Ten beautiful things to do at the source of the Qinhuai for the New Year at the end of this year

At the beginning of the New Year, the Chinese New Year is approaching.

What are you going to do this Chinese New Year?

Something has to be done to live up to it.

Come and join us for ten beautiful things to do in the Qinhuai source for the New Year!


Go to Luo Shan to see the big dragon

See the Double Dragons at Ho Lam Fong

At the end of the year, all kinds of folklore will gradually kick off. The dragon will be in full bloom to welcome the New Year! The Loksan Dragon will soon dance, bringing good wishes for the New Year!

Luo Shan dragon body is huge, body length of nearly 100 meters, the participants as many as 500 people, the scene is very warm and spectacular, the performance of the formation has a "dragon swinging tail", "a word long dragon array", "circling array The performances include "Giant Dragon Swinging Tail", "Long Dragon Formation", "Hovering Formation", etc. Come and feel the unique style of Qinhuai source of non-legacy culture!

The fourth to the sixth day of the first month, known as "the first Jiangnan plate dragon" He Lin Fang double dragon will be lively dance. When dancing, a green and a yellow two dragons dance in the air in the dazzling auspicious clouds, double dragons play beads, screw knot top, plate dragon head spitting dragon beads, plate dragon tail running snake array ...... all kinds of array rows alternately change, lifelike, lively and dynamic, showing the Qinhuai source Lishui's unique folklore charm and countryside style.


Jingqiao Xisong to see the "Wu" horse lanterns

Honglan Qingxu to see the "cultural" horse lanterns

In the rural areas of Lishui, there has always been the custom of jumping horse lanterns during the Spring Festival, which is most popular in Jingqiao, Hefeng, Shiqiu and other towns and streets.Xisong Horse Lantern is a folk dance form popular in the rural area of Li Crystal Bridge, which has been inherited since the Ming and Qing dynasties.The Western Song Horse Lanterns mainly represent the heroes of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Three Kingdoms, the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the Five Dynasties and the Song Dynasty, etc. Eighteen war generals fight against each other to the accompaniment of gongs and drums, which is a great sight to behold.

The non-heritage folklore Qingwei Horse Lantern of Qingfeng Village, Honglan Street, originated in the Qianlong period and has a history of more than 300 years. The performers are dressed in costumes and play the roles of heroes of different times. Accompanied by the resounding sound of gongs, the horse lanterns are connected at the head and tail of the team, changing different formations, mainly running formations, Yuanbao formations, five-star formations, four-square formations, bat formations and so on, which makes for a very spectacular scene.


To grind tofu and eat avocado under a cool roof.

Grinding tofu and eating oily fruits on New Year's Eve may be the exclusive memory of many Lishui people.

The New Year is approaching, the village under the Liangtian is a lively and peaceful scene, overflowing with the atmosphere of festive joy. Grinding tofu, deep-frying bean curd, deep-frying rice cake ...... all kinds of folk activities are staged in turn. The lively Liangpianxia doubles the warmth of the end of the year.


Go to Water Street to stroll at night and take pictures of the ancient style

In winter, Wuxi Water Town is the art of light and shadow. Wearing an ancient costume to tour the garden is to add a new scenery to the water town of Wuxi. During the daytime, stepping on the green stone road, the breeze is smoky; at night, the moonlight shines down like frost, paving a silver glow.


Fireworks at Locust Hill Sparklers Camping Park

In the winter of Lishui, there is always a camping trip. In Shishu Lake-Luoshan Sparkling Camping Park it is to share food, to talk about life, to lie down leisurely, to read books with each other unspoken, it doesn't matter whether you spend your time in full or in vain.

When night falls, it should be quite romantic to watch a gorgeous fireworks display here, or to see the stars fill the sky with starlight.


Go to the Garden of Encounters and make tea around the fireplace

Winter is not only bitter cold. In the warmth of one day, with three or five friends in the encounter garden around the fireplace tea, may be a kind of happiness. A fireplace, surrounded by a world, slowly simmering tea, a few friends and endless words, this "slowly lively", this leisure and taste, the most wonderful place in the Garden - the most wonderful place, is difficult to find elsewhere elegance.


Swan-watching at Shishu Lake

Every winter, the swans and other migratory birds dancing around make Shishu Lake more poetic and romantic.

They rest, feed, play and soar here, turning Shishu Lake, the "Mirror of the Sky", into a fairy tale "Swan Lake". Let's go to a swan's appointment in Shishu Lake together!


Waiting for a sunset at East Lushan

Winter sometimes means the end, and people choose to visit temples at this time of year to pray for a good end and beginning. "Ancient temples are hidden deep in the mountains, and the sound of Brahma is heard in the clouds." East Lushan thus becomes a suitable choice, but not only for this reason.

Looking down from the top of East Lushan Mountain, you can get a glimpse of the general appearance of this small town. Wait for a sunset here and watch the orange sky, silhouetted with all the romance of the lake and mountains.


Enjoy the lanterns at Pagoda Park

When the lanterns come on, everything is renewed, and the ritual of enjoying lanterns conveys culture and warmth. When the Spring Festival is blessed, when all the beauty is lit up, people living in this city are experiencing the New Year's atmosphere of "burning".

The annual Qinhuai Source Lantern Festival is a lively event where lanterns are lit up like a colorful picture scroll. Come and enjoy the happy and beautiful life and experience a different and strong flavor of the New Year.


Waiting for a snow, enjoying the beautiful scenery in the snow at the source of the Qinhuai River

The winter in Lishui is dynamic, with a jumping flavor in the cold but not fierce wind. If there is a snowfall at this time, the fog in the mountains and forests will be fluttering and the snowflakes will be settling, and the whole Lishui seems to be covered with a fantasy filter.