Walk in the poetry of Chinese style in Lishui!

I have a lonely heart and a bright moon.

Then the picture is clear and divine;

I have a light heart.

Then the image is ethereal and distant


What is the relationship between aroma and aesthetics? Context is a kind of anthropomorphic existence, similar to the sense of rhetoric, the beauty of the picture is not ordinary beauty, it is the beauty that represents a certain kind of good character, this is a very important point of context, for photography, shooting an object, such as plum blossoms, first of all, we must understand the meaning of the plum blossom personality in the Chinese aesthetics, and all the purpose of shooting, including composition, light, color and post-processing should be centered on the meaning of this personality. For example, to express the loneliness of the plum blossom, you can choose a single branch of the plum blossom in the composition, and at the same time, the form should be able to show the stubbornness of the plum blossom, and so on.