Gorgeous Transformation! This deserted plot in Lishui→

  Difficulty in parking + Dirty and messy

Dongmen Street community is located in the old city center of Lishui, the community hasAnmin Smart Farmer's Market Majiya Store, Feiyan Cultural NeighborhoodTwo large commercial premises, a variety of commercial forms greatly enriched the life of community residents. Especially for the Zhongshan East Road, Huaiyuan Street, Feiyan cultural neighborhoods, Ma Jiayuan food court around the residents, whether it is to buy groceries or shopping, can be said to be "close to the platform".

However, right in the circle area marked in the picture above, due to the lack of effective use, there have long been uncivilized phenomena such as difficult parking, chaotic parking, and a lot of garbage. In the absence of effective management measures, the community had to fence off the plot with a fence. Many residents living farther away from the horse home to buy groceries or enter the Feiyan cultural neighborhood, can only park on the side of the road, often get a ticket, the community also received a lot of "12345" work orders.

On the one hand, there is the "parking difficulty" that plagues the residents, and on the other hand, there is the "dirty mess" that is difficult to manage. "If we can transform this place into a parking lot, it would be great!" Earlier this year, the community reached a consensus after many discussions:Only by building a parking lot on this site and then "managing it" can we solve both problems at the same time.After reporting this idea to Yongyang Street, the street attached great importance to the street, led by the Street Party Committee, the joint District Transportation Bureau, Urban Construction Group, Industrial Group, Power Supply Company, Telecommunications Company, Dongmen Street Community, theA project attack team was established.

Fund-raising + additional projects

 The key to building a parking lot is to solve the funding problem."After preliminary calculations, the construction of the parking lot needs about 800,000 yuan of funds, after the district transportation bureau supports part of it, there is still a gap of 600,000 yuan." Yin Guangqiao, secretary of the party branch of Dongmen Street Community, introduced that the community then negotiated with the co-construction unit Lishui Telecom, who contributed 600,000 yuan to invest in the construction of the parking lot, and enjoyed a part of the revenue generated in the operation of the parking lot in the future, and the funding problem was finally solved.

"We break down and handle the difficulties that emerged during the construction of the smart parking lot and Ning Xiaobee Post project, one by one, and through the'Towns blowing whistles, departments reporting'The mechanism has effectively solved all matters such as land use, asphalt paving, infrastructure construction, charging pile installation and operation and maintenance." Yin Guangqiao said.

Parking + Rechargeable + Good for resting

Now, the deserted plot is a smart parking lot. "With this parking lot, it's really convenient!" Recently, the public Ms. Huang parked her car in the Eastgate Street Community Smart Parking lot after walking for half a minute to the next Ma Jia Yuan food court to buy food, less than half an hour to go back to get the car, only 50 cents of parking fees!(Current daytime parking rate is $0.50/half hour). Li noticed on the site that the brand new parking lot had115 parking spaces, most of which are parked, and with the opening of the Horse Homes food court parking lot, citizens can park without worry when they come to Horse Homes to buy groceries, or go to the Fei Yan Cultural District for work, errands, or shopping.

"Not only is the first two hours of parking free, but it costs only $1.05 per kilowatt-hour to charge an online car here!The charging station is cheaper than other charging stations by 10 cents, and now there are substantial discounts for recharging, such as charging 500 to send 100, which translates into only 91 cents for one degree of electricity. drivers can relax and rest at the station when charging and enjoy services such as WIFI, cell phone charging, drinking water, microwave oven hot meals, and so on." Yin Guangqiao said that the post station will also link up with the catering and coffee business in Feiyan Culture Street area in the later stage to provide exclusive preferential services for online taxi drivers.