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Online Exhibition: The show presents the exhibition space in an online virtual visualization, and provides a personalized and intuitive tour path. Equipped with live meeting rooms, online seminar rooms, online meeting rooms and other workspaces, it provides exhibitors with a communicative and interactive exhibition experience and explores new online interaction modes.

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Exhibitors (27 in total)

Corù Cafè

Koru coffee

Corù Cafè, located in Catanaia, is a company that combines a passion for coffee with decades of experience in the industry. Corù Cafè was founded a few years ago by two friends who, with their respective specialties, were dedicated to providing Italian coffee roasters with high-quality beans.

Products: Espresso blends, single-origin coffees, coffee capsules and capsule coffees


Dauphine Candy Company

Since its founding in 1914, the Dolfin Confectionery Company (Dolfin) has been a model of excellence in the confectionery world, located in the heart of the town of Giarre, Sicily. For more than a century, the Finocchiaro family has poured their passion into creating delicious confections that capture the essence of Sicilian flavor. Dolfin is not only a brand, but also a symbol of Sicilian culture and craftsmanship, representing the highest level of Italian confectionery production.

Products: Fruit flavored fudge, chocolate

OMNIA GROUP - Luscioux

Lucio (name)

Founded in 1992 in Tortorici, in the northeast of Sicilia, Luscioux is at the heart of the artisanal dried fruit craft in Sicily. Driven by the passion and dedication of its founders, Sebastiano Di Paola and Riccardo Bevacqua, the company brings to the world the pure, true and authentic taste of Italy.

Products: Spreadable creams, almond pastries, jams and jellies


café au lait

Zì Caffè, founded in 1929 by Vito Zichittella in Marsala, Sicilia, is a renowned Italian coffee roaster enjoying a long history of over 90 years. Specializing in the production and distribution of high-quality coffee products, both in Italy and globally, Self Coffee is a family-run business that still maintains the passion of its founders in the fourth generation.

Products: Espresso blends, coffee capsules and capsules, ground coffee and coffee beans


Sicilian Grace of the Land

Terre Siciliae (The Grace of the Sicilian Land) was founded in Catania, Sicily (Sicilia) in 2014 with the ambitious goal of showcasing the island's rich agricultural resources. Guided by its love for traditional Sicilian cooking and its goal to show the world the true flavors of the region, the company strives to be a representative of high-quality Sicilian cuisine. Through active participation in the agricultural community, the company carries forward the local food culture and traditions with an innovative and sustainable approach.

Products: Sicilian pickles, gourmet condiments, artisanal foods


Sicilian Premium Produce

Established in 2019, Agrisicilia Siciliana Extraordinaire (Agrisicilia) is located in Belpasso, in the province of Catania, nestled in the foothills of the Etna volcano and surrounded by stunning gardens in the Catania plain. Founded by Salvatore Mammana, the business is one of the premium representatives of Sicilian agricultural production, focusing on the production of specialty fruit foods.

Products: Jams, Jellies, Spreadable Creams


Fields of Gold

Campo d'Oro is situated in sunny Sicily, just 50 kilometers from the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. Here, the forces of nature whisper through the fields, and the olive grove stretches out its branches, quietly guarding the rich treasures of the land. Fields of Gold is a certified organic farm using Sicilian raw materials of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). Respecting the environment and seasonality, all raw materials are processed within 24 hours and a zero-kilometer supply chain is used to reduce CO2 emissions and transportation costs.

Products: Sicilian sauces (pasta sauce, pesto), fruit jams, specialty condiments


Gerlach Olive Oil

Founded in 1925, Olio Geraci is located in Partana, in the Belìce Valley, an area nestled in the hills of Trapani that is ideal for growing Sicilian specialty olive varieties such as Nocellara del Belìce, Biancolilla and Cerasuola. Cerasuola, among others. Geraci Olive Oil is known for its superior product, Olio Geraci. For generations, the Geraci family has been dedicated to olive cultivation and, through their specialized production lines, to the creation of olive oils with a superior taste.

Products: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flavored Olive Oil (Lemon, Garlic, Pepper)


Bronte's Dessert Shop

Bronte Dolci was born in 1997 in Bronte, a small town in the province of Catania. Surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Mount Etna and the Nebrodi Mountains, this area is also known as the "City of Pistachios". Here, the Brontë dessert workshop makes traditional desserts based on the theme of pistachios, establishing a deep cultural connection with the local pistachio growing business.

