CNS: Come to Nanjing for Chinese New Year, this guide is enough!

at the present

The annual Spring Festival has officially begun.

Where to go for New Year's Eve?

"There's always a trip to Nanking."

  • The 16th day of the first month of the lunar calendar, when you climb the city's head to "step on the peace" and "walk away from all diseases".
  • Make a wish for the gold medal at the Jiangnan Tribute Academy, the "Scholar's Palace".
  • Stroll around the old Nanjing people favored Sanqi8 Lane food market, taste the New Year on the tip of the tongue ......

When Ancient Jinling Meets New Nanjing

This Year of the A-Chinese Dragon

I'm sure you'll savor it.

In Nanjing, there is "the first eight on the lamp, thirteen test lamp, fifteen positive lamp, eighteen down lamp".

From the "world's first wall" golden dragon, the city wall domineering dragon, to the cute "Hakimi" dragon, from the two dragons play the pearl, carp leaps over the Dragon Gate, to the dragon and phoenix to present auspicious ...... New Year of the Dragon, Fuzhimiao and the old Mendong Colorful and different shapes of dragon lanterns are waiting for you!

"Qinhuai Lanterns are the best in the world", Nanjing Lanterns can be traced back to the Three Kingdoms period. In the Southern Dynasty, the traditional Lantern Festival came to the people, "lights all over the city" for a moment. After Zhu Yuanzhang set up his capital in Nanjing, he advocated the Lantern Festival.

On the banks of the Qinhuai River, lanterns are decorated and songs are sung. Every family walks on the bridge and everyone watches the lanterns. The custom of the lantern festival continues to this day and has become one of the first national intangible cultural heritages in China.

After watching the lantern festival, you have to climb the centuries-old Ming City Wall. As the saying goes, "On the sixteenth day of the first month, climb the wall." On this day, Nanjing people will climb the city with friends and family to see the victory, folk called "walk a hundred diseases" "step on the peace".

"The city gate is 36 feet high." The Ming City Wall in Nanjing's nursery rhyme has traveled for more than 600 years, and is currently the longest, largest and best-preserved ancient city wall in the world.

Zhonghua Gate, beside the city gate, under the root of the city wall, Nanjing City Wall Museum shows some bricks in the text of the ancient city bricks have "blessed East China Sea", "Shou Nanshan Mountain", "Wan Wan Nian" and other auspicious phrases.

"After climbing the city wall, go to Nanjing City Wall Museum to "dip into the joy" and open the new year's good luck.

The Nanjing Chinese Imperial Examination Museum (Jiangnan Gongyuan) on the banks of the Qinhuai River focuses on the spectacle of China's Ming and Qing imperial examination centers.

The Chinese Imperial Examination Museum is expanded on the site of the former Jiangnan Tribute Academy. Jiangnan Tribute Academy was first built in the Southern Song Dynasty in the fourth year of Emperor Qian Dao, to the Qing Dynasty Tongzhi years, has been built for the examination of more than 20,000 houses.

During the Spring Festival, bring your children to experience the fun of taking the exams in an immersive way, watch the story of the Scholar and the First Scholar, and make a wish for the New Year to be successful in the examination, so that you can have good luck in the new year.

Finding the hidden "Dragon Element" in Nanjing is the only lucky "egg" for the Chinese New Year of the Dragon.

As one of the major exhibitions of the Nanjing Museum's 90th anniversary series, "Jade Runs Through China - Chinese Jade's Epic Scroll of Ten Thousand Years" includes a number of artifacts related to "dragons".

The "National Treasures Group" is a group of jade containers from the Eastern Han Dynasty, including the Jade Bottle with Divine Beasts Pattern. The jade bottle is carved with chi dragons, tigers, dragons, immortals riding on clouds and other decorations in relief, and the bottom of the bottle is supported by three bear feet, which is a representative work of jade carving craftsmanship in the Eastern Han Dynasty, and is known as the "King of Jade Bottles".

If you want to know where the most "dragons" are in Nanjing, the Nanjing Museum of Paleontology says second, and no one dares to say first. Hechuan Mamenxiosaurus, General Temple Monoceratops, Tuojiangosaurus, Liaoningosaurus ......

There are also the treasure of the town hall of the Chinese dragon bird and Yima ginkgo, Liaoning ancient fruit, etc., to take you all the way through the prehistory, feel the magic of life!

The most famous "dragon" in Nanjing is the "Double Dragons Playing with Pearls" on the big wall of Fuzhi Temple in Nanjing.

During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, Fuzimiao Lantern Festival is full of "dragon" elements. Fuzimiao scenic area in the Hall of Dacheng, Nanjing, China Museum of Science and Technology, dragon lanterns can be seen everywhere, colorful lighting Jiangnan ancient architecture.

Carrying the "Dragon Element" lanterns, riding the Qinhuai boat, enjoying the night color of Jinling, and making a New Year's wish silently in your heart. In the new year, you will get what you wish for.

In the old Nanjing people's favorite food market, your tongue can find the "New Year's ritual".

Eat and stroll at the same time. Strolling through the streets of Nanjing, the blend of ancient and modern is vividly reflected here. The city of Nanjing, known as the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, is bursting with modern vitality everywhere. The traditional cultural heritage and the prosperity of the city are perfectly blended here.

Chinese New Year meets Nanjing in Literary Style

Green bricks, yellow walls, historical buildings "repair old as old", along the streets of the coffee shop, bookstore people come and go ...... Nanjing Summer Palace Road is like the intersection of time, the years in the alternating flow here.

In Nanjing during the Spring Festival, take a walk along the Summer Palace Road, where light and shadows play under the sycamore trees on both sides of the road, look up at the Purple Peak Mansion, and use your camera to freeze the moment when the ancient and modern worlds mingle.

Retaining the "fireworks" and "slow time", Xiaoxihu is one of the few existing historical and cultural neighborhoods in Nanjing that retains traditional forms and social structures, and the ancient buildings in the area date back to the late Qing Dynasty and early Civil War.

Here, Nanjing explores the realization of the organic combination of old city protection and urban renewal: the old Jinling and the new Nanjing mingle here, and the old residents and the new generation meet here.

After strolling around the Little West Lake, you can then walk to Lao Men Xi and stroll through the old streets, stopping along the way.

Spring Festival meets Nanjing, full of trends

This side of the "China's first business district" - Xinjiekou is sitting on four sales of more than 4 billion yuan of department stores shopping centers, over there Vientiane, IFC and other "heavyweight" malls all the way to the "on the new" to drive consumption "fire out of the circle". "New", driving consumption "fire out of the circle".

"I love Nanjing" "I wish you all a happy new year and a dragon future" ...... In Nanjing Xinjiekou, 2024 New Year's Eve sense of ceremony and atmosphere " Pull full". Outdoor screens in major shopping malls and staircases rolled out New Year's wishes, and people were in the midst of it all, taking photos and welcoming the New Year.