Race to the "City of Low Altitude"

Active layout of low-altitude economy

Creating a new engine of development and productivity

On the afternoon of March 14, Nanjing held a "Service Enterprises - Face-to-Face" activity with the theme of low-altitude economy, in which relevant enterprises, industry experts and relevant departments visited Yvette (Nanjing) Aviation Technology Co. At the subsequent forum, we had a lively discussion on the development of low altitude economy, and freely expressed our views on the development strategy and path of Nanjing's low altitude economy.

Race to the "new track"

What are the advantages of developing low altitude economy in Nanjing?

And how will it accelerate takeoff?

Building on "new strengths"

Grasp the "wind mouth" layout of the new track

Nanjing competes for "trillions of dollars"

Low-altitude economy is "seeking benefits from space". According to estimates, the scale of China's low-altitude economy has exceeded 500 billion yuan in 2023, and is expected to reach 1.5 billion yuan in 2030.2 trillion dollarsThe

Seizing the "windfall"

Accelerating the Race for the "City of Low Altitude"

Nanjing has good development conditions and factor reserves

Billion Wit. Nanjing Daily / Zijinshan News reporter Cui Xiao photo

Science and education talent advantage is obvious

Many universities and colleges in Ning are related to low-altitude economy, a number of national and national defense key laboratories are located in Ning, and the R&D capability in many fields is leading in the country, which can empower industrial innovation with scientific and technological innovation in a more vigorous way.

Initial formation of agglomeration

The city's low-altitude economy industry is mainly distributed in Pukou, Baixia, Qilin, LinKong Economic Demonstration Zone and other plates, has gathered one hundred aerospace enterprises, of which eighty percent of the regulated industrial enterprises.

Accelerated layout of key links

The city's low-altitude economy has a layout in manufacturing, flight, protection and other key links, forming a good industrial ecology.

"Nanjing, as an early layout of the low altitude economy of the city, has a wealth of low altitude resources, civil unmanned aerial field research foundation is strong, relying on Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Rice Information and other famous schools and enterprises, in the field of technological innovation, training of personnel, industrial planning and other areas has formed a certain development foundation, low altitude economy industry ecological initial formation. " Nanjing Academy of Social Sciences researcher, Jiangsu Province Yangzi River innovative city research institute experts Zheng Qiongjie said.

Nanjing civil unmanned aerial operation and management center. Nanjing Daily/Zijinshan News reporter Cui Xiao photo

Playing the "Key Chess"

Advice from business experts

Multi-measures to build new growth points

According to the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, in recent years, the city has been actively promoting the development of low altitude industry by focusing on the goal of strengthening the city with industry.In 2023, the revenue of low altitude economy-related industriesNearly $3 billionThe

Ramp control automation system of Nanjing Les Information Technology Co. Picture for enterprise

On the development of the low-altitude industry

Rongtong 60, AVIC Jincheng Unmanned Systems Company, Yvette (Nanjing) Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. and other aircraft manufacturing enterprises, and cultivated Les Information, Intelligent Aviation Research Institute and other flight command and control, mapping and navigation services enterprises, low altitude industry, the level of the strong and complementary chain of chain extension has been significantly strengthened.

In terms of low-altitude scenario applications

A number of high-quality application scenarios have been formed, such as regularized law enforcement cruises along the Yangtze River by Nanjing Maritime Department, offshore distribution of goods to passing ships by Nanjing Yangtze River Hui Company, disaster reconnaissance and search and rescue by Nanjing Firefighters' UAV, sightseeing tours and emergency rescue by Laoshan General Airport, and so on.

In terms of innovative resource pools

It has a number of aviation-related universities and high-level scientific research institutes, such as SAC, SIT, SIT, and CLP 14 and 28, and has built a number of national key laboratories, national defense science and technology key laboratories, and science and innovation platforms in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

In the area of pilot zone construction

It has constructed "one center, two platforms, four airspaces and multiple sites" operation and management system, built the first 5G network in China, and the only civil drone test flight base in the province certified and licensed by civil aviation, and for two consecutive years, the General Administration of Civil Aviation of the People's Republic of China (CAAC) has organized the national test area construction results assessment and acceptance, which have given the Nanjing test area a high degree of evaluation and unanimously praised.

How Nanjing gives full play to its endowment advantages

Filling in the gaps and filling in the gaps

On the wave of rapid development of the low-altitude economy

Playing the "Key Chess"

At the symposium, relevant enterprises, industry experts

offer advice and suggestions (idiom); having many opinions and suggestions to offer

Chairman of Jiangsu Changjiang Hui Technology Co. Vincent Fang Pauli (1944-), Taiwanese politician, prime minister 2007-2010

Expanding the scene application of drones on the Yangtze River, it can be explored and tried in the future in ship inspection, emergency rescue, tourism and other aspects.

