Enhance the ability to identify and resolve risks and build a solid grassroots foundation for security and stability.

March 9 to 10, the municipal party committee held a community workers special training courses to "strengthen the party building leadership, promote the construction of safe and resilient communities" as the theme, to fire safety, emergency management, conflict resolution and other hands-on training as the main content of the city's 101 streets (towns), 1,246 communities (villages) in charge of the comrades to carry out centralized training. The purpose of the training is to further enhance the level of community work capacity, promote the construction of safe and resilient communities, and consolidate the foundation of governance in megacities. 9 a.m., Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Han Liming attended the opening ceremony and delivered a mobilization speech.

Han Liming first expressed her greetings and thanks to the city's 16,800 community workers who have been working hard at the grassroots level for a long time. She said, Nanjing is a megacity, but also a "big grassroots", urban governance must be effectively implemented to the end. The community can best sense the masses cold and warm, can best hear the voice of the masses, can best test the effectiveness of the work, a special position, a great responsibility. Work practice also tells us that the more detailed the community grid, the more solid the urban security; community services, the more heart, the more effective urban governance; community cells, the more active, the more vibrant the city. Party committees and governments at all levels and the majority of community workers should fully understand the significance of community work, and continue to strengthen the party building to lead grass-roots governance and community work, long-term efforts to grasp the grass-roots level, strengthen the foundation, and consolidate the basic.

Han Liming pointed out that community work is, in the final analysis, to serve the people, focusing on public service, public management, public safety three major events. In promoting the construction of safe and resilient communities, the most important thing is to enhance the ability to identify risks, as the "first whistle blower". Currently, we need to focus on six aspects of risk.

First, the key places of fire hazards, in accordance with the fire safety in addition to the attack "1 + 4" special rectification action program deployment, in-depth and detailed implementation.

Second, the hidden risks in the field of existing buildings, to strengthen the inspection and monitoring and early warning disposal.

Third, the risk of natural disasters and extreme weather, to strengthen disaster prevention and mitigation capacity building, emergency plans, material reserves and other work.

Fourth, the security risk of special groups, we must have a clear idea of the various types of key personnel in mind, and strengthen the daily care and service protection.

Fifth, the risk of petition and contradiction, to find and dispose of incipient and tendentious problems in a timely manner, and strive to find them at an early stage and resolve them in a small way.

Sixth, the risk of crowded economic areas, to strengthen the discovery of early warning and education and discouragement, to build a firm anti-fraud and fraud prevention, to prevent illegal fund-raising, "the first line of defense".

Han Liming emphasized that adhering to and carrying forward the "Fengqiao Experience" in the new era is an important magic weapon for good community work. We should always follow the Party's mass line, effectively enhance the political and organizational functions of grass-roots party organizations, be good at mobilizing the masses, organizing the masses, and relying on the masses to solve their own problems. Relying on party building to converge regional resources, improve the coordination mechanism of neighborhood committees, property committees and property service enterprises under the leadership of party building, improve the effectiveness of grid governance, and promote the pluralistic common governance system to the end of the edge. To establish a community level emergency conversion mechanism, build a good use of information technology platform, and constantly improve the level of modernization of grassroots governance.

Xu Jinhui, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, presided over the opening ceremony. The training course was led and organized by the Social Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee, with branch venues in each district.

After the opening session, Han Liming went to the Central Gate Police Station in Gulou District to learn about community policing, visited the "most beautiful police" Cai Wenjun, who is loved by the public; he also inspected the site for fire prevention and remediation, and checked the progress of the processing of the relevant letters and petitions on the spot.