European and:Lishui Enterprise Industry Exchange Conference

  On the morning of November 30, 2023 "Gathering 'Li' peer 'Smart' future" European enterprises Lishui industrial docking meeting was held in Xingzhuang Science and Technology Industrial Park. This docking meeting is a special event of 2023 World Intelligent Manufacturing Congress in Lishui, where 36 enterprises in the region and 22 European enterprises carry out in-depth docking, seek cooperation opportunities and talk about industrial development. European enterprise representatives such as Francesco Guadagno, deputy mayor of Colleferro District, Rome, Italy, and Hans Song, executive president of Messe Stuttgart Asia, Germany, district mayor Miao Xiumei, district leaders Liu Jia and Zhai Xiaoli attended.

  Francesco Guadagno said in his speech that international cooperation is the engine of scientific and technological innovation and classical cultural integration, which is vital to the development of Italy. Focusing on the space sector and supporting local enterprises and universities to spread the culture of openness and innovation, Colleferro District, which will be awarded the title of European Space Capital in 2021, hopes to take this docking meeting as an opportunity to cooperate with Lishui in the economic and cultural fields, and moreover, hopes to promote the success of cooperation by deepening the understanding of each other.

  Liu Jia, standing committee member of the district committee and vice mayor of the district, said in his speech that the door of China's opening is opening wider and wider, the exchanges and interactions are becoming more and more frequent, and there are already a lot of European enterprises that have landed in this piece of land of Lishui, taking root and developing vigorously. We hope that this event will create a platform for openness, communication and cooperation, that overseas enterprises will find opportunities to land and develop in Lishui, and that Lishui enterprises will move to a bigger stage.

  Zhai Xiaoli, vice mayor of Lishui, promoted Lishui from four aspects: location and environment, economy and industry, openness and cooperation, and service and tolerance.

  The 22 European enterprises participating in the conference involve automobiles, batteries, new materials, advanced manufacturing, aerospace and other fields, which are well matched with the four leading industries of Lishui, namely, new energy vehicles, new medicine and life health, intelligent manufacturing equipment and smart home. Among the 36 enterprises in Lishui, there are leading enterprises in the fields of new energy vehicles, intelligent manufacturing and hydrogen energy storage, and more than 20 enterprises plan to expand overseas markets and carry out technical exchange and cooperation. During the event, representatives of Lishui enterprises, such as Kaiwu New Energy Automobile Group, and European enterprises, such as Avio, made speeches to introduce the basic situation of their respective enterprises, product categories and technical advantages, and expressed their good visions of further strengthening communication, deepening cooperation and seeking common development.

  As an important bearing place for Nanjing's industrial development, in recent years, Lishui has become an important source of foreign investment as a result of the increasingly close economic and trade cooperation with Europe, and a number of well-known European enterprises and industrial chain enterprises such as Italy Brembo, Germany Siemens, France Valeo, etc. among nearly 300 foreign-funded enterprises in the whole area, and products of Skyworth, Hengtian, Xipu and other enterprises have been promoted to the European market, and "the circle of friends The "circle of friends" continues to expand, deepen cooperation and expand the field.