Products: Pastries and desserts based on pistachios, spreadable creams


Cuatrera oil mill

Frantoi Cutrera was founded in 1906 in Chiaramonte Gulfi, in the province of Ragusa. The company has been a symbol of olive oil excellence for six generations. Located in the heart of the Monti Iblei, it is famous for producing the most famous DOP olive oil in the world. The Cutrera family has skillfully blended tradition and innovation in the field of olive oil production, shaping an admirable historical legacy.

Products: Extra virgin olive oil, flavored olive oil (lemon, pepper, garlic), jams


Antica Sicilia Old Shop

Antica Bottega Siciliana (Antica Bottega Siciliana) is a Sicilian agri-food company with roots in Trapani, located in the charming Sicilian town of Misericordia. Founded by Salvatore Novara, a young entrepreneur from Trapani, Novara has always been committed to developing and growing the family business, as well as to evangelizing and celebrating the Sicilian land, history, and culture through its products and the makers behind them, and introducing the finest Sicilian products to Europe and the world.

Products: honey, local pickles, jams


Sicilian Olive Oil Cooperative

The Sicilian Olive Oil Cooperative (Oleum Sicilia) was founded in 2018 in Catania, Sicilia and has quickly made a name for itself in the olive oil industry in Sicily. As a regional cooperative enterprise, the Sicilian Olive Oil Cooperative works with more than 3,000 individual farms and over 600 affiliated farms dedicated to the cultivation and production of high-quality olive oil. In agreement with the Italian Agricultural Supply Agency (AgEA) and the Regional Government of Sicily, the enterprise produces, selects, bottles and sells Italian extra virgin olive oil, and holds a number of product certificates of honor, including the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP), which supports the high standards of production of Sicilian olive cultivation, and under the leadership of its President, Mario Terrasi, the Cooperative is constantly growing and progressing. Under the leadership of its President, Mario Terrasi, the Sicilian Olive Oil Cooperative is constantly growing and progressing.

Products: Extra virgin olive oil, flavored olive oil, foie gras


Bonneville (name)

Boniviri was founded in July 2020 in the vibrant city of Catania. It is a pioneering company committed to creating value through sustainable agricultural practices. Boniviri's mission is to support local farmers, protect the environment, and promote healthy eating, and it has quickly established itself as a leader in the agri-food sector.

Products: Organic extra virgin olive oil, honey, local jams and jam jellies



Ivgelija White Apricot Lotion

Located in the historic city of Avola, Siracusa, Sicilia, Bianco di Mandorla - I Fugali is an outstanding company specializing in the production of almond drinks. The land is rich and beautiful, with a long history of producing high quality almonds, providing a unique and high quality raw material. By combining traditional techniques with modern technology, I Fugali is committed to bringing consumers the purest Sicilian flavor.

Products: Almond Milk, Almond Paste


Sadita Farms

Tenute Seidita was founded in 1922 in Castelvetrano. The founder, Francesco Seidita, his son Gioacchino, and his family have made the company synonymous with Sicilian tradition and flavor for over a hundred years through their love of the land and their dedication to high quality products. Today, Tenute Seidita is renowned at home and abroad, widely recognized for the high quality and authenticity of the products it produces.

Products: Extra virgin olive oil, flavored olive oil (lemon, garlic, basil)



Andrea's mom's craveable snacks

"Andrea's Mom's Greedy Snacks was founded in 1989 in Palermo, Sicily. The company embodies the essence of Sicilian gastronomic tradition, offering a wide range of traditional delicacies made with love and expertise. Nestled amidst historic streets and vibrant markets, this artisanal business has been described as "the soul of traditional Sicilian cuisine."" Andrea's Mom's Greedy Snacks attracts food lovers with its unique flavors and exquisite craftsmanship. Whether it's a dessert or a savory delicacy, every bite is a reminder of the Sicilian sunshine and sea breeze, as if you were in the middle of that beautiful land.

