Nanjing Chuanshi Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co.

Nanjing ChuanShi Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, ChuanShi is a set of technology research and development, production, sales, service as one of the integrated enterprise. 1982 set up Taiwan Tainan factory, 2000 established Suzhou factory, 2016 set up Taiwan Nanko factory, now the Nanjing factory has a business office and production base, the total area has reached 28,400 square meters, Nanjing factory since its establishment has been awarded the "Excellent Internship Base", "Jiangsu Province Quality Credit AAA Grade Enterprise", "Jiangsu Province Quality Management Excellent Enterprise". The company has always been adhering to independent innovation, and in 2019 declared "National High-tech Enterprise". With an annual output of 60,000 sets of high-precision gearboxes, the company's output and various economic indicators occupy a certain position, especially energy-efficient products, including all-electric injection molding machine gearboxes with a market share of 99%. industrial robot gearboxes are also well recognized by customers, and the performance is on the rise. ChuanShi independent research and development in 2018 since the invention patent, utility model patents more than 30 pieces, and invention patents and utility model patents are still in the process of acceptance. At the same time, our company also cooperate with domestic famous enterprises (Zhenhua Port Machinery, Baosteel Group, Xi'an Aerospace and so on) to enhance the competitiveness of supporting products, in order to promote industrial automation products, play a certain role.

The company utilizes the original cycloid structure combined with the planetary structure, independent research and development of robot joint reducer, precision can reach within 1 arc minute, the structure of the compact, enhance the utilization of installation space; precision of the perfect, improve the energy efficiency of the reducer, so that the transfer efficiency to reach the highest, reduce losses; the perfect structure of the combination of the product has a stronger resistance to charging impulse, friction, high efficiency, suitable for positive reversal, low backlash, excellent reliability, is now more widely used in the robot industry and industrial automation field. The perfect structure combination makes this product has stronger resistance to charging, anti-friction, high efficiency, suitable for positive reversal, low backlash, excellent reliability, which is respected by many enterprises, and now it is more widely used in robotics and industrial automation fields.

The company has a complete management and R&D team, with 80 employees, including 29 people above college level. The management structure of the company is clear, under the general affairs section, R & D section, quality control section, business section, etc., each department has a clear division of labor. Managers have a solid theoretical foundation, rich management experience in operation, production, marketing, finance, administration, etc. At present, the products produced by the company account for a large proportion of the domestic and international markets, at the same time, Nanjing ChuanShi and Taiwan ChuanShi to establish a good personnel training mechanism, our company will regularly organize staff to go to Taiwan to exchange and study, to discuss the research together, and with the University of Science and Technology of Taiwan cooperation in the University of Science and Technology, and constantly improve the professional knowledge and R & D capabilities of the enterprise staff. Enhance the professional knowledge and R&D capability of our staff.