The first in China! Lishui strawberries passed this international certification

in the last few days
International Certification Body SGS
Awarded to Lishui Golden Manor
First in China

SGS Carbon Footprint Certification for the Fruit Industry

What is a carbon footprint?

  The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change defines a "carbon footprint" as a measure of the total amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released by human activities or emitted cumulatively over the life cycle of a product or service.

What is the significance of Carbon Footprint Certification?

  This certification is a necessary way for enterprises to comply with the development trend of the domestic "carbon peak, carbon neutral" major strategic decision. The carbon footprint of products is the most intuitive environmental protection index of enterprises' products, which can explore the potential of energy saving and emission reduction, optimize production costs, enhance product competitiveness, and help enterprises to go out of the country and win the recognition of the international market.
Golden Manor is a deep-rooted strawberry industry in our region for more than 10 yearsNational Key Leading Enterprises (CLE)The company has a strawberry plantation of 8,000 acres and has created a strawberry brand."Berry Bunny."At present, its strawberry products have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, green food certification, and China GAP, GLOBALG.A.P. "double certification". At present, its strawberry products have successively passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, green food certification, as well as China GAP, GLOBALG.A.P. "double certification".Successful international benchmarkingThe
  In order to further respond to the national concept of green and low-carbon development, in early October this year, Golden Manor officially launched the carbon footprint certification program. SGS, headquartered in Switzerland, as a globally renowned third-party inspection, appraisal, testing and certification organization, identifies, monitors, collects and approves the cycle data within the scope of the product, quantitatively evaluates the product's "cradle-to-gate" activity data, and accurately calculates the carbon footprint of Golden Manor's production, based on the information about the amount of raw materials used, the consumption of energy and resources during the transportation and planting phases of the product. The Golden Estate's production is accurately calculated.1 ton of strawberries has a product carbon footprint of 1.619 tons of CO2 equivalentThe two sides then signed a memorandum of understanding to achieve a relatively "zero-emission" target. Subsequently, the two parties signed"Carbon Neutral Certification and Sustained Emission Reduction Action Plans.
  "From the report, we found that packaging material consumption is one of the most significant sources of carbon footprint. Next, we will join hands with our upstream suppliers to strengthen technological innovation and use packaging materials that can be utilized in a sequential manner, or add recyclable raw materials to the packaging materials." The relevant person in charge of Golden Manor introduced that for the consumption of other auxiliary materials invested in the production process, the enterprise will carry out reasonable data statistics and monitoring to better reduce emissions.

Congratulations to Golden Manor!

Congratulations to Lishui Strawberry!