Products: Honey, Dried Fruits, Jams, Spreadable Cream Flavored Cream Cookies Chocolate


Hybla Foods

Hybla Conserve was founded in 2015 in Vitoria, Sicily. As a family business, Hybla Foods' passion and experience for food preparation has been passed on from generation to generation, combining tradition with innovation, and has been specializing in Sicilian-inspired sauces, canned goods, and sauces for many years. The quality of Habla Foods' products is superior and its production is sustainable. In addition to this, the company is committed to providing consumers with authentic Sicilian flavors and distinctive aromas, so that its products are truly authentic and pure as homemade, nourished by the Sicilian sun and the essence of the land.

Products: Tomato sauce, ready-made sauces, foie gras, pickled vegetables


Dornvito - Italian Excellence

Don Vito - Eccellenze Italiane, founded in 2015 in Mussomeli, Sicilia, is the product of Vito Geraci's entrepreneurial vision. Vito Geraci, a "lifelong devotee" of Sicily and the art of gastronomy.

Products: Creams, jams, olive oils, honey, pickled vegetables


Sweet Sophie's Pistachio Dessert

Sweet Sophie's Pistachio Desserts (Piatacchio SofìI Dolcezze Siciliane) was founded in 2017 in Bronte, Sicily. The island of Bronte is situated in the foothills of the western flank of the Etna volcano, in a beautiful and scenic area. The region has a warm, dry climate and mineral-rich volcanic soil, known for growing flowering plants, creating an ideal environment for cultivating the "green gold" (l'oro verde) - pistachios.

Products: Pistachios, pastries, pistachio creams


Chocolate Chucalua

Founded in 2007 and located in Modica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ciokarrua is an artisanal workshop specializing in the production of chocolate and carob products. The company is known for its unique products and respect for tradition. By combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, Chucarrua Chocolate is committed to bringing consumers the purest Sicilian flavor.

Products: Chocolate, Organic Carob Bars, Spreadable Creams

saalga antichi frantoi

Trinacria Agricultural Company's

Salga Ancient Press

Saalga Antichi Frantoi by Trinacria Agricola was founded in 1895 in the town of Borghetto in the province of Palermo, in the naturally picturesque island of Sicily. Since its foundation, the company has been committed to ecologically sustainable production while respecting tradition and utilizing cutting-edge technologies to protect the environment. The company manages its olive groves with an organic farming system, avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to ensure the natural growth of the olives. It has also introduced a two-stage extraction process without hot water and uses the by-products from the production process for biogas production, making it a model company for the ecologically sustainable production of olive oil.

Products: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Flavored Olive Oil and Pepper Flavored Olive Oil


Villari Group, Italy

Founded in 1970 by Attilio Villar, Gruppo Villari is a company specialized in the cultivation and production of citrus fruits in the town of Roccalumera, Messina, Sicily, Italy. A long history of fifty years has allowed the Italian Villari Group to gradually establish itself as a brand in the production of high-quality citrus fruits - today, the Villari Group is one of the most important companies in the production and distribution of fruit and vegetable products, especially Sicilian citrus.

Products:Jams, preserved fruits, lemon juice


Mr. Sicilian Foods

In the heart of Sicily, in the city of Belpasso in Catania, Mr Sicily Food was born. For many years, the company has been dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of Sicilian delicacies with a passion for Sicilian gastronomy and culture, so that the whole world can taste the unique flavors of Sicilian cuisine.

Products: Sicilian Specialty Pastries, Gourmet Gift Baskets, Spreadable Creams



Marinella Stonero Baroque Gold Inc.

Marinella Stornello - BaroccOro was founded in 2011 in Ragusa, a beautiful and charming town in Sicilia, Italy. The company is renowned for producing handcrafted jewelry that combines Sicilian cultural and artistic heritage with contemporary design.In 2016, Marinella Stornello - Baroccogold's international reach was recognized by the British Museum in London, bringing the global appeal and craftsmanship of its work to the world.

Products: Handmade jewelry, luxury silk scarves, handbags



Eugenio Vazzano's Melilli Design Workshop

Eugenio Vazzano's Melilli Factory - Eugenio Vazzano was founded in 1992 in the small town of Melilli in the province of Siracusa, located in the picturesque island of Sicily. The brand is the embodiment of the design vision of the master designer Eugenio Vazzano, aiming to combine traditional craftsmanship with technological innovation to produce high-quality design products.

Products:Decorative home furnishing items, fashionable bags, haute couture fashion