Nanjing Shengjie Motor Manufacturing Co.

Nanjing Shengjie Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Nanjing Shengjie Motor for short) is engaged in research and development, production and sales of automotive motor specialized enterprises, in the field of automotive and new energy air conditioning motors and cooling motors, in the domestic market share of more than 22%, the production ranked second, the company's existing Chongqing, Liuzhou, Indonesia, three branches.

Nanjing Shengjie motor existing staff of more than 400 employees, including 57 technical developers, undergraduate and above accounted for 65%, including the industry's top technical experts, the company currently has 50 patented inventions.

Nanjing Shengjie Motor has realized sales of motors and assembly products totaling more than 5 million sets in 2017, with an output value of about 600 million yuan, providing high-value products and services for the majority of customers, as well as providing more than 400 jobs for the local community, contributing to the development of local economic prosperity.

Shengjie Electric's main products include automotive motors, cooling fans, blowers, water pumps, and heat exchangers.