NJ is so delicious in the fall, too!

Seriously, don't come to NJ in the fall.

Because...it gets fat!

The winds of autumn.

Softly and delicately

The fragrance of osmanthus blossoms is blowing all over the city.

Blowing in the sweetness of fried chestnuts

Blowing in the softness of the sweet potato seedlings

sweetened fried chestnuts

In Nanking, chestnuts are for the fall.

The texture of sweetened chestnuts is the soul of fall

Sticky, sweet, moist and fragrant

Not one less.

Peeling a sweet and soft little chestnut

Throw it in your mouth.

Well, it's the smell of fall!

Cinnamon Sugar Taro Seedling

Osmanthus fragrant, taro ripe

Cinnamon Sugar Taro Seedling

It's a cuisine that is deeply imprinted with Nanjing.

Smooth taro seedlings are sweet and fluffy.

Sauce red broth is bright and inviting

The spoon stirs up "a pool of osmanthus".

strongly fragrant

Fill your mouth and nose at once.

Lotus Root with Osmanthus and Honey Sauce

In the fall.

The lotus root is at its most tender and sticky time of the year.

Glutinous rice poured into the holes of lotus root

The lotus root threads are holding the sugar sauce.

The sweet and sticky texture is full of healing

duck with osmanthus flowers (Osmanthus fragrans)

In Jinling, no duck is a banquet

Salt-water duck at the time of osmanthus fragrance

Better color and flavor, also known as "Cinnamon Duck".

The White Door Cookbook has this to say.

"Salt-water duck is most famous during the August period in Jinling.

Everyone thinks the meat has a cinnamon scent inside."

It seems like a handful of salt and a handful of salt.

But there's a big question.

In this mouthful of salty white

It's got all kinds of flavor and smoothness hidden in it.

The delicacy and elegance of Jinling on the tip of the tongue.


"Once you enter the Gaochun crab full table, a mouthful of rice wine lips stay fragrant".

Gaochun has been producing crabs since ancient times

Goodyear Lake crabs are traditionally known as the crown of crabs.

With a long history and deep humanities

As the fall breeze picks up, the crab legs itch

This season.

Warm up a glass of wine and catch some crabs

It's the most beautiful.

Jinling in Autumn

Even the taste buds are satisfied.

Every bite is worth savoring