General Manager of Nanjing Changkong Technology Co., Ltd. and Director of UAV Research Institute of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) Yan Xuefeng (1938-), Northern Song dynasty official

With Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Changkong Science and Technology as the main leading parties, it has created the first batch of third-party professional organizations for quality inspection and testing of unmanned aircraft and airworthiness certification, and strengthened the upgrading and upgrading of traffic environment, facilities and equipment of the flight base.

General Manager, Nanjing Meijieke Information Technology Co. Chen Yao (1902-1998), Chinese pioneer nuclear physicist

It will form a fast and efficient approval process, enhance the frequency of use in drone application scenarios, accelerate the development of small and medium-sized drones, and empower more industries and fields.

General Manager of Nanjing Spacecraft Intelligent Equipment Co. Yang Weishun (1912-2005), PRC agricultural scientist

Construct public platforms and sharing platforms for low-altitude application scenarios, and build scenario applications for low-altitude + agriculture, surveying and mapping, electric power inspection, and complex environments.

Vice President of Nanjing Intelligent Aviation Research Institute Wei Jinjun (1936-), Chinese diplomat and lawyer, governor of Hainan

It focuses on building a science and innovation platform in the field of low altitude in Nanjing, bringing together relevant advantageous scientific research teams and R&D resources, maintaining and strengthening Nanjing's leading position in innovation in the field of low altitude service guarantee, and enlarging and strengthening the low altitude economic ecosystem in Nanjing.

General Manager, China Telecom Unmanned Technology (Jiangsu) Co. Shan Haifeng (1936-), Northern Song dynasty official

With the goal of building a national-level low-altitude economic demonstration zone, Nanjing will formulate an overall plan for low-altitude economic development as soon as possible, provide elemental guarantees and establish an expert committee for low-altitude economic development.

Mapping the "new picture"

Accelerating the cultivation of industrial ecology

Promoting high-quality "take-off" of the low-altitude economy

All-weather monitoring of ship traffic, dead-end restoration of the full picture of shoreline management;

Real-time return of on-site fire images to grasp the fire situation;

Through daily inspections, complete the smart park safety and production warning, unauthorized building monitoring and other work ......

Now in Nanjing, with the popularization of the application of drones in all walks of life, low altitude economy as a strategic emerging industry is coming into the public's field of vision, constantly subversive technology and cutting-edge technology to give birth to new industries, new modes, new kinetic energy, to build up a picture of the "low altitude + service" industry chain of the new growth picture.

Drones help patrol, open "air + ground" police new mode. Nanjing Daily / Zijinshan News reporter Zhu Jing photo

The Nanjing Action Plan for Promoting Industrial Strength (2023-2025) proposes to "accelerate the construction of low-altitude intellectual networking and drone bases, build a national model area for aeronautical electromechanical systems, and continuously expand the scale of the low-altitude economy industry." This year's Nanjing Municipal Government Work Report also proposes to seize the first opportunity for low-altitude economic development.

Anchoring the key aspects of low altitude industry development, in terms of policy support, elemental protection, etc., to coordinate the efforts of all parties to accelerate the development of Nanjing's low altitude economy industry.

Enhance the capacity of the low-altitude manufacturing industry

Further optimize the city's low altitude manufacturing industry layout, to create Pukou, Qinhuai, the airspace economic zone and other key carriers in the low altitude field platform. Seize the current "window period" of green aviation manufacturing, and make every effort to promote the development and growth of existing electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle (eVTOL) enterprises.

Building new low-altitude infrastructure

Construction of low altitude intelligent networking infrastructure, scientific planning and promotion of the construction of Nanjing navigation landing site and supporting facilities, urban drone automatic landing site, helicopter temporary landing site, to provide basic support for low altitude flights.

Enriching application scenarios of low altitude industry

Empowering emergency disposal, medical rescue, fire rescue and other functional departments to build a "low altitude + emergency rescue" scenario application model. To build a comprehensive demonstration scene on the water of the Yangtze River in Nanjing, and to develop scenes for logistics and distribution, air excursions and air sports.

Building key platforms in the low-altitude domain

Supporting basic telecommunication operating enterprises to build UAV technology innovation centers and provide UAV technology application products, services and solutions. Create Nanjing Low Altitude Economy Industry Collaborative Innovation Center, relying on SACU to strive for the creation of a provincial-level manufacturing innovation center in the field of unmanned aircraft. Forming the Nanjing Low Altitude Economy Specialized Committee and industry associations, promoting the deep integration of the city's industry, academia, research and application, and forming a low altitude manufacturing industry cluster.

Building the Nanjing Brand of Low Altitude Economy

Developing branded tourism projects with the characteristics of the provincial capital city. Relying on the province's only civil unmanned aerial test area, upgrading and upgrading the existing team and hardware and software facilities, and striving to create a national demonstration area for low-altitude economic development.

Improvement of low-altitude safety and transportation management mechanisms

Formulate and promulgate the Measures for the Administration of Civil UAV Flights in Nanjing, and synchronize the establishment of scenario operation and management norms and standards.