Low-altitude economy, how to fly high?

Hundred acres of orchards, agricultural drones "walking" in the air, autonomous planning route precision spraying pesticides;

Within the Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area, logistics drones are loaded with material supplies and transported from the foot of the mountain to the hotel on the mountain, a trip that takes only 20 minutes;


A new application scenario makes people imagine the future of the air.

With the popularization of drones in all walks of life, low altitude economy as a strategic emerging industry is coming into the public's view.

This year's municipal government work report proposed to "seize the commercial space, low-altitude economy, satellite Internet and other areas of development opportunities". Competition "new track", Nanjing low altitude economy how to accelerate takeoff? Let's take a look at what the relevant enterprises, departments and experts say.

Fly up!

Competing on "new tracks"

Accelerating the Race for the "City of Low Altitude"

In December last year, the Central Economic Work Conference proposed to "create a number of strategic emerging industries such as bio-manufacturing, commercial spaceflight and low-altitude economy". On January 1 this year, the Interim Regulations on the Administration of Unmanned Aircraft Flights promulgated by the State Council and the Central Military Commission came into force; on the same day, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications formally issued the Rules for the Safe Management of Civilian Unmanned Aircraft Operations.

Riding on the central policy wind, around to speed up the layout of the low-altitude economy policy has also been introduced, to seize this emerging industry "wind", competing for "low-altitude city". Industry insiders said that in the relevant policies to support the drive, low-altitude economy industry is expected to continue to grow rapidly.

Forward-looking layout, seize the "new track" of low-altitude economy. Nanjing civil unmanned aerial test area construction to Pukou District as the core area, in 2020 was evaluated as the first batch of national, the province's only civil unmanned aerial test area.

On September 25, 2023, the first drone industry development program in Jiangsu Province - "Implementation Program for High Quality Development of Drone Industry in the Core Area of Nanjing Civil Unmanned Aviation Pilot Zone (2023-2025)" was officially released in Pukou Hi-Tech Zone, and 7 drone industry projects and 3 application scenarios, with a total investment of over 2 billion yuan.

According to the implementation plan, the pilot zone will strive to build a leading comprehensive UAV equipment industry cooperation and development base in the Asia-Pacific region, and strive to achieve a relevant industry output scale of more than 1.5 billion yuan by 2025, develop 50 innovative scenarios and 50 intra-city UAV routes, and carry out commercialized trial runs.

Pukou high-tech zone. Image source: Pukou Publishing

Seize the development opportunity and stimulate new kinetic energy. At present, in addition to Pukou Hi-Tech Zone, Nanjing City, relying on the construction of drone bases and flight service centers, focusing on the development of the drone industry, Baixia Hi-Tech Zone, Kirin Science and Innovation Park and other regional boards have been laying out the drone industry.

Heat it up!

extend the industrial chain

Building a "Low Altitude + Services" Growth Picture

At the beginning of the new year, Top Attack (Nanjing) Robotics Co., Ltd. welcomed the "open door", took an order from Brazil, the customer ordered more than 200 sets of Fengpeng series of agricultural drones to serve the local agricultural development.

Orders are constantly busy on the production line. Into the production workshop of the top attack robot, a drone in line "walk" on the production line track, the staff is a part of the assembly. "Production line production plan has been scheduled for April." Staff introduction.

Staff of Lihe District Jun Sheng Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. operate agricultural drones to carry out fertilizer application work. Nanjing Daily / Zijinshan News reporter Dong Jiaxun photo

Pukou District is the "main battlefield" of industrial development. In recent years, Pukou District has been actively exploring in the field of drone industry, gathering about 30 enterprises in the fields of industrial-grade drones, agricultural plant protection planes, and R&D of 5G information modules for drones, covering R&D and design, operation services, industry applications, etc., and gradually forming an ecosystem of upstream and downstream tightly integrated into the chain. 2023, the low-altitude economy in Pukou District will realize an industrial scale of nearly 500 million yuan, and has now been accepted by the National Civil Aviation Administration (CAA). Now, it has been accepted by the National Civil Aviation Administration, and has the conditions and foundation for declaring a national demonstration zone.

One end of the low-altitude economy is linked to advanced manufacturing, and the other end is linked to the digital economy and new consumption patterns.

The Top Attack robot production line is in full production, and workers are assembling drones. Nanjing Daily/Zijinshan News reporter Xu Ning photo

At the end of last year, Top Attack Robotics launched a logistics scenario quadcopter drone, to solve the "last kilometer" short-distance transportation, and is currently building a new scenario for the application of logistics drones in the scenic area of Huangshan Mountain.

Enterprises continue to make efforts and government departments accelerate the layout. Pukou Hi-Tech Zone has built three sets of automatic airfields as well as several take-off and landing sites to serve the Yangtze River scenario and the smart park scenario through over-the-horizon high-definition video return, image recognition, automatic shouting, item throwing and other drone operations.

