The first case in the city, Lishui explored!

Recently a total investment of 500 million dollarsSunzhuang Foxhunting Technology Sports BaseThe official start of construction.This is the first collective operational construction land project in Nanjing won by a private enterprise.It has become an exemplary case for Lishui District to promote the construction of the national urban-rural integrated development pilot area to explore the market of collective operational construction land!

Sunzhuang Fox Hunting Science and Technology Sports Base Project is located atJingqiao Town Xiantan VillageThe project will create a research and development training base, a group building sports base, and an unmanned and off-road experience base.Demonstration area for the integration of idyllic recreation and hilly sports. It is worth noting that the successful market entry of the site, theBringing a total of $21.75 million in land grant proceeds to collective economic organizations. In accordance with the admission resolution, the net proceeds, after deducting the corresponding adjustment and land costs, will be included in the share capital.Allow villagers to enjoy equity dividends, raising revenues.

The base is divided intoCore area, health and sports, leisure and wellness three main sectors, implemented in three phases:

 editionMainly for the development of the core area, including R & D training base, group building sports base and unmanned and cross-country experience base of infrastructure support construction and the creation of the landscape around the lake, the current drone test tower and the landscape around the lake has been completed.second phaseIt is mainly an agricultural recreational development within the boundaries of the northwestern Weijia Village, including fruit picking and camping in the forest.third phasePrimarily a health and exercise development for the southwestern hills, including earth landscapes, health greenways, and more.

The project is expected to be completed in 2025 will directly drive the employment of 600 people to vigorously promote the integration of one, two and three industries in Jingqiao Town to empower rural revitalization.

Sun Zhuang fox hunting technology sports base project leader Fei Junxin introduced a few years ago that Jingqiao Town will be the health industry as the direction of development, would like to invest in outdoor sports projects here, after many negotiations, and ultimately selected the Sun Zhuang land. At the beginning of the project, due to policy restrictions and other reasons, has not been able to obtain the right to use the land. "This year, borrowing the 'east wind' of the pilot of Lishui collective operating construction land into the market, our project finally landed." Fei Junxin said that the nature of the land in Sunzhuang is divided into stock of collective construction land and agricultural land, and it is difficult for the project to enter the market, and after the Lishui District Planning and Capital Sub-bureau understands this situation, through the linkage of increase and decrease, the project can complete the balance of agricultural land diversion indexes in the whole region, and finally realize the adjustment of the offsite to the market, and it has become theThe first case of off-site adjustment to the market in Nanjing.

As a national urban-rural integration development pilot area, in recent years, Lishui has solidly pushed forward the pilot work of collective operational construction land into the market and gradually explored and established aMarket entry system of "same land, same rights, smooth flow and benefit sharing".The

Next, Lishui District will continue to promote the pilot work of collective operational construction land into the market towards standardization, refinement and scientification to inject endogenous power for the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization.