Manufacturing district, industrial iteration, Lishui accelerated navigation!

  August 8, morning.Press conference on the theme of "Leading and Demonstrating in Promoting Chinese-style Modernization" seriesHeld in the NJ Press RoomPress conference dedicated to "Demonstrating New Actions in Strengthening and Extending Chains".Liu Jia, standing committee member and vice mayor of Lishui District, introduced the specific initiatives of Lishui District in promoting the industry to the middle and high end and answered reporters' questions.

  In recent years, Lishui has always adhered to the manufacturing district will develop advanced manufacturing industry as an important hand of economic growth, excellent structure and quality, and strive to promote the advanced manufacturing industry to run out of "acceleration".

Steady improvement in volume and quality

  In the first half of this year, the total output value of regulated industry increased by 5.6% year-on-year, and the added value of the manufacturing industry climbed to 45% of GDP,Third in the city;51 provincial and municipal major projects completed investment of 9.78 billion yuan, 16 new projects started.1/4 of the city's totalThe

Structural adjustments show results

  The region has gradually formed a new energy automobile, intelligent manufacturing equipment, intelligent home and other advanced manufacturing leading industries, new energy automobile industry as a pillar industry cluster effect is remarkable.

  In 2022, the output value of leading industries in the region will account for 86.5% of large-scale industry; the output value of strategic emerging industries will account for 50.4% of large-scale industry; 100,000 new energy vehicles will be produced, and main business income will be 45 billion yuan.In the first half of this year, 50,000 new energy vehicles have been produced.

Quality companies continue to be nurtured

  The district has 711 industrial enterprises, 12 national small giants, 42 provincial specialties and new small and medium-sized enterprises, 33 unicorns and gazelles, and has created 2 national science and technology business incubators and 3 national torch featured industrial bases.

Promoting "Intelligent Reform and Digital Transformation" with full force

  Implementation of free diagnostic services for 300 enterprises in 2022.Ranked first in the city;In the first half of this year, 167 intelligent transformation and digital transformation projects were implemented, covering 117 enterprises. At present, the region has 16 provincial industrial Internet benchmarking factories and provincial intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories (workshops), 37 enterprises above the provincial pilot of the two-chemical fusion coherence standard, and 87 provincial star-level cloud recognition.

  Next step Lishui will focus on the leading industries to highlight theFour major actions: upgrading the industrial level, cultivating innovation bodies, empowering digital intelligence and upgrading parks.try really hard to build"1+3+1"Advanced manufacturing industry system.

Industrial hierarchy enhancement

  Proposed consolidation of new energy vehicles1 pillar industryThe company is also growing new medicine and life health, intelligent manufacturing equipment, smart home3 Industries with AdvantagesLayout of Energy Storage and Hydrogen Energy1 future industry. Continue to focus on the production of new energy vehicles, and promote the new energy automobile industry to the 100 billion level. Actively seize the opportunity of energy storage and hydrogen energy development, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Hydrogen Energy Branch of the China Association for the Promotion of Industrial Development.

Cultivation of innovative subjects

  Support the development and growth of leading industrial chain enterprises. By 2025, there will be three new enterprises above 5 billion yuan and two above 10 billion yuan. Develop and expand small and medium-sized enterprises. By 2025, there will be more than 150 new industrial enterprises, totaling 850, and 100 "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprises above the provincial level. Strengthen the main body of enterprise technological innovationTheBy 2025, there will be 10 new "three stations and three centers" above the provincial level. More than 500 science and innovation-oriented enterprises will be incubated and nurtured.

Digital Intelligence Enhancement

  Accelerating the development of digital infrastructure.Create more than one industrial Internet platform with certain influence each year. Grasp key industries to provide free diagnosis of digital transformation for enterprises. Provide no less than 100 enterprises with free diagnosis and personalized solutions for digital transformation each year. By 2025, an average of more than 200 enterprises will have implemented "intellectual transformation and digital transformation". Focus on digital manufacturing and big data. By 2025, more than 300 application scenarios will be released, including more than 120 application scenarios in the manufacturing industry.

Park upgrading

  Clearly take the development zone as the main body, seven towns and streets as the support of the spatial layout, each park clear industrial development direction, strengthen the park planning and supporting the construction, park transformation and upgrading and industrial synergistic development, to build an industrial ecosystem.By 2025, the development zone will be built into a 100 billion industrial park, and a number of 10 billion specialty industrial parks will be created.

  By 2025, the total industrial scale of Lishui District will significantly expand the innovation capacity and greatly enhance the quality and efficiency of enterprises to steadily improve the "wisdom, change, count and turn" to comprehensively promote the green development of the district fully manifestedBecome an important advanced manufacturing base in the south of NanjingThe