German expert predicts that one out of every four new electric cars in Europe in 2025 will be "made in China".

  Automotive experts at Germany's Technical University Chemnitz (TU Chemnitz) expect the number of cars imported into Europe from China to increase dramatically, according to German media outlet Wirtschaftswoche. Europe is expected to import about 600,000 cars this year, and by 2025 it is expected to reach 1.1 million, Prof. Werner Olle of the Chemnitz Automotive Institute (Chemnitz Automotive Institute) said on Monday. This will increase the percentage of newly registered cars from 5.01 TP3T to 7.51 TP3T.

  European automakers are facing increasing competition, especially in the electric vehicle segment. The share of this segment is set to increase dramatically as imports from China are predominantly electric vehicles," said Oehler. Chinese electric vehicles are expected to account for nearly 20% of new car registrations in Europe by 2023.By 2025, this will rise to over 251 TP3T."

  Chinese manufacturers have a cost advantage of thousands of euros for their cars, which is not only "absolutely competitive" in terms of price, but also in terms of technology, especially battery technology. In international competition for electric vehicles, China not only has a huge advantage in the availability and price of key raw materials and batteries, but the size of the domestic market also allows manufacturers to produce in large quantities and thus reduce costs.

  According to Dirk Vogel from the Netzwerk Autozulieferer Sachsen (Union of Automobile Manufacturers of Saxony), "In contrast, the current situation in Europe is not good." In addition to the factors mentioned above, he cites high energy costs, burdensome regulations and tax incentives that have been discontinued prematurely. This burdens the competitiveness of German and European companies and has repeatedly slowed down the development of electric vehicles.