Fraunhofer Research Austria GmbH

Fraunhofer Research Austria GmbH is a research institute providing applied research and technology transfer services for industry and commerce. The institute is part of the Fraunhofer Society, a German research organization with more than 70 institutes worldwide. Fraunhofer Research Austria GmbH has two centers: the Center for Sustainable Production and Logistics and the Center for Data-Driven Design.


  • Applied research and technology transfer
  • Counseling and training
  • Testing and Certification
  • Pilot projects and prototypes
  • Innovative management


  • service industry
  • motor vehicles
  • electronic product
  • renewable energy
  • health care
  • Awards and Recognition.

Fraunhofer Research Austria GmbH has been recognized for innovation and excellence by several organizations, including the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and the European Commission.

Future plans.

Fraunhofer Research Austria GmbH plans to continue to focus on its core competencies in applied research and technology transfer. The Institute also plans to expand its international activities and cooperate with partners worldwide.

Overall, Fraunhofer Research Austria GmbH is a leading research institute that makes a significant contribution to the Austrian economy. The institute is well positioned for continued growth and success in the coming years.