Looking to the Future: Advancing Vision Technology Innovation

A company focuses on new display and visual perception, through the deep integration of science and technology and culture, integrates social quality resources, and builds a leading domestic and internationally influential new display science and technology innovation highland. Grasp the research and judgment of the future visual display terminal and media socialization in the field of new technology trends, adapt to or even lead the future production and broadcasting broadcasting system and news media model change.

Through the cooperation between the government, industry, academia and research institutes, it enhances the ability of resource mobilization and the effectiveness of serving the society, and supports the construction and development of academic disciplines. Through cultivating talents in the field of information display and visual perception, fostering innovative achievements and promoting their transformation to support the development of local and national industries; promoting the in-depth integration of science, technology and culture to create an international first-class "visual culture and science and technology" innovation and entrepreneurship highland, and serving the construction of the national economy and the development of social life.

Currently, we would like to introduce talents in optics and waveguide; seek technical support for flexible substrates and bendable materials.