This spring, come to Lishui to encounter your own spring romance!

The spring breeze chases the sun.

Embroidered green throughout the small town of

Thick spring flavor flows freely in this landscape of Lishui.

This spring.

You have to come to Lishui once.

Come and experience the energy and beauty of this place!

01. Going for a hike

Lishui's mountains and forests are lush and green with bamboo forests, full of greenery and scenery everywhere, and Autumn Lake Mountain is secluded and densely forested, making it naturally interesting.

02. To enjoy the flowers

Spring is nothing but busy with flowers! How can the romance of spring be without flowers? The spring breeze comes in March, the city is full of blossoms, come to Lishui to see a spring flower event.

In early spring, it is the plum blossoms that are in full bloom, and Fu Jiabian Plum Blossom Hill and Qinhuai Plum Garden are the best places to enjoy the plum blossoms.

The breath of spring will become stronger and stronger, and Lishui will enter the season of a hundred flowers. Cherry blossoms are as bright as clouds, peach blossoms are rosy and red, and rape flower fields splendor the spring of Lishui....... Being in the sea of flowers is like stepping into a painting, and the fragrance of flowers overflows and refreshes your heart.

03. Go picking

Pick a strawberry and put it in your mouth, the soft flesh explodes in your mouth, the sweet juice splashes between your lips and teeth, and the spring of your taste buds is activated at the touch of a button.

04. Going camping

Camping is an excellent way to have zero contact with nature, a piece of grass, a tent, a piece of sky can realize the temporary escape of urban people from the complicated trivialities, and come to the natural landscape to enjoy another self.

It's time to go outdoors again, and the warm spring sunshine makes the grass more and more green and lovely, so why don't you ask three or two friends to have a camping trip on the weekend and meet the exclusive happiness of Lishui spring.

05. Go for a ride

Experience the pleasure of traveling in a painting. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the mesmerizing spring scenery along the way.

Everywhere you look, everywhere you see surprises, and you can feel the spring with your whole body and soul in the native nature.