Key Projects and Programs, Progress Update!

Spring, to the new

Nanjing Partial Construction Project

Constantly refreshing progress

Nanjing Metro Line 11 Phase I

Pukou Wanhui City Station - Linchu Road Station interval left line shield tunnel has been through, the right line shield is currently in full swing, theThe penetration is scheduled to be completed in the second quarter of this yearThe

Liuzhou East Road station is located at the intersection of Jiangshan Road and Liuzhou East Road, along the Jiangshan Road north-south laying, for the underground four-story island station, the station was completed on January 20, the main structure of the bottom of the work, the next will be transferred to cover the excavation of the side wall and the upper part of the excavation structure construction stage, the station is located at the intersection of Jiangshan Road and Liuzhou East Road.Plans to complete the topping out of the main structure this yearThe

Yanziji New Town Sports Park

Actual view of Yankee Sports Park, taken on 2024.1.17.

Yanziji New City Sports Park is located in the southwest corner of the intersection of Jingwu Road and Yanheng Road in Yanziji New City, which is in the core area of the new city. The project covers an area of about 45 acres, with a total construction area of 110,000 square meters, which not only contains sports complexes, swimming pools and other sports-related supporting venues, but also combines the outdoor running track, various types of activities to create outdoor running track, 100 miles of scenery, and other related sports and fitness facilities.

At the same time, the project is also unique in that it will build a new dry snow slide, which is sought after by many young groups, to simulate an outdoor ski training ground. The total length of the dry snow slide is about 100 meters, the width is about 14 meters, after the completion of the future construction.Citizens can experience skiing from rooftop to ground levelThe

Huimin Avenue Comprehensive Improvement Project

The construction personnel of China Railway Bureau No. 4 carried out ground-connected wall reinforcement cage welding operations at the site of Huimin Avenue Comprehensive Renovation Project to accelerate the construction of the project. 

Huimin Avenue Comprehensive Reconstruction Project is an important part of the Jiangnan Connector of Jianning West Road Crossing, which bears the important function of easing the traffic flow across the river to the Jiangnan road network.Huimin Avenue comprehensive renovation project will realize the river crossing vehicles into the south of the river after the "fast to fast"In addition, it connects the inner ring of Nanjing's well, the fast outer ring and the expressway network of Jiangbei, further easing the problem of crossing the river.

North Extension of Tung Ki Road

Outside Exit 1 of Huitong Road Station on Xianlin Metro Line 4, the break in the south extension of Huitong Road has been completed with northbound Dongqi RoadThe

Dongqi Road North Extension Project is an important channel connecting Qixia and Jiangning. The project starts from the intersection of S122 and Kaicheng Road, crosses Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway along the old Dongqi Road to the north, and ends at the south extension of Huitong Road in Xianlin University Town, with a total length of about 2.5 kilometers. After completion, it will become one of the fastest roads from Qilin to Xianlin, effectively improving the traveling conditions of residents along the route.

 Shanghai-Yuzhong-Huzhou-Nanjing section of the Shanghai-Yuzhong Express Railway

Construction personnel of China Railway 19th Bureau carry out prefabricated box girder construction in the girder making factory of the project department of the pre-station 13 bid of Shanghai-Nanjing section of the Shanghai-Chongqing-Rongshan high-speed railway.

The Shanghai-Nanjing section of the Shanghai-Yuyurong high-speed railroad starts from the newly built Baoshan Station in Shanghai, and passes through Suzhou City, Nantong City and Yangzhou City in Jiangsu Province to the west,capital of China at different historical periodsIt will end at the border of Jiangsu and Anhui provinces. Project length of the new line 416 kilometers, the design speed of 350 kilometers per hour, is the national medium- and long-term railroad network planning "eight vertical and eight horizontal" of the important part of the river corridor, will be completed in the Shanghai metropolitan area,Nanjing metropolitan area, capital of Chinaand Hefei metropolitan area to build a new high-standard and large-capacity corridor, effectively make up for the lack of high-speed rail in the region north of the Yangtze River, accelerate the integration of the cities along the route with the core region of the Yangtze River Delta, and optimize the spatial pattern of the Yangtze River Delta.

Jianye Low Carbon Eco-Industrial Park

The Jianye Low-Carbon Eco-Industrial Park project is located on the Sino-Singapore Nanjing Eco-Technology Island, with the East Ring Road to the east, the Xingzhou Road to the south, the Science and Technology Road to the west, and the Green Water Street to the north. The total construction area is about 93,000 square meters, with an above-ground construction area of about 58,500 square meters and an underground construction area of about 34,500 square meters. The project has a total of 7 single buildings, covering a variety of functions such as hotels, commerce and offices.

As of the Spring Festival of 2024, all the main structures of the monolithic Jianye Low-Carbon Eco-Industrial Park project had been topped out, and the curtain wall construction of Buildings 3-7 in the multi-story area had been completed, and the construction of the outdoor landscape project and the curtain wall construction of Buildings 1 and 2 are being pushed forward.Upon completion, the project will provide an important industrial carrier, gather low-carbon and environmental protection industrial projects, create a low-carbon and environmental protection industrial park with special characteristics, and help regional economic development.The

Hongshan New Town Industrial Park Project

The Hongshan New City Law Industrial Park project has resumed work in full swing. The project is China's first comprehensive legal industrial park, which was fully topped out in August last year and is now entering the stage of public area decoration and equipment installation.

The industrial park is expected to open in the second quarter of this yearAfter the completion of this area will become the gathering area of Nanjing's legal service innovation industry, gathering lawyers, notaries, accountants, auditors, bankruptcy and reorganization and other types of legal service institutions, to provide enterprises with a whole chain, one-stop, information-based legal service center, and provide the community with a new way of service in the legal industry.