Cross-border e-commerce: the first in the province, and then in the New Year!

Zero threshold for enterprises to "go to sea"

Creating a metropolitan area "industrial belt"

Weaving a three-dimensional "ecosphere"


Recently, organized by the Nanjing Bureau of Commerce and the People's Government of Xuanwu District, the first Nanjing Metropolitan Area"Cross-border E-commerce + Industrial Zone" Development ForumHeld in Xuanwu, not only built a big data platform to improve the development of cross-border e-commerce ecosystem, but also through the "metropolitan area", "industrial belt" superimposed on the empowerment of the city's cross-border e-commerce from a "city" Toward a "circle", to promote the innovative development of foreign trade, transformation and upgrading, at the beginning of the new year to run out of high-quality development "acceleration".

Platform empowerment

Zero threshold for enterprises to "go to sea"

Docking domestic enterprises' demands and coordinating overseas platform resources, hundreds of cross-border e-commerce exporters submit qualification audits in accordance with the declaration process on the "Digital Intelligence Goes to Sea" zero-threshold SaaS integrated service platform, find suitable service providers according to their own needs, complete the business payment, and send their goods to all over the world.

Focusing on cross-border payment finance and services, Lianlian International has taken the lead in launching the "Digital Intelligence Going to Sea Zero Threshold Ecological Co-construction" project under the guidance of the China Investment Promotion Council Digital Service Application Specialized Committee, to open up the core service chain of the cross-border trade industry, to make the service content online, and to realize the four streams of cross-border trade, i.e., "logistics, business flow, capital flow", and "information flow, capital flow", information flow and capital flow" of cross-border trade. At the same time, it introduces the head service provider enterprises of each industry segment in the national cross-border trade industry chain to help Chinese enterprises open the road to the sea with zero threshold.

Nancy Lv, Secretary General of the China Investment Promotion Association's Digital Service Application Specialized Committee and Co-CEO of Lianlian International, said that the original cross-border e-commerce enterprises completed cross-border collections through bank wire transfers, which took at least three to five working days. Now, with the support of the platform, the fastest cross-border collection and settlement can be completed within 1 day, which greatly improves the efficiency of capital flow back.

Up to now, Lianlian has held 64 payment-related licenses and qualifications worldwide, and has built a global payment network covering 100 countries and regions and supporting transactions in over 130 currencies.

link topology

Creating a metropolitan area "industrial belt"

Near the Spring Festival vacation, Nancy Lu said "We are docking well-known overseas e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and TikTok for enterprises in Nanjing Xuanwu District, and providing training on platform investment and operation and other topics." These connections stem from the convening of the first "cross-border e-commerce + industrial zone" development forum in the Nanjing metropolitan area.

In December last year, the Nanjing metropolitan area party and government joint meeting, the metropolitan area "8 + 2" cities signed the "Nanjing metropolitan area cross-border industrial ecological construction initiative". After a month, to upgrade, members of the city gathered again, based on the advantages of the industrial base, innovative exploration of "cross-border e-commerce + industrial zone" cultivation road, so that more local enterprises sail to sea.

The relevant person in charge of CII seems that the development of cross-border e-commerce in Nanjing metropolitan area shows a positive development trend, the number of cross-border e-commerce enterprises in the metropolitan area continues to increase, and the variety of commodities covered is also increasingly rich.Data show that in 2023 Nanjing's cross-border e-commerce scale is the first in the province, accounting for about 40 percent of theand has formed four major cross-border e-commerce export industrial belts, namely, intelligent manufacturing, outdoor products, power tools, and textile and clothing.

On the scene of the forum, China Investment Promotion Council (CIPCC) Digital Service Application Specialized Committee signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on "Digital and Intelligent Overseas" with the business departments of Nanjing Metropolitan Area, and reached a long-term, comprehensive and friendly cooperation agreement on jointly promoting the development of local cross-border trade industry and the establishment and improvement of cross-border e-commerce complete industry chain and ecological chain. strategic cooperation.

Ride the "number" and on the day, xuanwu district red hill street and 4 cross-border e-commerce enterprises signed a cooperation agreement; jiangsu su hao textile group limited and xuanwu cross-border e-commerce enterprises signed "9710" service agreement. Nanjing metropolitan area cross-border e-commerce eco-service alliance action plan" synchronized release, will focus on the establishment of a win-win cross-border e-commerce regional cooperation and synergistic development mechanism, to carry out cross-border e-commerce intellectual property rights escort services and other aspects of the work of the 10, to help the construction of cross-border e-commerce city cluster with influence.

Fostering accelerated upgrading

Weaving a three-dimensional "ecosphere"

The reason why the first forum is located in Xuanwu, and this area presents a "posture of openness" coincides with. Nancy Lui said that Xuanwu has a good industrial base, the overall supply chain is relatively mature, and continue to focus on the direction of specialization, deepening the "sea" business environment.

Ltd. in the Xuanwu District Business Bureau, the Tax Bureau, Customs, Nanjing Electronic Port, Prime help trade under the linkage, complete the "cross-border e-commerce B2B export overseas warehouse" mode of customs clearance, and receive tax rebates for export goods. The person in charge of Nanjing Aiyun Musical Instrument Co., Ltd, Tong Lei, said that this is the first "9810" mode of customs clearance for export business in the company's 30 years of history (poke 👉).Understanding "9810"), which has boosted confidence for subsequent enterprises to continue their cross-border e-commerce business.

In the face of Nanjing Metropolitan Area, development of "wind mouth" and other opportunities, Xuanwu continued to add cross-border e-commerce industry infrastructure construction investment, dense weaving of three-dimensional "sea network". 2023, December 1, Nanjing cross-border e-commerce (Xuanwu) Industrial Park was officially opened, to introduce the industry leading enterprises to build "cross-border e-commerce digital integrated service platform". Industry leading enterprises to build "cross-border e-commerce digital integrated service platform", the establishment of tax data, green sustainable development, intelligent finance, settlement and logistics, supply chain services, innovation and entrepreneurship to promote the "six centers", to provide a full range of one-stop services for enterprises. The six centers will provide comprehensive and one-stop services for enterprises.

The first batch of the industrial park Xicheng Group will take the lead in talent incubation and transportation, and jointly explore the new ecological chain of "integration of industry and education" with Nanjing universities, Nanjing cross-border e-commerce municipal industry and education consortium, Nanjing e-commerce association and so on. In order to cultivate high-quality professionals, provide high-quality employment, promote the development of new digital retail talents, and drive the regional economic vitality.

At the same time, in accordance with the principle of "responding to the needs of enterprises, urban and rural superposition", the district also formulated "Xuanwu District to promote the development of cross-border e-commerce measures". In the future, it will comprehensively integrate upstream and downstream resources in six areas, including park construction, platform construction and brand development, and actively build an "integrated" cross-border e-commerce ecosystem and "one-stop" cross-border e-commerce service chain. By 2025, it is planned to realize the establishment of high-quality cross-border e-commerce enterprises.Over 500The cross-border e-commerce transactions accounted for the region's total import and export trade volume of20% and aboveCultivating talents for cross-border e-commerce industry5000 or moreThe goal of the