Why does this park, favor single family homes?

In Nanjing Jiangbei New District

There is an industrial park

With an area of less than 15 square kilometers

Carrying 65 specialized carriers

In particular, these carriers

Mostly buildings under ten stories

There's even a four-story single family home

Here it is.

Biomedical Valley

Why does this park favor single family homes?

Entrepreneurs, professionals say so


"Administration and R&D, just up and down the stairs."

In the sixth phase of the Biomedical Valley Accelerator, 10 standard buildings of more than 50 meters high host R&D-cum-light production projects such as bio-diagnostic reagents and bio-therapeutics.

On the 6th and 7th floors of Building 3, Tengchen Bio, which focuses on in vitro tumor diagnostic technology and products, is located here. Yang Rongxi, the founder of the company, said, "The height of the floors here gives us special peace of mind. Take this meeting room as an example, it looks like an ordinary floor height.But there's actually more than 1 meter of space in the ceiling for duct wiring."

In many parts of the country, ordinary office buildings are still being used as carriers for biomedical companies, but the Pharmaceutical Valley has not ignored their unique needs for R&D space.With a floor height of nearly 6 meters, it is suitable for both production and R&D as well as administrative offices.No more need for administration and R&D to be "separated". There is no longer a need for administration and R&D to be "separated", and quick communication is possible up and down the stairs.

"There are a lot of single buildings in Medicine ValleyThis point is also great. Such a carrier has systematic considerations in terms of internal requirements and external environmental assessment, fire protection, and pollution and waste treatment, which really allows companies to do R&D with peace of mind."

Currently, Tengchen Bio's nearly 4,000 square meters R&D center and GMP plant are accelerating production in Accelerator VI, opening up the possibility of early screening for more cancer types step by step.

"It's the only place that has a GMP-qualified shop."

"We landed in the new district for one simple reason.It's the only place with a GMP-compliant workshop.."

A GMP workshop is a workshop that meets the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Due to its highly specialized nature, few cities will build a GMP workshop in advance.

In early 2023, Yao Tang Bio, which specializes in the development of in vivo gene-edited drugs, landed a significant pilot plant in the New District in order to further expand its development territory. When asked why, its founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Wu Yuxuan, said that after searching several cities in the Yangtze River Delta, only the Biomedical Valley in the New District had a site that could meet the company's needs.

The so-called pilot plant of "searching the Yangtze River Delta" is located in the "16 Tree Houses" under Longwang Mountain. Sixteen small buildings of three or four floors are occupied by "star enterprises" in the life and health industry of the new district, from which many new technologies have been developed for the benefit of patients.

"For our innovative drug companies, good hardware is crucial." Wu Yuxuan, a Harvard graduate who returned to China to start his own business, values the professionalism of the park. He believes thatPharmaceutical Valley planning is very "forward-looking" - early construction of a suitable production plant to save time and costs for start-ups, accelerate research and developmentThe

As envisioned by Wu Yuxuan, the company's in vivo gene editing drug based on LNP delivery was approved for clinical use soon after the company "moved in" to the Pharmaceutical Valley as a "turnkey" company. The production line is running fast, and the first patient is in the process of drug delivery, and the good news keeps coming ......

"'Tailor-made' for biomedical companies."

Entrepreneurs from the perspective of research and development, production

Gives their assessment of the Medicine Valley carrier

That returns to the original question:

Why are there so few 100-meter tall buildings in the Biomedical Valley?

"There are actually a number of reasons for this, but the most important.It's 'tailor-made' for biomedical companies.." Tiger Cai from the Pharmaceutical Valley Construction Services Department said, "At the beginning of the planning and construction, we made many adjustments to take into account the characteristics of the development of the life and health industry in the new area."

Tiger Cai, for example, said that the life and health industry in the new area is aimed at cutting-edge fields, and the technological content of enterprises is very high. Whether it is high-end medical devices, or gene and cell drugs, the requirements for related equipment are also very high."Most of the equipment weighs several tons and requires a high degree of precision, and if the building is too high, the risk of lifting and transporting it becomes greater."He said.

Not only that, said Tiger Cai, biomedical enterprises due to their development stage and scale of different space carrier requirements are also different. Load-bearing, loading, floor height, internal pipeline network, sewage and waste disposal ...... many professional configuration needs, are the "test" of planning and construction - in the consideration of land intensification at the same time, it is more important to Focus on the needs of industrial development

"Another important point.Medicine Valley is adjacent to Longwang Mountain, the park development also needs to fit the ecological landscape features." Cai tiger told Xiao Bei with a smile, before the planning and design, the team will go in advance to understand the needs of enterprises, and strive to be professional and targeted, but also for the park to lay a good foundation for investment.

As a city's landmark building, the 100-meter building represents the "height" of the regional economic development to a certain extent. However, the "high threshold" of life and health industry is not only as simple as building a tall building, but also requires scientific planning and forward-looking layout. The new area precisely with a forward-looking strategic vision to do a good job of these, in order to attract the "golden phoenix" to fly.

Today, looking at the Valley of Medicine

Longwang Mountain is a beautiful and verdant mountain.

Various types of scientific research carriers in the neighborhood "flourishing"

Innovative energy surges

Though there are few tall buildings

But in a park that favors single family homes

The upward force of industrial uprooting is everywhere.