How can these places produce "gold" by "inches of land"?

Cities, how can "inches of land" produce "inches of gold"?

exist"2023 China's Top 30 Building Economy (Headquarters Economy) Benchmarking Urban Areas"In the list, Jiangsu has 2 on the list, one of which is Nanjing "old" urban areas - Gulou District, ranked 9th in the country, becoming the "leader" of the building economy.

In Nanjing, aiming at the building economy "cloud" wealth, not only the old city with rich business resources. Sitting on the west side of the river in the new city of Jianye District, 43 "hundred million yuan building" growth, whether it is the number of municipal headquarters enterprises, or the number of hundred million yuan building, are firmly in the city's first; national new area of Jiangbei New Area, soaring building "with" up an industrial park! ......

This building with a tax revenue of more than 100 million yuan may be hiding the wealth code of the city's "inch of land".

The first building to pay more than 1 billion yuan in taxes

Nanjing's Xinjiekou shopping district is the only one in China that has four shopping centers with sales of more than 4 billion yuan, known as "China's first shopping district".Nanjing's first "Billion Dollar Building" with more than 1 billion yuan of tax payments from resident enterprises.It was born here, and its name is: Jinling Hotel Asia-Pacific Business Building.

Since its opening in 2014, Asia-Pacific Business Center has maintained a high occupancy rate of 90%. Its lasting "attraction" lies not only in its location in the Xinjiekou business district, but also in the fact that from the beginning of its operation, it has rejected the "landlord mentality" and made clear that it is a "landlord" and a "landlord"."A quality client mix is the core value of high-end office space."In addition, the target of leasing is "locked" to the world's top 500 enterprises, multinational corporations and headquartered enterprises.

With the convenient transportation, perfect supporting facilities, and the "hotel-style service" of Jinling Hotel in Xinjiekou business district, Asia Pacific Business Tower soon attracted top 500 clients such as Standard Chartered Bank, Hang Seng Bank, AIA, Dajin, Sinopec Gas, China International Capital Corporation, etc., and constructed a stable customer structure ecology.

"A hundred gold to buy a house, a thousand gold to buy a neighbor". The effect of brand-name enterprises in the Asia-Pacific Business Building gradually appeared, many industry-leading enterprises have settled, both for the Xinjiekou business circle "on the big score", but also highlights the brand image of the enterprise, the formation of the building, the enterprise and the region's symbiosis and win-win situation.

Of course, it is also in the building economy is still in the period of providing "space + property", quietly turn the "steering wheel", ahead of the industry as a guide, through the "accurate portrait" for the business Buildings to attract "specific" enterprises, the Asia-Pacific Business Building to become the first tax in Nanjing over 1 billion "billion dollar building".

Such a wealth effect, so that the cultivation of "billion yuan building", become the eyes of the Nanjing districts "meat and potatoes". The "hand of the market" and "the hand of the government" began to work together to pry more "billion dollar building" in Nanjing.

Industry first, "landlord" into "partners"

"Billion dollar building" breeding, growth, often without a large economic ecosystem, such as the Asia-Pacific Business Tower, rose in the Xinjiekou business district. However, such a prosperous business district resources, after all, can be encountered but not sought.

So, is the "billion-dollar building" destined to be born only in the prosperous places of the city where business resources are concentrated?

In Nanjing, the same as the city's emerging development areas, a river away from Jianye - Hexi New City and Jiangbei New District, also gathered a lot of "billion dollar building", their answer is:First to establish and then to break!The "stand" is industry, industry first; "broken" is the traditional mode of building economic development.

A head enterprise, "bring" up a chain of industry.In Jianye District's New City Science Park, since Alibaba Jiangsu headquarters moved into the complex's A2 building, 27 Alibaba eco-chain companies have come and gone, and have continued to fissure and spawn their own economic ecosystem.

For example, in April 2023, after Ali Tiling Sheep, which provides digital services for new national consumer brands and others, moved in, the same floor welcomed five more upstream and downstream companies closely related to it, including Tiling Whale Technology and Zhiwei Cloud.

Now, under the leadership of leading enterprises, the park has 13 buildings with tax revenues of more than 100 million yuan, becoming a "billion dollar building" group, and the corresponding industrial ecosystem is also quietly taking shape.

An industrial positioning, "support" a park.In Jiangbei New District, the 40-acre Tengfei Building, the tax revenue of enterprises in the building reached 546 million yuan in 2023, and the average tax revenue per mu reached more than 13.6 million yuan.

Tengfei Building is actually the location of Jiangbei New Area Research and Development Park. With "integrated circuit design, intelligent research and development, big data and cloud computing artificial intelligence" as the three leading industries, this park is able to provide financing, recruitment, and even construction of post-doctoral workstations and other services for enterprises, gathering a number of high-quality enterprises in the industry.

Not coincidentally, located in Gulou District, Suning Hui Valley, settled in a number of energy and construction headquarters enterprises, making the two industries accounted for a total of more than 60%. Although the rent in the same level of office buildings is not low, but more than seventy percent of its enterprises, the lease period of more than 5 years, the stability of the visible.

In the process of cultivating and expanding "billion dollar buildings", the property owner or operator of the building is not only a "chartered agent" in the traditional sense of providing space, water, electricity, gas, etc., or a "gold-medal steward" who can provide considerate business services, but also a "partner" in the development of urban economy. housekeeper", but also a "partner" of the city's economic development.

Bid farewell to the "real estate thinking", building investment is more with the local industrial positioning, government investment into one. Through the prospective layout, upward growth of the "buildings", is creating a higher "mu", or even "square meter production", so that the city's scarce "inch of land" more "gold flowing silver". The "inch of land" is more "flowing gold and silver".

"Billion Dollar Buildings", how can more emerge?

Whether it is the center of the city, or emerging areas, for the city, "billion dollar building" is not just a building, but a new industrial infrastructure.

Therefore, the competition for the "billion dollar building" is increasingly becoming a business environment, on the comprehensive strength of the "competition".

In Nanjing's skyscrapers, "half of the river" is concentrated in the Hexi CBD. Jianye District, nearly 200 scientific research and commercial office building carriers, the average tax output of more than 3,000 yuan / square meter, especially in the financial industry unit area of the tax, is more than 11,000 yuan / square meter.

Behind the beautiful data is a battle between "fine" and "intimate".

In Jianye District, there is a unique "digital building" system. This system is like a powerful "lens" that shows the main buildings, businesses and operations in the district one by one in front of the eyes of the relevant functional departments.

Look "fine", is to serve more "intimate".Each building, there is a service commissioner named "Xiaomo". A cultural enterprise in Nanjing was once faced with the predicament of broken cash flow. Just when the company founder was at a loss, the "Little Mo" commissioner came and assisted the enterprise in obtaining a loan of 4 million yuan from the Jianye Hi-Tech Park Insurance, as well as providing a number of policies and services to support the enterprise.

Behind "Malloy," in fact.A systematic support involving the whole life cycle of the enterprise's functional departments as well as the local street community.

Of course, as an industrial carrier platform "billion dollar building", there are more about industrial aggregation, leisure consumption, and even humanities branding and other "homework" to be done, the need for the government, building operators and the joint participation of enterprises. In order to meet the fitness needs of young employees of software enterprises, a sports center including basketball courts, badminton courts, table tennis courts, etc. has been built in Nanjing Software Valley's Yunmizheng City, for example.

Just as the city skyline, each with its own splendor, the cultivation and growth of "billion dollar buildings" also need more "eight immortals across the sea", the courage to go forward.