"Electricity" is in full swing, and "business" opportunities are unlimited!

  • The sound of keyboards in the office of the customer service department is endless, and staff members are constantly responding to consumer questions online;
  • In the live room, the anchor is selling the product ......

Starting off the year with a bang


Major e-commerce groups

A busy pre-holiday scene

The high-quality development of the e-commerce industry has tapped and unleashed strong consumption potential. As the Spring Festival approaches, online consumption is at its peak, and Nanjing is organizing the "2024 National Online Lunar New Year's Cargo Festival" Nanjing event to enrich the supply of Lunar New Year's consumption.

The city's major e-commerce enterprises seize the opportunity

A Handful of New Year's Festivals to Boost Consumption

A handful of innovations in search of new growth

Striving for new breakthroughs in the New Year


respond to demand

From "pre-sale" back to "spot"

  In the office building of Xinghu Group, rows and rows of clothes hang all over several sample rooms, many of which are new products prepared for the New Year's Eve; in the factory, workers are working hard to catch up with the production, to ensure the supply of production capacity in the first half of 2024.

  "The biggest difference between this year and the previous two years is that we have changed the pre-sale method, most of the goods in the online store and the live room are in stock, and the delivery can be arranged after the consumer orders." In recent years, the online purchase of women's clothing pre-sale period generally reached 7-15 days, a long time pre-sale to a certain extent affects the consumer's sense of experience, but also led to the return rate climbed.

  Since last December, the enterprise and the supply chain aspects of the full docking and communication, to ensure that all new products in January this year into the warehouse, in logistics and express delivery companies to improve the logistics time.

Rejuvenation Scene

Moving from "traditional" to "smart"

  Since the beginning of the year 2024, sales have increased by 25% year-on-year! On January 24th, Nanjing Hesman Network Technology Co. Ltd. showed a beautiful report card for the beginning of the year. Heshiman is the exclusive e-commerce business partner of A.O. Smith brand and its ecological products.

To adapt to the consumption habits of young consumers

and the online competitive environment

Enterprises launched a new sub-brand "The new sub-brand focuses more on cost-effective, opening up more customer segments, the share of sales in 2023 accounted for about 50%, this year is expected to account for 70%, is a new breakthrough and growth point." The person in charge of the enterprise introduced that the enterprise has just joined hands with Jingdong to debut a new water purifier, shortlisted in the New Year's Eve industry sales TOP3 single product.

New Scene of E-commerce Consumption

Not only in the intelligent upgrade of the product

It is more reflective of the online and offline scenarios of

Digital Upgrade in Progress

Sweep the bar code on the commodity, you can see the inventory of the commodity store; you can order offline offline pickup, you can also buy the store delivery to the home. In the digitized stores of the Children's King Children's Life Center in Jianye District, "new e-commerce" has been integrated into the whole consumer scene.

The person in charge of the store last year on the supply chain, employees, stores experience a comprehensive "digital" transformation and upgrading, after the transformation of the store sales growth of 30%, the company is this way to the national stores to promote.

push for growth

From domestic trade to globalization

  In 2023, the transaction volume of 2.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 26%. This is the development performance of Nanjing Vision Network Technology Co., Ltd. last year, was established 15 years ago, the annual sales from 300,000 yuan to nearly 3 billion yuan, to achieve the "10,000-fold" leap.

"Ten thousandfold" growth

How did it happen?

"At the beginning of our establishment in 2008, we noticed that contact lenses are very popular and the market prospect is very considerable, so the initial intention at that time was to sell contact lenses from China, Taiwan and Japan and South Korea to the mainland through the network." The person in charge of the company introduced, in the five or six years after the establishment of the company, annual sales reached the scale of ten million yuan, and since then continuous and substantial growth, becoming a well-known, industry-leading e-commerce platform enterprises specializing in the sale of eyewear goods, accounting for the national e-commerce e-commerce market share of glasses more than 15%.

As globalization deepens

More and more e-commerce companies take advantage of the "east wind" of cross-border e-commerce.

Setting Sights on Overseas Markets

Internal and external trade "two-legged" walk

"Electricity" is in full swing.

"Business" opportunities are unlimited!