Geely Remote Commercial Vehicle Group and Hangtian Leader Automobile Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement

  On August 8, Geely Remote Commercial Vehicle Group and Hangtian Leader Automobile signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Nanjing. The two sides will be in line with the "equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, synergistic cooperation and common development" principle, give full play to their respective advantages, around the "Nanjing green residue transportation" project construction goals to carry out cooperation.

  Fan Xianjun, CEO of Remote Commercial Vehicle Group, Wang Xianfeng, Chairman of Hengtian Leader, Duan Julin, Vice General Manager, Liu Wenzhou, Vice President, and Ma Zhipeng, General Manager of Sales Company, attended the signing ceremony.

  After the signing ceremony, the two sides carried out exchanges and negotiations on related cooperative business. Mr. Wang Xianfeng welcomed the guests of Geely Remote Commercial Vehicle Group and introduced the operation situation and development prospect of Hangtian Leader. The two sides will strengthen cooperation in three electric systems and actively cooperate in green economy fields such as carbon peak, carbon neutral, etc., so as to jointly contribute to the realization of the goal of "double carbon".

  After the signing of this contract, the senior management of both parties agreed to strengthen in-depth cooperation, further integrate the advantageous resources in vehicle manufacturing and core components, and broaden the cooperation field to promote the electrification process of commercial vehicles and help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.