Nanjing Lihang Bionic Industry Research Institute

Nanjing Lihang Bionic Industry Research Institute, founded in December 2017, was established by the talent team of Professor Dai Zhendong from the Institute of Bionics of SAC in cooperation with the Lishui District Government, dedicated to promoting bionic technology innovation and industrialization, incubating and introducing innovative enterprises. The construction plan is to invest 50 million yuan in operating funds for six years and provide 5,000 square meters of office space.

With bionic industry as the core technology, relying on the University of Southern Denmark, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Jiangsu Province, Key Laboratory of Bionic Functional Materials, the Institute has two national "Young Thousand", doctoral, master's degree and other high-level R & D personnel more than 30 people, around the direction of the bionic intelligent sensing, bionic materials, bionic robots, etc., to gather industrial demand. The company will focus on the direction of bionic intelligent sensing, bionic new materials, bionic robot, etc., and gather industrial demands to carry out product development, technological research, achievement transformation, platform construction, talent convergence and international technical exchanges. Construct laboratories of sensing technology, detection, tribology and bionic innovation design, and promote the combination of learning-research-industry-use. Carry out technical research and industrialization of innovation results around multi-dimensional force sensors, scientific experimental instruments, robot human-controlled sanding systems, glass curtain wall cleaning robots, imitation gecko robots, narrow space inspection robots, bionic adhesion materials and applications, bionic heat dissipation materials and devices, lightweight structural materials and bionic technology training.

The Institute has applied for 16 PCT, 8 international patents, 79 invention patents, 39 utility models, 1 appearance patent, 2 software copyrights, and the total number of patents has reached 145, of which 7 invention patents have been authorized, 4 international patents have been authorized, 1 appearance patent has been authorized, 27 utility models have been authorized, and 2 software copyrights have been granted; the total number of projects and products under development and implementation is 7 Total number of projects and products under R&D and implementation is 7.

The institute is one of the first batch of new research and development organizations certified by Nanjing City in the year of 2019 under the "Two Landings and One Integration". The operating company is Nanjing Lihang Bionic Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd, which is located in Yunhai Building of Lishui Industrial New City, Lishui District, Nanjing, 15 minutes' drive from Nanjing Lukou Airport and 30 minutes' drive from Nanjing South Railway Station, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment.