"Long position" in Nanjing

early spring, third month (idiom); fig. early spring

Spring is in the air everywhere in Nanjing

On the Frontier of Economic Development

Nanjing also has a beautiful spring and spring tide.Nanjing's various boards and parks focus on the center of economic construction and high-quality development of the primary task, go all out to spell the economy, spell the development, everywhere is "chasing the wind to catch up with the moon," the vivid lens.

Taking the "most expensive" piece of land.

Standing on the 15th floor of Building D of Shenglong Huijin Center in Jianye District, the temporary office of Nanjing Hang Seng Technology Development Co., Ltd. overlooking the south-east, the site of Hang Seng Electronics Jiangsu Headquarters Project, a major provincial project in 2024, is in full view. The project held a groundbreaking ceremony in November last year, and is now undergoing intensive pile foundation construction.

From the Hang Seng Electronics decided to build a new headquarters in a different place, Nanjing Hang Seng Technology Development Co., Ltd. deputy general manager and project leader Yao Jianxun began to non-stop travel. "Wuhan, Changsha, Suzhou ......" he reported a string of cities examined in one breath, "turn" around the country for more than a year, the board of directors after careful consideration before finalizing the Nanjing. And in Nanjing "carefully selected" for several months, the enterprise finally took all the land in the most expensive one.

"Although it is the most expensive, it is also a piece of land with the highest degree of industrial matching." The office is directly in front of Jiangdong Middle Road, along which are located many financial institutions such as Bank of Nanjing, Suyin Wealth Management, Nanyin Wealth Management, Huatai Securities, etc., all of which have become the service objects of HSMC.

"Look favorably on Nanjing's development. To invest in Nanjing is to invest in the future of the enterprise." Yao Jianxun confessed thatNanjing is rich in scientific and educational resources and talents.The campus recruitment of Hang Seng has covered Nanjing University, Southeast University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and other local universities. Nanjing is an important center city in the east, and "re-positioning" in Nanjing is a major decision made by the enterprise after comprehensively considering such factors as preserving the value of listed companies' assets, deeply cultivating the regional market in the Yangtze River Delta, and deepening the services among high-capacity city clusters.

More and more companies and projects continue to ramp up in Nanjing

After examining several cities, Jiangsu Saijia Group still locks its eyes on Nanjing and will build a new intelligent production base in Lishui District with a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan;

State-level specialties, specialties and new "small giants" enterprise Jing Sheng equipment is the 13th listed enterprise independently cultivated by Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, has once again taken the land investment;

Meier Technology, Huatian Technology, Exton, etc. are invested in Ningbo for many years of enterprises, this year, are once again a substantial increase in capital and expansion of production.

Business investment is real money market behavior

In the fierce competition in the market

Companies "re-positioning" themselves in a city

It's a great tribute to the city.

Increase capital and expand production to strengthen kinetic energy

Enterprises frequently cast a "vote of confidence", originating from the extreme importance that Nanjing attaches to enterprises and industries. Last year, Nanjing launched a three-year action plan to strengthen the city of industry; this year, "the first meeting of the New Year" will continue to strengthen the city of industry as the "number one project", which clearly conveys the city's unswerving growth of industry, cultivate enterprises in the struggle posture.

At the beginning of the year of the dragon, Pukou District, core love high-end substrate project site came "good news" - a project engineering entity has been completed, part of the production equipment has been installed and debugging and small-scale production.

"Including Core Love, the park has five projects included in the 'provincial key' this year." The relevant person in charge of the Pukou Economic Development Zone introduced that the five provincial major projects are distributed in the upstream and downstream of the integrated circuit industry chain, such as research and development and design, packaging and testing, and scenario applications, around the industrial chain layout of the innovation chain.

Nanjing last year proposed to consolidate the traditional advantages of automobile, electronic information, iron and steel, petrochemical pillar industries and the overall driving force, the four pillar industries after many years back to the government action plan. It is mentioned to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the petrochemical industry, through strengthening the strategic cooperation with leading petrochemical enterprises, to accelerate the landing of major industrial projects and the extension of the industry to the downstream high-end product chain.

In the Jiangbei New District New Materials Science and Technology Industrial Park, with a total investment of 10.3 billion yuan of Yangzi Yangba light hydrocarbon comprehensive utilization and new materials project is at the stage of regulation, once into the national petrochemical industry layout program, approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and approved by the Jiangsu Provincial, will be formally set up the project to start construction. This means that the project put into operation will pull more than 50 billion yuan output value. Public data show that this year, Nanjing has 38 projects included in the province's major projects, with a total planned investment of more than 360 billion yuan, the annual planned investment of more than 36 billion yuan. Among them, 25 are major industrial projects, accounting for the absolute proportion of the total number of projects.

The building is still being built.

In Nanjing, many projects under construction, the production line has been "one step ahead" run up. Leading project carriers have not been put into use on the release of a strong "siphon effect", the ecological chain, the ecosystem of enterprises "draw" over.

Alibaba's Jiangsu headquarters will start construction in 2019, and the R&D building is expected to be completed next year. Since determining to settle in Nanjing, the group's Jiangsu headquarters has been stationed in Building A2 of the New City Science and Technology Park Complex in Jianye District to take the lead in business, and has gathered 27 ecological chain enterprises. Now, Ali's ecological chain of enterprises also fission of their own ecology, last April, for bubble Mart and other consumer-oriented enterprises to do digitalization of Ali tiling sheep landed, the same floor moved into the tiling whale technology, Zhiwei cloud, and other five with the enterprise has a close relationship with the upstream and downstream enterprises.

To a large extent, the regional competition is the competition of the project. In recent years, Nanjing has always taken the project work as the economic high-quality development of the "front page headlines", the key hand, from investment to service guarantee, to promote the major projects to start fast, fast construction, fast production. In the first quarter of this year, Nanjing more than 100 million yuan plans to start 211 projects.

A full-scale scramble is about to usher in a new era of growth. Jianye District has been focusing on the leading industries of the digital economy for many years, and in the area surrounded by Jiangshan Street, Lushan Road, Zhonghe Road and Pingliang Street in the southwestern part of the river, a number of major provincial and municipal projects such as the East China headquarters of Xiaomi Technology, the Jiangsu headquarters of Alibaba, the Jiangsu headquarters of Hang Seng Electronics, and the East China headquarters of the 58 Group have been piled up and clustered together. In April this year, millet science and technology headquarters in east China will soon be officially put into use, Alibaba Jiangsu headquarters will also be delivered in the second half of this year acceptance, Nanjing will be launched to the digital economy highland impact.

In Fangshan, Jiangning, the seventh member store in mainland China and the first flagship store of the whole ecological model of the open market in China, the main structure has been completed, and is expected to be officially opened in the second quarter of this year. Different from the previously opened Shanghai Minhang store and Suzhou store, Nanjing Kai Shi Ke not only includes a membership supermarket, but also a membership gas station, the enterprise's global supply chain will allow Nanjing citizens to realize the doorstep of the "global shopping".

Regional headquarters type project China Electric Construction East China Science and Technology Innovation Center is expected to be in December this year, the main structure of the roof, located in the Lishui Development Zone, Nanjing Koya equipment R & D and manufacturing base is expected to be completed and put into use in June this year, the Jiangbei New Financial Center Phase I (a section) is expected to be completed in July this year, the steel framework of the roofing of the ...... to support the development of the stability of the project into. Nanjing many plates came "spring news".

Tomorrow is the day of hibernation. The warm wind will soften the grass and trees.

Nanjing's economic development is also "heating up".