All-weather monitoring of ship traffic, dead-end restoration of the full picture of shoreline management;

Real-time return of on-site fire images to grasp the fire situation;

Through daily inspections, complete the smart park safety and production warning, unauthorized building monitoring and other work ......

Nowadays, innovative application scenarios of drones serving various industries can be seen everywhere in Nanjing, building a new growth picture of the industry chain of "low altitude + service".

Inspection drones lifted off from the fixed nest to carry out joint channel inspection of 220kV Longxi Line and 10kV Longjie Line. State Grid Nanjing Power Supply Company

Market demand, government departments, industry enterprises, the solution to the problem. From agricultural plant protection to electric power inspection, from logistics and distribution to tourism, from environmental monitoring to emergency rescue ...... In recent years, Nanjing has continued to promote the demonstration application and iterative upgrading of new technologies and products, cultivate new growth poles of the digital economy, and promote the high-quality development of industry.

The future industry determines the future of the industry, and the low-altitude economy contains unlimited possibilities.

On January 23, Nanjing established the Low Altitude Economy Innovation and Development Alliance to establish a cross-industry, cross-field, cross-regional cooperation ecology for the upstream and downstream of the low-altitude economy industry chain. The alliance will promote unmanned system industry clusters and ecosystems through multi-level and multi-channel communication and cooperation, such as policy consultation, resource sharing, information sharing, and talent sharing, and comprehensively promote the application of unmanned helicopter system industry to develop in depth.


Cultivating an innovation ecosystem

Aiming for "Trillions" from the "New" Start

Flying up and warming up, Nanjing's low-altitude economy is getting stronger.

"Nanjing, as the only megacity in the first batch of civil unmanned aerial test bases (test areas) in China, has a good ecology and a complete industrial chain required for the construction of low altitude intelligent networking and the development of new low altitude economy, not only has abundant low altitude resources, but also has a strong research foundation in the field of civil unmanned aerial." Zhang Yu, general manager of Top Attack Robotics, believes.

eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing Vehicle), as an important part of low-altitude economy, has a broad market prospect. Software Valley enterprise YIVET focuses on manned eVTOL R&D and manufacturing, and has completed the design, development and manufacturing of several medium and large-sized UAVs, and has completed the assembly of five-person, four-seat eVTOL prototypes off the production line.

On January 3, CCTV News' "Taking New Steps" featured a live broadcast into the software valley enterprise Yvette. Source: Nanjing Software Valley, China

A "air cab" to work to avoid the morning rush, once the magic scene in science fiction films is gradually into reality. The person in charge of the billion Witte introduced the company's independent research and development of the ET9 five four-seat manned electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft maximum take-off weight of 2.2 tons, the aircraft wingspan of nearly 15 meters, the maximum range of 240 kilometers, the maximum cruising speed of nearly 250 kilometers / hour.

Environmental map of Nanjing 5G-A pass-through sensing pilot area. Enterprises Contribute

China Telecom and Huawei have jointly built an innovative experimental base in Nanjing in the field of 5G-A passive sensing, injecting new kinetic energy into the development of low-altitude economy. Recently, in the Jiangxinzhou area, this innovative experimental base has taken the lead in realizing the verification of low-altitude target detection capability in multi-station scenarios, through which the technology senses the position and dynamics of low-altitude drones in real time, and can realize accurate trajectory tracking, providing a solid foundation for the exploration of low-altitude application scenarios.

UAV is a multidisciplinary cross, technology-intensive high-tech field, representing the top level of national equipment manufacturing industry. Pukou Hi-tech Zone combines the development needs of the drone industry with the advance layout of quantum communications, AI chips, intelligent manufacturing, software and information services track, from talent attraction to the transformation of results, from technology research to international exchanges, to promote the digital economy and the drone industry, "flying wing to wing".

Ramp control automation system of Nanjing Les Information Technology Co. Picture for enterprise

At the beginning of the new year, Nanjing Lace Information Technology Co., Ltd. successfully won the bidding of Anhui Province's new technology fusion application low altitude flight service platform project, and took the "first bid" of the new year's low altitude economy. As a leading localization enterprise of civil aviation air traffic control, Leis Information Technology has been deeply engaged in the business of air traffic service and low altitude flight service informationization in recent years, and has successively undertaken the construction of airports with flight service stations as the core in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, Hefei, Anhui Province and other places.

Low-altitude economy empowers thousands of industries, and constantly generates new business models. Based on making up for the short board, fixing the long board, and innovating the development mode, Nanjing is starting from the "new", fully stimulating the potential, accelerating the realization of low-altitude economy high-quality "take-off", and letting the low-altitude economy fly better and farther.