Here, open the harvest "code"!

  On the morning of September 21, Nanjing National Agricultural High-tech Zone is bustling with activity, along with the opening of the nineteenth Nanjing Agricultural Carnival, the city's high-quality agricultural products, agricultural "black science and technology" and so on concentrated appearance, we enjoy the beauty of the harvest, share the joy of the harvest.

  A wide variety of high-quality agricultural products, "four new" technology to refresh the upper limit of agricultural science and technology ...... This agricultural carnival activities lasted for a long time, the exhibition area is very large, the sense of experience is super strong, not only is "the farmers' festival It is not only a "farmers' festival" and "citizens' event", but also shows the important achievements and bright prospects of Nanjing's agricultural and rural modernization, and contains the "harvest code" of Nanjing's promotion of agricultural modernization.

tamp the earth's foundations Fine-scale agriculture guarantees a good harvest

  Regional public brands such as "Wusi Tianyuan" and "Food Gift Qinhuai" are on display, and a wide variety of specialty agricultural products such as Lishui rice, Gaochun crabs, Liuhe kiwi, Pancheng grapes and so on are on display ....... The Farmer's Market near the main stage is undoubtedly one of the hottest spots to visit, with farmers from all over the world enthusiastically peddling their own products, and "city visitors" coming from afar returning with large bags full of money.

  As an important center city in the eastern region of China, the Yangtze River Delta megacities, Nanjing, many people and little land. Based on the city's "many people and little land" reality, around the needs of ten million people megacities, the city continues to promote the quality of arable land to improve, optimize the structure of planting varieties, and promote the food and other important agricultural products of high quality and high price, fully guarantee the "rice bag" "food basket" supply stable, rich and diversified.

  This year, Nanjing implements the fall grain planting area1,481,900 acresof which rice1,278,100 acresCorn86,300 acresSoybeans68,200 acresSweet Potato34,200 acresThe fall crops are generally in good condition, and the fall grain production is in sight.1-August the city's vegetable sowing area799,500 acresAquaculture areaAbout 520,000 acresOutput101,000 tonsThe

technology-enabled Modern Management Techniques Promote Good Harvests

  This year's carnival, in addition to "delicious and fun", but also full of "science and technology". Agricultural production is no longer "face to the soil back to the sky", scientific and technological innovation is leading the high-quality development of agriculture.

  On the morning of the 21st, in Nanjing Agricultural Hi-Tech Zone A Pavilion, large and small green tomatoes were hanging on the green vines. The whole planting area is clean and tidy, refreshing and orderly. "We use soil-less cultivation technology, which has the advantages of cleanliness, no pollution, no pests and diseases, good permeability, etc., and also solves the problem of soil limitation and realizes high-density planting." Wang Baojia, a staff member of the Information Institute of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, introduced, "Now only 2 people can complete the management of 7 acres of greenhouses, effectively saving labor costs." He said.

  Behind the advanced agricultural technology is Nanjing's outstanding agricultural science and technology innovation. In recent years, the city relies on a solid foundation of science and education, accelerate the integration of agriculture and science and technology, continue to amplify the "one district, one center, one laboratory" and other national agricultural science and technology platform leading advantage, promote biological breeding, intelligent equipment and other key core technologies, joint research, targeted breakthroughs, and promote the development of agricultural hi-tech concentration and agglomeration.

  Up to now, Nanjing has built more than 80 national, provincial and municipal scientific research platforms, created more than 50 demonstration scenarios for the application of advanced agricultural technology, gathered nearly 10 academician teams, more than 60 high-tech enterprises, and integrated the output of dozens of innovative technologies and products. The city has built 4 modern agricultural industrial technology innovation teams, 34 modern agricultural industrial technology system technology demonstration bases, 123 industry-university-research cooperation demonstration bases, more than 200 "four new" promotion demonstration bases, and 12 enterprises have been selected as the provincial advantageous characteristics of seedling centers. The comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation, planting and harvesting has reached 86% or more, the mechanization level of special agriculture has reached 68% or more, 5 "unmanned farms" have been built, and the contribution rate of progress in agricultural science and technology has reached 72.8%.

"One after the other." Agri-tourism integration development embellishes harvest

  "In the past, the Farmers' Harvest Festival or Agricultural Carnival time is usually one and a half months, this time we in accordance with the overall requirements of 'weekly activities, monthly explosions', the length of the event will be expanded to online and offline lasts for three months, so as to achieve continuous heat." Event organizers introduced.

From September to November, Lishui will locally hold nearly 20 events such as Baima Peanut Harvest Festival, Snow Peach Harvest Festival, Fu Cai Wei Crab Festival, Shishu Lake Art Season, Farmers' Village Night, etc., which will not only satisfy tourists' full-time micro-vacation needs, but also provide income-boosting opportunities for neighboring farm households.

  The Nanjing Agricultural Carnival has been successfully held continuously for18th session (of the communist party)It has become an important platform to show the whole society the new achievements of urban agriculture, new technology of modern agriculture, new image of beautiful countryside, new connotation of farming culture, new style of new professional farmers and new harmonious life in urban and rural areas in the city, and has been awarded the "Outstanding City Award for Creativity and Promotion of International Urban Agriculture" by the International Foundation of Urban Agriculture, "National Leisure Agriculture Creativity Award" by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and "Top 10 Festival Brands in China" by China Convention and Exhibition Industry Association. It has been awarded the "National Leisure Agriculture Creativity Award" by the International Urban Agriculture Foundation, "China's Top Ten Festival Brands" by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and has attracted a cumulative total of about7.5 millionRealization of consolidated revenueAbout 1.4 billion dollarsThe

  The countryside has a good ecological, lakes and mountains, rural scenery have become a "pot of gold". In recent years, Nanjing creative leisure, rural tourism, rural e-commerce and other new forms of business continue to emerge, the new development of urban agriculture base13 families. This year, as of the end of August, the city's leisure agriculture received tourists reached25.28 million peopleyear-on-yearGrowth 23%The