Lishui District New Energy Vehicle Industry Chain Supply, Demand and Investment Matchmaking Meeting Successfully Held

  On the morning of October 30, the 2020 Lishui District New Energy Vehicle Industry Chain Supply, Demand and Merchants Matchmaking Meeting, hosted by the People's Government of Lishui District of Nanjing, organized by Nanjing Lishui District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the Administrative Committee of Lishui Economic Development Zone of Nanjing, and co-organized by Nanjing Xiaohu Science and Technology Service Co!

  On the day of the event, Guo Yuchen, member of the Party Committee of Nanjing Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Tai Lunhao, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee of Lishui District, executive vice mayor of Lishui District, Xia Yun, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee of the District Committee of the District Committee of Lishui District, secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Development Zone, and head of the new energy automobile industrial chain, Wang Chaoyong, vice mayor of the District Government, all departments and streets of Lishui District, as well as 6 new energy automobile vehicle manufacturers and more than 80 new energy parts and components manufacturers in Lishui District gathered together for friendly interaction and docking. Gathered together, friendly interaction and docking, negotiating cooperation matters.

  In his speech, Mr. Xia proposed that Lishui District deeply implement the requirements of Nanjing to build a new energy automobile industry landmark, fully promote the special action of "docking with the top 500 and improving the industrial chain", and make a comprehensive effort to extend the chain, make up the chain, and strengthen the chain, and take the lead in walking out of the road of cluster development, innovation drive, independent and controllable, and green intensification, and become one of the "four" characteristic industrial bases in the city. It has become one of the "four" special industrial bases supported by the city.

  Director Guo introduced the current situation and development of new energy automobile industry in the city, highly recognized the development of new energy automobile industry in Lishui District, and put forward constructive opinions and requirements for the sustainable development of this industry in Lishui District.

  Mr. Dong, Executive Vice President of Kaiwu New Energy Vehicle Group, highlighted the company's situation, and in response to the demand for product upgrading, released on-site the demand for the three major intelligent Internet-related parts and components, including the wire-control steering system, wire-control driving brake system, and wire-control parking brake system, and sought for further in-depth docking with the technical enterprises.

  Prior to the event, Lishui New Energy Vehicle Industry Alliance was re-elected, through the network voting to produce the chairman of the unit 1, for the Nanjing Jinlong Automobile Company Limited; vice chairman of the unit 11, respectively, for the Nanjing BYD Automobile Company Limited, Nanjing Changan Automobile Company Limited, Nanjing Yunhai Special Metals Company Limited, Nanjing Hengtian Leader Automobile Company Limited, Nanjing Chuangjie Hexin Automotive Parts Co. Ltd, Nanjing Styland Mechanical Technology Co., Nanjing Jingwei Da Automobile Technology Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Puying Wire & Cable Co., Ltd, Nanjing Gaoqi Motor Co. Recommended to produce Shi Hongbing for the Secretary-General of the Industrial Union. Activity site by the district leader Tai Lunhao and the chairman of the unit on behalf of Dong Zhaozhi for the new energy automobile industry alliance held a plaque unveiling ceremony.

  The leading enterprises Kaiwu New Energy Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Hengtian Leader Automobile Co., Ltd. signed on-site contracts with Nanjing Yinmao Microelectronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Nanjing Stylands Machinery Technology Co. Ltd. signed contracts and reached strategic cooperation on the spot, which became a highlight of this event.

  Six high-quality enterprises made a wonderful promotion, its technology and products on the spot to obtain the attention of enterprises, Harvest, Sun Tian Xinying, Styland and other enterprises on the spot said that "originally need to go to the field to purchase parts, but could not imagine that there is a match at home, and its matching efficiency, greatly exceeded our expectations.

  Lishui District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology in collaboration with Nanjing Xiaohu Technology Co., Ltd, after more than a month of visits and mapping of the whole vehicle manufacturers and parts enterprises in the region, using a variety of forms such as talks and on-site visits to enterprises, in-depth understanding of enterprise demands, summarizing, analyzing, matching and compiling the information of enterprises into a booklet. According to the demand set VIP one-on-one communication link, is combined with the previous solid groundwork for enterprises to build a live industry chain docking platform, there are currently 10 enterprises have indicated that there can be further cooperation intentions.

  Lishui District will make every effort to promote the construction of new energy automobile industry innovation system capacity, and at the same time will accelerate the speed of cultivating new industries, new technologies, new forms and new modes, sharing entrepreneurial resources and realizing complementary advantages. Later, such small-scale industry chain activities will be held for many times to accelerate the horizontal communication between enterprises and enterprises, gather consensus, carefully plan, accurately make efforts, make real efforts, help the development of enterprises, and make every effort to run out of the new energy automobile industry "acceleration" in Lishui District.