Major Breakthroughs | Zhou Zifu Successfully Completes World's First Pilot Scale-up Production of Cell-Cultured Porcine Fat

  in the last few days(math.) genusNanjing Zhouzi Future Food Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Zhouzi Future") has completed the cell culture of pig fat in500LScale-up production in bioreactors. was the first company in the world to complete the pilot scale-up production of cell-cultured swine fat.The success of this pilot mass production integrates a number of Zhou Zi future independent research and development of technical achievements, to open up the path of pig cell culture meat scale production.

  Zhou Zi future is China's first cell culture meat creator, in January 2020 signed in Nanjing National Agricultural High-Tech Zone. AsNanjing National Agricultural High-Tech Zone's future leader in the food sectorIn February 2023, Zhou Zi future amplification production team began to launch the pilot technology development, using the independent domesticated porcine-derived seed cells, combined with the independently developed serum-free proliferation and differentiation medium and suspension amplification culture technology, and successfully realized the step-by-step amplification of cell culture porcine fat pilot production. Through the optimization of culture medium and process, the independently domesticated porcine seed cells have been optimized.Cell multiplication time reduced by 40% and cell density increased by 5-foldThe cell culture cost is greatly reduced. Stable proliferation and differentiation of seed cells in 1L-5L-50L/80L-500L bioreactor systems with good reproducibilityTheAfter BELIEVER Meats (formerly Future Meat Technologies), Chouko Future became the second company in the world to overcome the pilot production of cell-cultured fats, and also accomplishedworld firstPilot production of pig cell culture fat.

  Cell culture meat is the use of animal cell culture to produce edible meat in vitro. The meat contains a variety of components, including protein and fat.Fat is the most important source of flavor substances in meat, also has a very close relationship with the juiciness, tenderness and nutrition of meat. Cell-cultured fat is a very important product in the cell-cultured meat industry, and a number of cell-cultured meat startups and universities and institutes around the world are working on the technological development and industrialization of cell-cultured fat.

  Since its establishment in 2019, Zhou Zi future team has tackled many scientific and technological problems such as seed cell suspension domestication, serum-free medium development, 100 upgraded bioreactor trial production, cultured meat product development, cultured meat safety testing, etc., and has successively cooperated with domestic and foreign famous universities and institutes to fully promote the industrialization of cell culture meat. The company has completed several rounds of financing, including Matrix Partners China, High Tier Capital, Qingliu Capital, Nanjing Science and Technology Innovation Investment Group, Qiming Venture Capital, and so on.Leading Investment Institutions, and has achieved several awards such as the 2022Top Ten Advances in Food Science and Technology in China, 2021 MIT Technology Review's 50 Smart Companies in China, and the 2021 Dabei Agriculture Science and Technology Award for Innovation, among others.

  December 2020SingaporeanFirst to approve cell culture meat for production and sale in Singapore.June 2023United States of AmericaTwo cell-cultured meat companies have passed the joint approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to produce and sell cell-cultured meat in the U.S. for the first time, and the cell-cultured meat industry has been initially formed.

  Zhou Zifu Chief Scientist, Director of National Key Laboratory of Meat Quality Control and New Resource Creation, Nanjing Agricultural UniversityProf. Guanghong Zhousaid: cell-cultured meat is a future-oriented food production technology, from the laboratory - pilot - pilot - industrialization process is faced with a number of "choke points", is the international food field of science and technology frontiers. This time our country realize cell culture pig fat500LPilot mass production of the bioreactor, theMilestones in the development of our cell culture meat industryWe look forward to the early realization of industrialized production of cell-cultured pork.