2023 Lishui smart home industry chain "opening year wild ride"

In August 2022, Lishui District Intelligent Home Industry Alliance was established, with 46 member enterprises, which lasted for four months. Nanjing Xiaohu Technology Service Co., Ltd. as the "observer" of the alliance made hundreds of telephone appointments, made carpet visits, and did everything possible to look for the traces of potential cooperation between industrial chain enterprises, checked the information, filled in the forms, and made the first step of the service chain into the industrial chain. Fill in the form, research by department, and take the first step of service chain into the industry chain.

When the fast-growing emerging manufacturing industry is exploring issues such as supply chain reconstruction, low-carbon transformation, digital transformation, talent iteration and actively seeking solutions, our must-answer questions may not revolve around how to seize the market and ensure revenues for the time being, but we are inspired by the industrial vitality possessed by these more than 40 enterprises, and we are looking forward to the growth of the smart home industry chain in Lishui!

Gathering Momentum--Chanderson in the Industry Chain

  "More than 500 employees have begun to work in the morning before 7:00 a.m., until 10:00 p.m. to be busy, our five controller production lines and one LED light production line are all lit up in production." Mr. Zhou of Nanjing Changde Cheng Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. introduced the current production situation of the company in an interview. established in 1987, Changde Cheng came to Lishui to build a factory in 2010, as the upstream supporting enterprises of the smart home industry chain, Skyworth's orders accounted for 60% to 70% of the orders of Changde Cheng in Lishui, Nanjing Changde Cheng is mainly engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of various types of home appliance LED lighting assemblies, home appliance control boards and display boards as well as wiring harnesses, most of which are used in refrigerators, and the products are mainly used in the development and manufacture of home appliances. Most of the products are used in refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and other white goods. In the home to the big customers Skyworth supply at the same time, but also long-term service in Siemens, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Electrolux, Haier, Midea, Hisense and other large enterprises.

  "We can do a lot of matching for other products in the upstream, and we hope that through the docking activities of the smart home and new energy industry chain, we can get in touch with more local customers in Lishui, and we also hope that we can get in touch with more home appliances and new energy manufacturers through the platform of the just-established Lishui Intelligent Home Industry Alliance to provide matching service opportunities. " Mr. Zhou is looking forward to the deep cooperation of Lishui smart home industry chain. Nanjing Changde Cheng Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd, which has just been awarded the title of Provincial Enterprise Technology Center in 2022, had a revenue of more than three hundred million last year, and six assembly lines are in orderly production in the modest first-phase plant. The company has been providing supporting services for more than 50 domestic and foreign enterprises for a long time, and has been awarded as "Excellent Supplier" by many customers for a number of times, "Excellent supporting industry" and other awards. "Many of our peers only do electronic plug-ins, but our industry chain has an obvious advantage, the front end of our own injection molding, design molds, the back end of our supporting harnesses, etc., diversified products so that we can be more flexible to meet the needs of various types of customers. We have our own product design team, although the local science and technology talent is not easy to find, but we have never given up 'making products', and does not stop at the simple level of OEM, design - production - assembly of a comprehensive production line. The integrated production line of design-production-assembly is the hard power that Chantech has accumulated over the years." Mr. Zhou said when mentioning the competitiveness of the company.

Replica of 'Factory USA' to capture overseas markets

  The sun rises slowly from the horizon, shining brightly on the earth, full of vitality. Located in the Dongping Industrial Zone, Nanjing MGM New Materials Co., Ltd. factory in Georgia, the United States, it was 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. The large manufacturing base covers an area of 50,000 square feet and employs more than 100 local U.S. employees to perform their duties, the sales department has just finished counting the shipments to Home Depot and COSTCO, and all the data and information will be synchronized to the headquarters in Lishui, which is going to work soon.

  MGM insists on the perfect fusion of natural materials and modern industrial high technology, designing to simplify the complexity, in the fine craftsmanship to create a comfortable living environment for customers.MGM's main product PVC flooring is a kind of plastic flooring, but also the world is very popular in a new type of lightweight flooring materials.PVC flooring originated in Europe, the development of the history of just over a hundred years, in the wear-resistant, fireproof, environmentally friendly, easy to install, etc., have a better performance. In terms of wear resistance, fire prevention, environmental protection, easy to install and so on, have a better performance. It is believed that with the growing maturity of environmental awareness, MGM flooring, as a local international brand in Lishui, will enter the domestic market more and more. Mentioning the establishment of factories in the U.S., the author was asked whether he had seen the documentary "American Factory", and Mr. Tang recalled that MGM's experience of building factories in the U.S. was almost a replica of that of Fuyao, and it was only fortunate that it did not experience the U.S. workers' strike, and it was worthwhile to talk about all the hardships from the strategic planning to the factory's landing in the U.S..... ...

We design and manufactureEbikeThe "brain".

  Lishui Electronics Research Institute, which starts early and finishes early, has its own unique culture and rhythm among the enterprises in the chain. "About 70% of our products are OEM for domestic factories, and 30% are directly exported to Europe and the United States", "I've been in Lishui for 11 years, and I've witnessed the company's revenue from seventy to eighty million dollars to close to three hundred million dollars now." The interviewee, Mr. Tang, told Xiaohu Technology that the company was founded in 1979, and has independently developed the brushless motor control system since 1997, and is the first domestic manufacturer to develop brushless motor controller for electric bicycles.In 2010, the company bet on the target to the export market, and has been singing high in the competitive export market, especially in the European market, which has been the leader for many years in a row. The company has its own trademarks and branches in Europe and the United States. Every year, we do not regularly send out our staff to station in the country to provide technical and service support for the after-sales service and market development of our products, which provides a strong source of power for the company's sustainable development.

