to each station by the AGV, assembled to the required position by the robot, and then realized to be tightened by the tightening robot

For robot body assembly process

Exton employs robotic assembly robots

Achieved unmanned assembly

  According to the head of the relevant departments, as of now, Nanjing has, in addition to the7 National Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Factories, also cumulatively inducted12 national-level intelligent manufacturing special, created27 Provincial Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Factories,133 Provincial Intelligent Workshops

Leveraging the "east wind"

"Old trees sprout new shoots.""New branches become big trees."

Seizing the high ground in science and technology innovation

Forging a new engine for economic development

  Nanjing has vigorously cultivated service organizations, centering internally on intelligent equipment and automated production lines, industrial software, etc.8 directionsThe city has called for the selection of2 batches of 90Wisdom to change the number of service providers, to provide enterprises with a package of full-stack system solutions, at the same time, external attraction of large central enterprises such as China Resources Digital Technology, State Mechanical Digital Technology, and byte jumping and other domestic digital transformation of the head of the enterprise to settle.


Nanjing also builds platforms in gradients

Empowering Digital Reality Convergence;

Guiding SMEs to invest more in intellectual property reform and digital transformation

Promote precise matchmaking cooperation between supply and demand

  Since 2016, the World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference has been held in Nanjing for 7 consecutive sessions, with the help of the "east wind", Nanjing to promote the use of digital technology in traditional industries, "old trees sprouting new shoots", strategic emerging industry enterprises to build a high level of digitalization of the start The new branch will become a big tree".

Helping businesses with long-term economic accounts

Making enterprises "willing to turn"

Strengthening the supply of hardware, software and human resources and scientific and technological services

Making businesses "work"

Integrate and utilize the tripartite synergy of government, service providers and enterprises

Let enterprises "dare to turn"

Nanjing, come on!