Rice Cake Meets Rose, Lips and Teeth, Taste is Romantic Too!

In Lishui.

There is the scent of flowers in the wind and on the tongue.

Come into the NJ Rose Garden with Little Brigade today.

Savor the poetry and romance of that unique rose.

Nanjing Rose Garden is located on the bank of Huanshan River, which is currently the largest and most complete rose theme estate in the region. The flowering period of Nanjing Rose Garden lasts from April to November. In addition to the thousands of acres of flowers, there is also a super-romantic rose labyrinth, a fun and joyful pet paradise, a new viewing platform with a great viewpoint, a hobbit hut full of fun, and a wide variety of rose food ~ let's go into the Rose Garden today to find out the secrets of the rose rice cake~!

rose rice cake

Throughout the ages, the Chinese have never been stingy with the romance of "flowers in food". When rice cake meets rose, a classic flavor is created.

"Flower Master" Rose Rice Cake is made by hand with edible rose flowers from Nanjing Rose Garden organic plantation, adhering to the traditional craftsmanship and integrating modern technology.

Fine rose rice cake processing exists in every step of the process, selecting fine white glutinous rice to remove sand and gravel and other impurities, and rinsing it repeatedly with water, drying the washed rice, and then pouring the rice into the pulverizer hopper to grind it into rice flour.

Roses have a strong fragrance, light astringency, and thick petals, which make them ideal for a variety of cuisines.

After the preparation, use a large bamboo sieve to sift the rice flour evenly, then use a small bamboo sieve to sift the rice flour into the rice cake mold, first sift in half, dotted with rose filling, then fill the mold with rice flour, use a ruler to roll out the rice flour flat, inverted upside down, and then use a ruler to tap a few times, and then a plate of square rose rice cake will be formed.

The steamed rice cakes do not only have the flavor of rice, but also have a strong rose fragrance. This is the unique flavor of Nanjing Rose Garden Rice Cake.

In Lishui, in addition to the rose garden where you can taste the rose rice cakes, you can also go to Shishanxia, Liangtianxia, Qiyi Mountain Villa and other places to taste various kinds of rice cakes with Lishui characteristics. Do these soft and sticky, sweet but not greasy rice cakes remind you of your childhood memories?

The New Year's flavors are getting stronger.

Come to Lishui and bring the romance of taste to the end.