For the first time was written into the government work report "artificial intelligence +" how will change your life and mine?

A new keyword in the government work report of this year's National People's Congress has triggered heated discussions - "artificial intelligence +" action. It is worth noting that this is the first time that "artificial intelligence +" was written into the government work report. What signals are released by the state to carry out this action? Experts have interpreted.

"Artificial Intelligence +" was written into the government work report for the first time

Let's take a look at the specific expressions in the government work report. When talking about "scientific and technological innovation to achieve new breakthroughs", it affirms that "the key core technology research and development achievements are fruitful", and especially mentions that "artificial intelligence, quantum technology and other cutting-edge areas of innovation continues to emerge ". When talking about "vigorously promoting the construction of a modernized industrial system and accelerating the development of new productivity", the report said that it would deepen the research and development and application of big data, artificial intelligence and other applications, carry out the "Artificial Intelligence Plus" initiative, and create an internationally competitive digital industry cluster.

Wei Kai, Executive Deputy Director, Artificial Intelligence Research Center, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology:We have reached this stage, we have promoted the digitization of various industries some time ago, and the next stage is intelligence, "AI+" is just right at the current stage, and the timing is very good.

Generative AI market was $14.4 trillion last year

The booming development of artificial intelligence in China is bringing new empowerment to various industries and new opportunities for the development of enterprises and individuals. Data from the Saidi Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that in 2023, the enterprise adoption rate of generative AI in China has reached 15%, with a market size of about 14.4 trillion yuan. Experts predict that generative artificial intelligence is expected to contribute nearly 90 trillion yuan of economic value to the world in 2035, of which China will exceed 30 trillion yuan.