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The beauty of "smart manufacturing" is being illuminated.Zhongchepu town, capital of Busan
Let the train manufacturing, running out of "acceleration".

The 5G intelligent factory for urban rail transit equipment built by CSR Nanjing Puzhen Vehicle Co. Ltd. has carried out a whole-process digital transformation of the design process and other links based on the industrial Internet.Realize intelligent production and digital controlThe

In the production workshop, the whole life cycle data, such as safety production and staffing, will be transmitted to the "data cockpit" in real time through 5G network, which will assist the workstation manager to grasp the manufacturing progress of the production line and coordinate the production. On the production line, intelligent logistics vehicles deliver materials in a timely manner according to workers' instructions. When the assembly of the train carriages is completed, theJust by manipulating the remote control, vehicle reversing goes from "people pushing carts away" to "cars running with people."The

At present, CNR Puzhen has realized the average productivity improvement of all production lines.7.7%The assembly and assembly operation of the single vehicle production efficiency increase40%The automation coverage of CNC centers has reached93%. In the recent public announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 2023 annual intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory unveiled units, CNR Puzhen on the list.

Connie's Electro-Mechanics
From "manufacturing" to "smart manufacturing"

As a leading domestic rail transportation equipment manufacturing industry, Nanjing Connie electromechanical deep level to promote the construction of digital factory, the enterprise's intelligent factory application MES system (manufacturing execution system) to achieve intelligent optimization of scheduling.Dramatically improve scheduling efficiencyThe

When the factory receives a new order, the worker in charge of production organization will enter the product billing and scheduling data into the intelligent platform, and send instructions to the workshop after data analysis, which not only avoids human error but also realizes quality traceability.

On the production floor.One display lined up along each production line.The company's products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements and standards, and the workers are mechanized according to the instructions.

After the computer to replace the manual, the production work is more detailed, as small as "a screw tighten how tight" will have a clear instruction, the production of human error has been effectively controlled, but also improve the quality of the product.

Heiner Pharmaceuticals
Intelligent plus, to create an efficient and lean production model

How to produce injectables after intelligent upgrading?

Walking into the intelligent production workshop of Haina pharmaceutical injection, when the staff enters the information, the raw materials and auxiliary materials in the negative pressure weighing hood will be proportionally matched, stirred according to the standard parameters in the liquid dispensing system, and automatically injected with water and pressed and filtered under the condition of constant temperature.

After high-pressure cleaning and high-temperature drying, the vials enter into aseptic state, and start automatic filling, sealing, light checking and labeling according to the set value, and finally the qualified finished products will be boxed and put into storage.

The workshop is equipped with fully automated double-row feeding and discharging system and fully automated dispensing system (SIP/CIP) after the commissioning of the maximum production speed of up to 500 bottles / minute, some equipment speed can reach up to 700 bottles / minute, injection production capacity to enhance the 40% or more, to reach 30 million pcs / year, the output value of an increase of 50 million yuan.

In recent years, Haina Pharmaceuticals has continued to improve the level of intelligence, the workshop capacity has increased significantly, and the production cycle has been reduced.40% and aboveReduced labor costs50% and aboveThe risk of sterility is significantly reduced and product quality is more consistent.

Nanjing Panda
Robot factory of the future empowers water meter "smart manufacturing"

In the production process, Panda Equipment Water Meter Robot Future Factory realizes intelligent and flexible schedulingThe factory is equipped with an intelligent logistics system. The intelligent logistics system built in the factory realizes automatic sorting in warehouses, intelligent transfer of AGVs and air logistics transmission. Stereoscopic warehousing and intelligent logistics linkage can intelligently plan logistics transportation lines and coordinate ground AGV carts, while the deployment of 5G network throughout the plant ensures the stable operation of the plant.

Here.Deep integration of intelligence and technologyBased on "robot + intelligent vision system", Panda Equipment has developed a high-precision loading system. Based on "Robot + Intelligent Vision System", Panda Equipment has developed a high-precision loading system; to meet the technical difficulties of the industry, it has developed robot assembly and gluing process packages, as well as robot multi-station multi-parameter motion coordination control algorithms.

Intelligent upgrades allow the plant to increase productivityApprox. 30%Increased automation rate87%Reduced error rate12%. As industrial robots are increasingly widely used in industrial manufacturing, Panda Equipment Intelligent Factory will help more industries to realize intelligent upgrading.

Tenga Energy
Accurate and Efficient "The Way of Storage"

Walking into the Tianjia Energy Intelligent Factory located in Nanjing Jingkai District, the staff used the Pad terminal in their hands to scan the code to receive the goods. Subsequently, AGV carts automatically carry the goods to the receiving area, and after detection by the shape detection door, the four-way shuttle picks up the goods and stores them in the warehouse.From intelligent code scanning, to accurate delivery, the whole process is organizedThe

Not only that, this intelligent storage plant can also present the storage data to the management personnel in a visualized way to achieve real-time monitoring of the warehouse position, real-time query of the list and other functions.

Intelligent warehousing saves floor space compared to traditional warehouses42%; Idle time stocking can save 2 hours/day of labor time; Intelligent system automatically passes the account with an accuracy rate as high as99.99%The distribution is precise and efficient.