  "There are more than 40 people in our technical team alone, and our products are used in Ebike, electric scooter, golf cart, beach cart, etc. Software design is our core competitiveness. In fact, we can undertake the software design requirements of enterprises in the chain, such as Wande Sports in Lishui, etc. We hope that we can use the power of the alliance to help us do publicity, and we can send orders to each other for mutual support". Speaking of corporate culture, the whole factory has more than two hundred people, almost all of them are old employees. The boss can almost call out the name of each employee, employees and the company through thick and thin, with the rainbow, time has been a kind of unspoken tacit understanding, the stability of the back of all the people to pay it.

fig. work as hard as possibleSpraying business looking to upgrade

  Lishui Development Zone at 3:00 a.m., all is quiet. The production line of Nanjing Xinbao Automation Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is not stopping for a moment, as a backplane spraying processing enterprise supporting Skyworth TV to start the year full of orders, the guys are even a little overloaded, the night shift of more than 60 workers are busy in the production line at the moment, the entire production line has a total of 11 product categories, this revenue is less than $ 50 million of the manufacturing "micro" enterprises, but mastered the domestic advanced spraying technology "code", from hanging to cleaning, manual unloading to the transfer line spraying. This manufacturing "small micro" enterprise with a revenue of less than 50 million, but mastered the domestic advanced spraying technology "code", from hanging to cleaning, to manual unloading to the transfer line spraying, and then unloading to the transfer line curing, and finally off the line inspection and packaging, each process requires a number of manual alternating relay to complete the final presentation of spraying effects on the product to withstand repeated The final coating effect on the product can withstand repeated inspections, quantity and other very high requirements.

  The production process, whether it is a cleaning line or spraying line hooks with the movement of the production line can not be fixed stably, so the product needs to be manually hung up and down many times, based on the customization of the robotic arm is very complex and has a certain degree of risk, Mr. Bai hope that this can be posted heroes for the originally small and efficient factory upgrades.

Smart home appliances "fusion" as a whole

  "Just call out 'Xiaowei Xiaowei', you can understand the day's weather, but also to learn home-cooked recipes, brush jitterbugs ......". This is Skyworth's new "smart refrigerator" to bring consumers a new experience. The product will be intelligent system and "21-inch intelligent control screen" embedded in it, so that intelligent human realization from the traditional "private screen interaction" to "public screen for the heart" of the leap, home and home appliances to achieve a true sense of integration. Home and home appliances have realized the integration in the real sense. In recent years, Skyworth Electric has released a series of future-oriented innovations such as intelligent human products and "5G+8K" industry chain layout.

  Skyworth Electric, located in Lishui Development Zone, is an important industrial company of Skyworth Group, a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production and sales of smart home appliances and smart home appliances, with a production capacity of 6 million smart home appliances. In May this year, Skyworth Electric was honored with the "2022 China Refrigerator Industry Innovation and Design Brand" award. On August 26 this year, Skyworth Group released its interim results report. The report shows that the domestic turnover of Skyworth's intelligent appliances reached 1.49 billion yuan, an increase of 6.8% compared with the same period last year.(Note: This paragraph is reprinted from Lishui Publishing)

Intelligent Internet of Things creates a better home life

  In the A.O. Smith Environmental Appliances Co., Ltd. product showroom, A.O. Smith smart home "one-stop service" vividly presented in front of the eyes, hot water, water purification, heating and cooling air, through the A.O. Smith AI-LINK intelligent Internet of Things integration, whole-house interconnection of the future concepts and practices, exclaiming the system of energy-saving and intelligent bring a better home life. Intelligence brings a better home life.

  Located in the Lishui Development Zone, the A.O. Smith Global Super Production and Research Base for Environmental Appliances, which was completed and put into operation in 2018, mainly produces household and commercial water purifiers, air purifiers, water softeners, and other environmental appliance products, with an annual production capacity of 2 million units, which maintains strong competitiveness in the global market. At present, A.O. Smith Laboratories is in the field of water treatment, the number of patents, scale, industry standards, testing standards are at the forefront of the world. (Note: This paragraph is reprinted from Lishui Publishing)

Smart Factory Customized Whole House Smart Home

  In this year's ODC new product launch, the "Lance" series of non-fiction art + intelligent black technology has a lot of surprises: the use of intelligent rock slab countertops, integrated induction cooktops and wireless charging function, the fun and convenience of cooking is gathered here; at the same time, the kitchen is equipped with an intelligent lifting island, which can be freely switched between the bar and the dining table, modern and casual life is full of mood. The modernized casual life is full of mood.

  Located in the Lishui Development Zone, Weile Home Furnishings introduced a full set of fully automated industrial 4.0 production lines at the beginning of the founding of the company, and currently has more than 20 series of whole-house furniture products, more than 80 kinds of products, more than 2,000 modules to fully meet the needs of different customers for personalized customized furniture products, and the customer's order is directly in the stores, "a key to place an order Customers' orders are placed directly in the store "one key order" to the factory. As an early intelligent factory in Nanjing, Myjoy Home Furnishings has realized comprehensive intelligent production under the support of industrial production big data, which fully meets the public's dream of intelligent home customization.