It is expected to become Lishui's first ten billion dollar enterprise! This enterprise ......

   In early fall, the production atmosphere of Nanjing Xinda factory located in Lishui Economic Development Zone is hot, the automated production lines are running constantly, more than 3,000 workers are on duty in shifts, and 300 battery cells come off the line every one minute.4 years ago, Nanjing Xinda came to Lishui from Shenzhen, Nanjing, with fast construction and full-speed production, and it is expected to become the first 10 billion enterprise in Lishui this year.

  With a total investment of 13.5 billion RMB, Nanjing Xinda project is the first power battery production base laid out by global lithium-ion battery leader Xinda in East China, which mainly produces lithium-ion battery cells, modules and battery packs, and is committed to becoming a world-class production base for HEV power batteries and fast charging systems. Last year, Nanjing Xinda output value of 8 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 344%, is expected this year's revenue will exceed 10 billion yuan.

  Just more than 4 years, from zero to 10 billion to launch the "sprint", Nanjing Xinda how to rise quickly? The relevant person in charge of the company said that the rapid development of the company can not be separated from the support of the local government.

  "At the beginning of this year, Lishui District's efficient service of 'completion-as-delivery' 'speeds up' the commissioning of the project." The relevant person in charge of Nanjing Xinda introduced that after the spring festival this year, the enterprise encountered problems with the construction general contractor, Lishui Economic Development Zone together with the district urban construction bureau and other relevant departments, docking in many ways to assist in solving the difficulties. At the same time, the District Urban Construction Bureau and other departments intervened in advance, guided the plant decoration, acceptance and other work, at present, part of the second phase of the project construction content has been realized "completion that is delivered".

  Thinking about what enterprises think and urgently need, Lishui constantly optimizes the business environment and presses the "accelerator button" for enterprise construction and production. According to the introduction, Lishui District implements the project "pre and post" unified management, and gradually realizes that "land is started" and "completion is put into production". At the same time, Lishui District will determine the 6th, 16th and 26th of each month as "Entrepreneur Service Day", and make every effort to help enterprises to relieve their difficulties.

  The relevant person in charge of enterprise service center of Lishui Economic Development Zone introduced that after the Spring Festival this year, in order to ease the pressure of electricity consumption of enterprises, the park, together with the district industry and credit, district power supply company and other units, visited Nanjing Xinda at the first time, studied the solution of summer peaks together with enterprises, and went to the door several times to coordinate the electric power protection of the enterprise's production with all its strength, and is now speeding up the project of "shifting peaks to fill valleys" of the Nanjing Xinda energy storage power station. At present, we are accelerating the project of "shifting peaks and filling valleys" of Nanjing Xinda's energy storage power station, which will greatly slow down the pressure of electricity consumption at peak time.

  In recent years, Lishui has introduced a series of enterprise-friendly policies, especially "Double Ten Articles", "Lishui Loan", "Benefiting Enterprises and Settlement" and other policies. Relevant person in charge of Nanjing Xinda introduced that the company has received more than 52 million yuan of various kinds of subsidies, which solved the problems of financing and labor difficulties.

  The all-round service helps Nanjing Xinda create "Lishui record". According to the introduction, according to the normal construction speed, it takes at least 300 days to build the first phase of the project, but in order to speed up the project to be effective, the park fully cooperates with the investor to meet the construction demand, and prequalifies the project in the project negotiation period. At the same time, Lishui Economic Development Zone set up "Joint Command Department of XINWODA Project" to shorten the construction period to 100 days and realize "signing in the same year, completing in the same year and putting into production in the same year".

  In the first half of this year, Xinda has "increased" the layout of new projects in Lishui, with a total investment of 3.5 billion yuan in the source, network, load and hydrogen storage project. The project will build a new intelligent energy system integrating source, network, load and hydrogen storage, including photovoltaic, energy storage, hydrogen integrated station and super charging station, etc. It is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2025, which will help Nanjing Lishui to build a 100-billion new energy automobile industry base and a "zero carbon park".

  Driven by such leading enterprises as Nanjing Xinda, projects such as Presea Testing and Longdian Huaxin Copper Foil have been settled in Lishui one after another, initially forming an industry chain aggregation effect. Relevant person in charge of Nanjing Xinda said that it will continue to plough into Nanjing and strengthen the industry, and expects to build 25 production lines in 2025, with output value exceeding 20 billion yuan.