Central Green Vein Park +1

Eco Valley, City Living Room, Hills Paradise


Eastern Nanjing

A new park is about to be created


rendering (visual representation of how things will turn out)

Recently, Nanjing Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau of Qinglong Area Central Green Vein Park (Qixia) planning and design program for pre-approval public notice. It is reported that the park will aim to build a representative of "landscape, city and forest" to create a unique wetland park and urban green lung in the eastern part of Nanjing.

Qinglong Area is planned by Nanjing

Xianlin Subcenter, one of the six municipal subcenters

The central green vein involves Qixia and Jiangning districts

Mengbei and Dongliu service centers are located on both sides of the building.

Forming an urban ecological green axis

It's also the area where Metro Town is being built

The public park is located in Qixia District, covering an area of 127 hectares, including six plots from northeast to southwest, including Dahu Park, Xishan Mountain, the east side of Xishan Mountain, Chenshan Mountain, Miaoshan Lake and Tea Factory, with a total land area of 127.4 hectares. Among them, Dahu Park covers about 18.22 hectares, Miaoshan Lake about 33.2 hectares and Tea Factory about 14.08 hectares. The project mainly constructs garden roads, landscape platforms, water features, supporting service facilities, landscape vignettes and other service facilities.

site plan


according to plan

Green Dragon area will be spun off by a central green vein

Utilizing the sponge city concept, organically implanted

Circular greenway, sports courts

Waterfront space, camping open space

Creating an ecological valley area and an urban living room area

Hillside Paradise Area and Quality Waterfront Area

From the park master plan

Central Green Vein Park will create several

Lawns, cedar wooded wetlands, balsam fir woodlands, natural wetlands, etc.

Also equipped with the West Mountain Viewing Tower, hiking trails

Water-friendly platform, water trestle, Myoko campground, etc.

In November last year, Xianlin Development and Investment Group Co., Ltd. on the Nanjing Qinglong Area Central Green Vein Park Project East Gateway Project Dahu Park section of the construction qualification for pre-qualification announcements, the project for the Dahu Park section, the project includes the park's overall landscaping and ancillary facilities, buildings, pipelines, municipal facilities, and related ancillary facilities, etc., the landscaped area of more than 180,000 square meters at a cost of 55 million yuan.

Currently, the transportation road network is being improved within the area, such as Mengbei Road, Jieyun Avenue, Linguang Avenue, Dahu Road and Simiao Road. The northeastern entrance to the start of the Green Vein is Dahu Park, while the southwestern entrance has Miaoshan Lake Park and Tea Factory Park.

Let's look forward to it together.