Nanjing's First ESG Headquarters Project Featured Cluster Unveiled

On December 12, 2023, "Enlightenment to 'Green', Sustainable Value: Jinling Central ESG Theme Forum" was held in Nanjing.Nanjing ESG Headquarters Project Jinling Central Character ClusterUnveiling.

The event is organized by Hongkong Land and Jinling Central; supported by Nanjing Investment Promotion Bureau and Qinhuai District People's Government; with academic support from Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and ESG authorities.

More than 60 representatives from government departments, famous scholars, senior experts, authoritative academic institutions of ESG, head enterprises and so on gathered together to exchange resonance, collision of ideas, and jointly discuss the sustainable development of cities, buildings and offices, and contribute to the creation of the characteristic cluster area of ESG headquarters projects in Nanjing.

At the event, Mr. Yang Ziqing, Deputy Director of Nanjing Investment Promotion Bureau, introduced Nanjing's ESG investment environment. He said: In recent years, Nanjing has vigorously practiced the concept of ESG sustainable investment, becoming the first Chinese city to publish an ESG report; is committed to building a pioneering city for ESG investment in China, integrating its humanistic heritage and green city style with industrial planning and urban governance; and is actively exploring Nanjing's practice of the new development concept of "Innovation, Coordination, Greenery, Openness and Sharing"; focusing on finding new investment tracks, gathering elite investors, expanding new investment opportunities and making Nanjing a new business card. Focusing on finding new investment tracks, gathering elite investors, expanding new investment opportunities, and making Nanjing a new business card". Next, Nanjing will rely on "four batches" (one batch of symbolic projects, one batch of representative enterprises, one batch of key platforms and one batch of headquarter buildings) to promote the creation of ESG project clusters in each segment of the park.

Mr. Deng Haoxian, General Manager of Office Division of Hongkong Land Group in China, shared the Group's strategic framework for sustainable development and expressed his hope to join hands with partners to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees by the end of 2030, writing a new chapter of green and low-carbon development. Mr. Tony Yip, General Manager of Hongkong Land Nanjing, shared ESG practices and future outlook, and committed to bringing low-carbon, efficient, green and comfortable experience to Nanjing.

Mr. Xian Min, Vice Mayor of Qinhuai District Government, and Mr. Deng Haoxian, General Manager of Office Department of Hongkong Land Group in China, unveiled the "Nanjing ESG Headquarter Project Jinling Central Characteristic Cluster", which aims to create a green ecosystem with Jinling Central as a carrier, and to join hands with headquartered enterprises in line with the values of ESG, so as to promote the sustainable development of the city.

Prof. Chen Xin from Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, delivered a keynote speech on "ESG and Supply Side Structural Reform".

In the roundtable dialogue session, representatives of leading ESG industry organizations and head enterprises exchanged views across borders, focusing on"Pathways to Sustainable Cities, Buildings, and Offices"A pioneering dialog to envision a sustainable future for cities, buildings, and offices.

At the event, Hongkong Land awarded Ping An and GLP the"Certified Sustainability Partner Certificate"We look forward to continuing to work together to build a sustainable future.

This forum is a microcosm of Nanjing's efforts to build a pioneer city for ESG investment in China. Currently, asset owners and management organizations in various countries are actively promoting the rapid development of ESG investment, and it is expected that the total scale of global ESG investment will reach $50 trillion by 2025, when the total scale of China's ESG investment will also reachRMB 20,000-30 trillionof total asset management20%-30%. In the future, Nanjing will further utilize the advantages of ESG investment, focusing on recruiting headquarters projects, technology projects, manufacturing projects, etc., and categorizing to create more ESG project featured clusters.