From "Pearl River Road" to "Purple Mountain".

From "Pearl River Road" to "Purple Mountain".

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  In 2024, Nanjing's "first meeting of the new year" focused on the high-quality development of the private economy.

  Nanjing's private economy, in the "Oriental wind full of spring" story of breeding and growth, in the 1990s emerged a number of nationally renowned enterprises, "north of Zhongguancun, south of the Pearl River Road", once famous for a while.

  More than 30 years have passed, the city's gene of innovation and entrepreneurship has not changed. The second decade of the new century, Nanjing, a number of science and innovation-oriented private enterprises quietly rising, rapid development of high-tech enterprises, more and more become the "force" of innovation. However, it is undeniable that, due to the special industrial structure and resource endowment, Nanjing's private economy accounted for a high enough proportion of GDP, the head of the enterprise is not enough, the next step in the development of the road to go, "force" to where to make, need to take stock of the situation and make a scientific research and judgment.

  This meeting clearly put forward, to grow innovative private economy, create high-quality development advantages. Nanjing is building the main bearing area of the industrial science and technology innovation center with global influence, vigorously develop strategic emerging industries and future industries, the private economy as the most dynamic form of economy, can be fully in this breakthrough, comprehensive enhancement. The combination of the two into one, will certainly revitalize the high-quality development of Nanjing's large chessboard.

  It has been said that Nanjing has three "Purple San Francisco", namely: the Purple Mountain of natural ecology, the Purple Mountain of history and culture, and the Purple Mountain of science and technology innovation, and the Purple Mountain Science and Technology Innovation Belt is surrounded by more than 30 colleges and universities, nearly 20 scientific research institutes, and a large number of state key laboratories. In July last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Zijinshan Laboratory and earnestly hoped that we would "make contributions to the realization of high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and self-reliance". From "Pearl River Road" to "Purple Mountain" should become the consensus and action for the high-quality development of Nanjing's private economy.

  "Zhongshan is like a dragon going up to the west alone, wanting to break the huge waves and ride the long wind". In the new round of global competition in science and technology and industry, the road of innovation will not be smooth, and to climb to the top, we must "recognize the road, make a good companion, riveting energy".

  Recognize the road, is to unswervingly develop innovative private economy.Take the old road, to a new place, Nanjing private economy to walk in the forefront, we must take a realistic and solid innovation. Previously, innovation is to live better, now, innovation is to live the fundamental, must adhere to the innovation-driven, connotative growth, and comprehensively enhance the innovation content of the private economy of Nanjing and the quality of development.

  To make a good companion means to actively integrate into the innovation chain for common development.In Nanjing, private enterprises and state-owned enterprises to be accompanied by co-prosperity, synergistically promote the transformation and upgrading of advantageous industries; private enterprises and universities and institutes to join forces, collaborative realization of the emergence of new quality productivity and transformation; private enterprises should be integrated innovation, join hands to seize the new field of the new track. These elements of development must break through the simple physical superposition, to a roaring chemical reaction, and good development ecology, development environment, is the most efficient catalyst. Joint efforts to build an innovation ecosystem, not only to the head of the enterprise "top", but also small and medium-sized enterprises "covered", efficient allocation and concentration of talent, capital, technology, information and other innovation factors, high-quality synergies to promote high-quality development.

  Riveting is to fully stimulate the innovative momentum of private enterprises.Strengthening the status of enterprises as the main body of scientific and technological innovation, supporting private enterprises to be the "problem-solver" of technological innovation, the "vanguard" of industrial innovation, the "leader" of model innovation and the "forerunner" of open innovation. Supporting private enterprises to become "problem-solvers" in technological innovation, "front-runners" in industrial innovation, "leaders" in model innovation and "forerunners" in open innovation, so that "chain master" enterprises, "small giants" enterprises with specialties and specialties and new enterprises, unicorns and gazelles, as well as publicly listed enterprises will continue to emerge, and thus the foundation for the development of innovative private economy will be thickly planted. The development of an innovative private economy will be rooted in a strong foundation.

  The high-quality development of the private economy is not just about how much GDP growth is driven, how many jobs are solved and how much tax revenue is increased for Nanjing. These figures are of course very important, but in the convergence of scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation, digital technology and the real economy today, we hope that Nanjing's private enterprises, in science and technology, self-reliance, industry, the strong chain of complementary chain to extend the chain, to achieve a higher level of development - by that time, the above figures are a water to the "Fruit".

  "Private enterprises and private entrepreneurs are our own people", Nanjing has been released for five consecutive years to optimize the business environment policy initiatives. Recently, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce released 2023 annual 10,000 private enterprises to assess the business environment, the main findings of the Nanjing "business environment" and "the best reputation" two evaluations are ranked in the provincial capitals and sub-provincial cities in the forefront. The party committee and government are going all out to service as the core, play a good policy "combination punch", the real moves into the real feelings of enterprises, for the development of innovative private economy thick planting soil, cracking the problem, enhance kinetic energy, optimize the environment.

  A conference, to not give all the answers, but can be in the key node of Nanjing's private economic development, to give entrepreneurs enough confidence and backbone, and to the "Purple Mountain" to climb the peak of the goal and courage.